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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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6 discussions started by '7Innuendo7'

Snowball - AOBTD - This super-cute video brings a smile, a parrot wit... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.09.2010
Rare Roger - My apologies if the thread is redundant, but I did... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.07.2009
RS album review -- 'Queen' - The search function seems to be sleeping...but I d... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2009
Freddie namecheck in Clerks II - during the already infamous "Donkey Show"... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.07.2006
Who was Queen's best producer? - Any thoughts on who was Queen's best producer, and... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.11.2004
John Deacon and WWRY Las Vegas - Anyone in favor of a 'petition' of sorts to ask De... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2004

659 posts by user '7Innuendo7'

USA success - Even Man in the Shadows had an uptick in sales aft... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.08.2019
Pittsburgh, PA — July 31, 2019 - the Pittsburgh show was amazing; the article is mo... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.08.2019
Whatever Happened To John Deacon? - calling fatty...... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.03.2019
Innuendo — 28 years ago - Definitely my favorite album overall - Innuendo, ... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.02.2019
Golden Salmon's Innuendo Collection - Thanks Golden Salmon VERY MUCH!... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.11.2018
'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie reviews & impressions - I've seen it twice, soon to be three, and although... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.11.2018
The show goes on and on and on - Man in the Shadows turns 20 this year! remix boxs... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.02.2018
'Man In The Shadows' - Fatty's liner notes to Man in the Shadows are grea... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.11.2017
Sleeping on the Sidewalk (live) - SOTS was played at the Ivar Club Los Angeles 2002,... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.11.2017
Bijou - I adore Bijou, my take is that it's Freddie thinki... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.06.2017
Innuendo - is one of my favorite Queen albums of all time --... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2017
23rd December and no mention of.... - I like THAT song, but mainly in small doses around... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.12.2016
Roger Taylor being "influenced" by Mitch Mitchell ... - i would really like to hear brian & roger do somet... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.12.2016
"Don't take offence at my innuendo..." - imho he's looking back on the most successful part... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.07.2016
'Made in Heaven' timeline - Bravo Sebastien!... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.04.2016
A stunningly in-depth scientific analysis of Freddie's voice - also if I'm not wrong the article doesn't mention ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.04.2016
Have you ever attended a Queen, Q+ or solo concert? Post it here! - @master marathon runner, that is a wicked awesome ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.04.2016
Other Than Queen, Who Are You Listening To? - Faith No More - Sol Invictus (album) The Cult -... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.06.2015
... - imho natural light lyric baritone~... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.12.2014
Let me in (your heart again) - despite the hints of vocal demo status, and recycl... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.09.2014
Queenzoners going to the Q+AL shows - Detroit Rock City, let's go let's go! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.07.2014
This is sooo saaad (aka another Queen+Lambert-bashing thread) - TY Marknow~ Detroit!... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2014
Poll: Would you like to hear a new album Queen with Adam Lambert - imho not really interested in a Q/AL album. sligh... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.06.2014
Queenzoners going to the Q+AL shows - Detroit... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.05.2014
Suggested Setlist for Queen + Adam Lambert Summer Tour - Nice one Brenski!... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.04.2014
Suggested Setlist for Queen + Adam Lambert Summer Tour - FWIW... You Don't Fool Me The Show Must Go On ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.04.2014
Another One Bites the Dust trivia - fwiw, the story I heard/read (As It Began? Phoebe... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.01.2014
What are your favorite Freddie Mercury quotes? - "I'll sing until my throat is as raw as a vulture'... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.06.2013
Innuendo Album - Innuendo, Headlong, The Show Must Go On, I'm Going... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.03.2013
New York State Passes New Gun Legislation - It's not about 'Constitutional rights' -- the Foun... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2013
Was 'The Invisible Man' the only time Brian ever.. - imho the solos in "Headlong" are mind-blowing. Br... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2013
Texas Judge Warns of Obama Civil War - the tea party is OVER.... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.09.2012
Queen Extravaganza - Cleveland was great fun, but on a Monday night mor... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.06.2012
Queen Extravaganza - I'm persuaded to hit the Cleveland show...we'll se... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.05.2012
Who is your top 3 Bands/Solo's Artists of all time ? - Queen, Devo, The Cult \m/. Elvis Costello, Stev... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.05.2012
New Queen Album To Feature Unreleased Freddie Mercury Tracks? - could this be Brian & Rog's "Occupy Queen"  ?... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2011
i go crazy - Roger's scream towards the end is awesome... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.05.2011
obama confirms osama bin laden is dead - interesting anagram. osama bin laden = lob ... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.05.2011
Queenzone reunited - Fatty could we please have some more of your legen... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.03.2011
Can someone name some GOOD Christian bands? - Try DC Talk, but I recommend only the 'Jesus Freak... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.02.2011
Innuendo: mediocre album? - still love the album, imho Innuendo single = thund... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.01.2011
Tron Legacy - although the second & third act suffer from length... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.12.2010
Queen Leather Jacket - warpaint!... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.12.2010
15 Greatest Unreleased Queen Songs - don't forget "man in the shadows" by deacon... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.09.2010
1977 studio log sheet - ^lol awesome photo.... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.09.2010
Snowball - AOBTD - This super-cute video brings a smile, a parrot wit... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.09.2010
A Mosque at Ground Zero? - imho Either build the Islamic community center, or... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.08.2010
alternate Hot Space - @ wiley, thanks!  you know one thing I wrestled w... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.08.2010
alternate Hot Space - Queen - Hot Space.  Same cover art, but entirely ... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.08.2010
World Cup 2010 - USA gave it a decent shot, but Germany just migh... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.07.2010
Can I ask you guys something? - Lifetime I'm speaking from a US perspective...be s... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.06.2010
News of the world Vs Innuendo - Innuendo. But I remember the excitement of heari... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.05.2010
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - eager to see/hear DEVO Feb. 22 will probably ... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.02.2010
Treasured Moment: Greatest Queenzoner ever? - FACT!  lol frequent asinine childish talk ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.02.2010
What do you think of Mother Love - imho one of the best tunes on MIH.  I don't mind ... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.02.2010
James Cameron's 'Avatar' - agreed the special effects were the most amazing t... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.01.2010
Now we know why they keep releasing crap! - is it possible to get the book version in a US br... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.11.2009
Rework of unreleased song in style of "Free as bird" - Sandbox.  SANDBOX !!! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.10.2009
NASA blow up the Moon but no sign of Bin Laden.. - Speaking in the 'nerd person,' the discovery of  ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.10.2009
If you love the D, click here. - imho Annie Lennox & David Bowie did it better, but... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.10.2009
Queenlive.ca - Live Killers analysis is top notch, thanks SirGH! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.09.2009
Megadeth - "and if I win, I'm still the champion..." Pla... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.09.2009
Anyone reading any good books? - Reading Shame by Salman Rushdie enjoyed Farenhe... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.09.2009
Another New Megadeth song - guitar solo filling the last minute of the song..... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.08.2009
Jose Cuervo Sponsors this random thoguhts thread, hosted by your empress ;) - If you're into science fiction, the new flick is ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.08.2009
Gripe about Queen Productions' lack of fan-butt-kissing here - I'm interested in the new Absolute Greatest collec... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.08.2009
Queen fans on facebook - Tend to agree, you have to be careful choosing fri... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.08.2009
New Harry Potter Film, Anyone? - I'm not really into HP either but I went to see it... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.08.2009
Party is an underrated track - too much click track, great vocals tho, and classi... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.08.2009
Absolute Greatest cd release, November 9? - looking forward to it, hoping for something royal ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.08.2009
Which songs do you consider 'masterpieces'? - Great King Rat March of the Black Queen Stone ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.08.2009
clutch - @ Mike, yessir, that was true in 2002 -- you & I a... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.07.2009
clutch - Hey Mike try this! [url=http://www.youtu... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.07.2009
New Megadeth song (for anyone who's interested) - whoa, Thanks!  cleaned the wax outta my ears ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2009
Rare Roger - Thanks! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2009
clutch - @ Mike Hunt, Good call!  Hell's balls, Clutch ind... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2009
40 years ago... - 842 lbs lunar dust saturated with helium-3.  cons... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.07.2009
Rare Roger - My apologies if the thread is redundant, but I did... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.07.2009
Nine Inch Nails cover of GDML and reprod of SCC - Like 'em both, the best covers/remixes so far imho... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.07.2009
Hammersmith'75 to be released (from Brian's soapbox) - Happy good news! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.07.2009
So does anyone else care about Iran? - In the interest of something somewhat resembling c... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.07.2009
So does anyone else care about Iran? - TQ --> it was so obvious, you already mentioned it... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2009
So does anyone else care about Iran? - Interestingly Norman Schwarzkopf, General over Am... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.06.2009
So does anyone else care about Iran? - yes.  anyone else does care about Iran.  however... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.06.2009
Dr May - @ clifton, did a band called Karma to Burn play th... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.06.2009
Innuendo vs hot Space - Hot Space overall sounds better on vocals -- Under... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.06.2009
Queen + Adam Lambert? - @ Joxer LOL !!! maybe he can crack it open with th... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.05.2009
Queen + Adam Lambert? - It would be interesting to hear Lambert try Great ... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.05.2009
Q&PR officially over. - it would be interesting to hear Billy Squier & BM ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.05.2009
Has Brian ever smoked? - That's a pretty phat blunt Brian's got in the "Hea... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.05.2009
New "Garden Lodge" video's on Youtube - I recommend the koi carp...there's gotta be some C... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.05.2009
Top ten albums - please indulge me. - Innuendo Queen II News of the World A Night ... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.04.2009
The end of the Sheep - The best part about draining the garden pond and r... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.03.2009
The end of the Sheep - You can shear a sheep a thousand times, but kill i... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.03.2009
Kelly Groucutt bassist with ELO RIP - "Fire on High" still rocks.  RIP Kelly ... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.03.2009
Retarded Monkeys on Queenzone - Krill.[img=/images/smiley/msn/omg_smile.gif][/img]... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.03.2009
RS album review -- 'Queen' - The search function seems to be sleeping...but I d... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2009
Bro-hemian Rhapsody - sacre merd!  what a blast of sunshine[img=/images... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.01.2009
News of The World Mirror - Nice mirror.  That dresser it's standing on has ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.01.2009
O Me O My, It's an Inauguration! - fireworks in daylight...light a candle, turn the d... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.01.2009
CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? - A modest proposal, 2009.  Let's cut Mr. Gregory B... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.01.2009
What is your favorite band outside Queen - recently...the Cult, esp. Love and Beyond Good & E... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.01.2009
Open letter to Queen Archivist/ QPL - @QA/GB, No, not only on QZ-- other bands pulling s... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.12.2008
Merry Christmas!!! - TGIC and shalom y'all.  good riddance to 2k8.  K... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.12.2008
Jazz Thread - the Miles Davis album 'Colors' is worth a listen a... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2008
Queen + - cms you almost said William Hung... oh wait.  ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2008
Queen used as torture in Guantanamo! - Interrogator: confess!  or I Rick Roll you! det... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.12.2008
Happy Birthday Paul Rodgers!!! - 'they say it's your birthday!' Cheers Paul ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.12.2008
The lost toolbag - we got the lost toolbag rawkin ... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.12.2008
Q+PR Splittin up? - interesting point, ken8, do you think PR did it fo... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.12.2008
Q+PR Splittin up? - It's interesting that the original Queen line-up a... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.12.2008
Titianic 2: Marriage Disaster - Titanic 3 & Jaws 87: the Sharktooth Skin Dominatri... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.11.2008
Chinese Democracy - if it's bad, then why does Brian May lament that h... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.11.2008
Chinese Democracy - "Better" & "Riad n the Bedouins" boil with Axl's r... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.11.2008
What song are you listening to part 5 - DEVO -- "Freedom of Choice" [img=/images/smiley/ms... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.10.2008
US election - Right on, TQ, your comment about healthcare and ed... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.10.2008
US election - Obama will win, McCain can't win even with fundra... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.10.2008
Did Freddie... - Freddie asked Roger, who said, "no don't do it Fre... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.10.2008
We Want John DEACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A petition for him - is there a petition for Deaky to stay retired, and... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.10.2008
Setlist 02 Arena London please... - thanks PG! [img=/images/smiley/msn/shades_smile.gi... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.10.2008
Hi.. - how did the cookies turn out?[img=/images/smiley/m... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.10.2008
John Deacon seen at party! (picture included) - foooood fiiiiight! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.10.2008
Queen reborn sans Mercury - Smile + Chuck Norris :D wait, I'm not the first t... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.10.2008
Queen reborn sans Mercury - Smile + Chuck Norris --oh no, that would never hap... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.10.2008
Archery: Compount bows Vs Recurve - I dunno much about Compound vs Recurve, but the dr... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.09.2008
Queen + paul misses John - I'm an illegitimate bass player, and I even admit ... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.09.2008
Paul McCartney pushing the mic away from Freddie LOL - Paul McCartney bought a hole in the ceiling of Ale... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.09.2008
Our new VP is a hottie - hmmm...I may be wrong on this one point, but I thi... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.09.2008
Brian May vs. Jimmy Page - Jimmy Page is Keyser Soze AND the man behind the c... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.09.2008
Why John Deacon is no real loss - AOBTD and Under Pressure are two of the most insta... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.09.2008
Our new VP is a hottie - John McCain is officially on the bridge to nowhere... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.08.2008
WWRY Vegas - Hello there, Mr Jordy! I remember your posts abou... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.08.2008
Fuck Tibet - correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression ... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.08.2008
Europe intro 1991 = the show must go on? - mmm. that's close... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.08.2008
If you could bring a dead rock star back to life - James Brown/ & Freddie!... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.08.2008
Dedication made to Freddie on New Album!! - this is exhausting...a distraction to the music...... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.08.2008
What's up doc? - said archivist revealed that the spoken word bit i... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.08.2008
The Dark Knight - went to see The Darkest Dark Dark Knight twice at ... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.07.2008
Support Band - ^awesome lol... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.07.2008
ZZ Top - i'm shufflin thru the texas sand...but my head's i... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.07.2008
oil drilling - well, as fer oil drilling, imho it's how the Indus... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.06.2008
The QZ Oldies Topic - ...waves flamethrower over couch...does it again... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.06.2008
QUEEN DIED OF AIDS - band AIDS... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.05.2008
Robert Plant awarded 'beard of the year' by Beard Liberation Front - Chewbacca rules!... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.12.2007
"Hot Space" / "Break Free" video killed Queen in America - Myth or reality? - imho the Headbanger's mix of HTF, and IGC, are har... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.12.2007
lemon cake story - 'Roger's allotment of lemon cake was briefly enjoy... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2007
Happy christmas to all queenzoners! - thanks for the link D-- the 9/11 footage is nice, ... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.12.2007
Roger Taylor is dead - After Roger sold Paul McCartney a hole in the ceil... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.08.2007
We Will Rock You (fast version) - Heavens yes it's like thunder wrapped in silk... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.08.2007
Happy Birthday, Roger! - Happy Birthday your Royal Drumness!... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2007
Happy birthday Brian! - Happy Birthday Brian! danny & the juniors are ... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.07.2007
We Will Rock You (BBC session) - what book is really recitet ? - imho this is Brian's finest hour, YV is right no-o... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.06.2007
change jesus to freddie in church - Hear this: "...time, and times, and half a ti... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.05.2007
Napoleon - what's his nuts Sarkozy is actually shorter than N... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.05.2007
how to evade the smoking ban in pubs in England - In the last few weeks Mary & I went to The Bla... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.05.2007
Fm tribute - 15 years ago. - Mary & I got chatting about the FM tribute las... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.04.2007
What song are you listening to????? - Army Girls Gone Wild -- Jihad Jerry & the Evil... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.04.2007
Does anyone here likes Simply Red? - I do! the whole first album, Money$ too Tight, the... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.04.2007
change jesus to freddie in church - hmmm...would be nice to sing "Somebody to Lov... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.03.2007
The Newest Most Important Random Thoughts Thread - running the treadmill in a sauna suit leaves me dr... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.03.2007
John Deacon - Come to think of it, an album with only John's mat... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.03.2007
Public service announcement: The new album is Queen - I just got this wildly funny image in my head of B... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.03.2007
Queen II vs Sheer Heart Attack: Rise or Retreat? - QII seems to be the more whole or organic piece, t... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.03.2007
Do you approve of Queen playing in South Africa during the apartheid? - Kind of a loaded question, but it doesn't really m... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.03.2007
Take Love - TL does have more of the BadCo/Free feel, I guess ... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.03.2007
Queen Lyrics Quiz - 39 show yourself -- destroy our fears -- releas... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.03.2007
Face It Alone deomos - theremin? good vibrations? :D... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.02.2007
Vhat song are you listening to? - Lenny Kravitz "Black Velveteen"... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.02.2007
Caling all fans for .... please read (not that important... - ummm...high five for make benefit glorious rock ba... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.02.2007
Anna Nicole Smith show cancelled.... permanently. - "chuck norris, chuck chuck norris chuck norr... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.02.2007
Brian May's egomania confirmed by Sunday Times! - I don't always agree w/Brian, but I'll take his si... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.02.2007
Queen Mark II. Arggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! - I wonder why Rodgers agreed to the name, possibly ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.02.2007
WWRY Toronto - congratulations Bob! hang on in there... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.01.2007
No Subject - Once, a bunch of guys met in a private club, dress... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.01.2007
No Subject - Zebonka I realize you probably heard Wolfmutha lon... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.01.2007
No Subject - The American Empire is no different from all the o... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.01.2007
No Subject - Wolfmother rocks, great live presence, their album... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.01.2007
my new action figure... - I took mine 'on tour' to a couple of friends' plac... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.01.2007
roger taylor composition - similar faves to previous posts... 70s -- Moder... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.01.2007
Do You Think Time Travel.... - unfortunately, no...time is a spatial effect of th... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.01.2007
No Subject - even Bush's most conservative supporters should gr... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.12.2006
Saddam is dead - James Brown, Gerald Ford, Saddam Hussein. James... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.12.2006
How has Queen changed your life for the better? - what a great topic, but keeping it brief 1)got ... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.12.2006
the corny jokes thread - yo momma got a glass eye with a fish in it... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.12.2006
wat song r u listening to right now - Megadeth -- "Hangar 18"... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2006
the corny jokes thread - One day, George W Bush and Moses just happened to ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2006
Depp WILL play Freddie - There ought to be a Queen movie, their career is s... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2006
Favourite Novels... - head straight for Seamus Heany's <Beowulf>... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.12.2006
*New Random Thoughts Thread* - Saturday night Mary & I hosted our 3rd annual ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.12.2006
about Felix and Arty at the SAS show - awesome video THANKS!... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.12.2006
What do you think about John's new album?? - Isn't there a hidden track on the album?... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.12.2006
What Would Be A Good Album Title? - <Heavy Duty>... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.12.2006
Vonnegut - Really, Vonnegut is a genius, enjoy <Breakfast ... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.11.2006
Question about very rare 'Now I'm Here' British TV appearance, 1975 - Thanks Greg and YValentine-- staying tuned :)... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.11.2006
Question about very rare 'Now I'm Here' British TV appearance, 1975 - Greg -- since you're active in this thread I figur... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.11.2006
Where Does John Rank? - James Jamerson -- Motown session player, establish... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.11.2006
Another one bites the dust remix? - I'd go for remix of "Man in the Shadows"... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.11.2006
New Mack interview - Queen's work in the Mack years varied from Flash G... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.11.2006
Where does Roger rank? - we love Roger the best, but Ginger Baker ought to ... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.11.2006
Read the Uncyclopedia on Queen? xD - hahahaha :) ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2006
Borat again mentions "Frederik Mercury" - imho Borat's funny, he's twisted like Mencia or Fo... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2006
New Mack interview - Jan78 that was an awesome post, thank you. I read... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2006
My idea for Queen's Bass situation. - Danny nailed the Dragon Attack solo on the US tour... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2006
Guess what the name of Queen was before it was decidede it would be Queen? - run out and buy Chaka and the Sleestaks' new album... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.10.2006
Greg Brooks...? - I'm interested in hearing what Jim Jenkins has to ... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.10.2006
Great female voices - Pat Benatar...hello? songwriting skills!... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.10.2006
NJ Meadowlands revisited: A warm and toasty reminising thread - Amazing show, intro & TYMD really filled the p... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.10.2006
other fav band - Devo, the Cult, Audioslave, Wolfmother, ZZ Top ... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.10.2006
Would 'Delilah' have ever made into Innuendo... - imho 'Delilah' is a little too cute, but the mouth... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.10.2006
Freddie Mercury book by Peter Freestone - I've read it, enjoyed it. Short sketches on how F... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.09.2006
Scandal's hidden messege - Mmp great post, my fave Scandal video moment is th... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.09.2006
What choo listening to? Now? - Audioslave - Revelations Wolfmother - Dimension... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.09.2006
Freddie paper dolls - hey THANKS!! yes I will, I'll try to send on Tues... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.09.2006
Freddie paper dolls - thanks Deacon -- the Freddie set is at the office ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.09.2006
darkest america... - HELLO out there HOLLYWOOD RECORDS it's pretty d... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.08.2006
What Is Queen's Hardest/Heaviest Song? - Headlong - Great King Rat - Stone Cold Crazy - She... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.08.2006
Brian vs. Roger - Roger knocks Brian into the Scottish Highlands in ... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.08.2006
We Are The Champions Lollapalooza 2006 - silly and a little profound at once -- is that the... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.08.2006
The Official JOHN DEACON Birthday Bash thread! - happy birthday John! you're still on the throne...... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.08.2006
Happy Birthday JOHN DEACON! - Happy Birthday John :D... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.08.2006
Lester's Album Discussion Thread - "Hot Space" - imho Hot Space really does suffer in comparison to... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.08.2006
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Love Is A Hero - some of the electronic drums in "Love is the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.08.2006
Innuendo 1st video version (youtube) - THANK YOU THANK YOU! the GVH2 dvd w/"It's a ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.08.2006
Doubt - after skimming the paperback quite a few times las... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.08.2006
Desmond Child as a Queen producer? - Bob Rock or Mutt Lange... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.08.2006
Just out of interest? - Wolfmother rocks!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.08.2006
Freddie namecheck in Clerks II - during the already infamous "Donkey Show"... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.07.2006
What Queen song would you consider a masterpiece? - just one? Innuendo or Bohemian Rhapsody. Others,... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.07.2006
which queen song gets your day going? - "Fight From the Inside" started the work... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2006
So, Now That The Tour's Well Over... - Mary & I totally enjoyed the three shows we sa... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.07.2006
Favorite Album... - Innuendo, Queen II, News of the World, The Game, S... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.07.2006
Whats your favourite bit of Wayens world? - sheah! and monkeys might fly out of my butt... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2006
April 2007 - either July or September, whenever the honeymoon g... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.06.2006
You May Be an Obsessed Queen Fan If... - #49 watch tv only to see commercials w/Queen sound... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.06.2006
The Invisible Man... - awesome guitar solo... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.06.2006
Wembley versus Live at the Bowl: which is better? - Live at the Bowl better overall show, altho LAWS h... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.06.2006
if you were about to make a band would you make it same as queen style? - that new Wolfmother tune "Woman" sounds ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2006
Did Freddie like Football?? - who is that guy...David Beckham? I thought Freddi... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2006
Queen fans in '90-'91 - December 1990-January 1991 was around the time &qu... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2006
Great Topic #1: i believe " Hot Space " album is the worst of all ( shit ) - side two is totally fine, Under Pressure is the be... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2006
Even more little known facts about Queen - lol :)... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.06.2006
Some Day One Day - oh yes it would be nice to have a 'Headbanger Mix,... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.06.2006
Check this video out - fantastic THANKS!... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.06.2006
The miracle album - yeah I like The Miracle, my favorite tracks includ... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.06.2006
Could Jesus Have Been Married and Fathered a Child? - yes, he could have been, even twice. pesher to th... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.05.2006
Roy Thomas Baker - RTB worked with other bands -- the Cars, Devo, som... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.05.2006
Freddie singing Modern Times Rock and Roll on Youtube (where all good thing - omg like thunder wrapped in silk!... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.05.2006
Queen + Devo? - LOL -- de-evolution is REAL! we're ALL Devo...... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.05.2006
Going to the North American convention? I am. - possibly maybe...possibly moving to Gettysburg PA ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.05.2006
New album can be earlier than we thought!! - I'd love to hear them cover 'Jailhouse Rock' ro... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.05.2006
Queen / WWF(E) - John & Freddie would be the British Bulldogs, ... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.05.2006
Synthesisers responsiable for Queens demise in 80's? - I don't think using synths resulted in 'demise,' b... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.05.2006
New Album With Freddie, MIH style - imho I don't think there's enough taped Freddie ma... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.04.2006
Queen and Paul Rodgers Rock - I had a great time -- don't get me wrong -- but wh... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.04.2006
This cannot be serious.. - sounds like an outtake from a Budweiser commercial... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.04.2006
who are all these people? - wife of Jim Beach...Claudia... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.04.2006
an amazing performance of liar - that was awesome, a blast of real Queen, I owe you... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.04.2006
Highest Quality Bootleg: WWRY (fast live) ? - :) sorry Pim it just occurred u might not have bee... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.04.2006
Highest Quality Bootleg: WWRY (fast live) ? - no...no audience overdubs. unless you count the p... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.04.2006
Reuters: US Refuses To Release Innocents From Guantanamo Bay - It's ironic that George HW Bush and George W Bush ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.04.2006
Highest Quality Bootleg: WWRY (fast live) ? - yes...WWRY 4:20 released 1991, The Best of King Bi... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.04.2006
innuendo as the new audio dvd 2006 - oh yeah, bring on Innuendo :)... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.04.2006
The Show Must Go On.... Release date - right on Mr Faron Hyte, Classic Queen and Wayne's ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.04.2006
Queen to release new cd on Tuesday April 11, 2006 - It smells like the K-tel *Queen Collection* 15 of ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.04.2006
No Subject - paging Dr Prozac, there's a lobster on the loose i... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.04.2006
Cleveland Set list, reviews, etc. - Angus peed his kilt when they played Stone Cold Cr... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.04.2006
strange dream - you didn't say anything about your mother, but the... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.04.2006
Ridiculous idea but... - Cloning Queen is a nice "Egg" to start w... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.03.2006
Man in the Shadows follow up! NEW DEACY RECORD! - a duet w/Tom Jones "What's Up Pussycat?"... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.03.2006
The tour.... - We keep the empty Moet bottle, and foil which held... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.03.2006
My Cleveland Pics... - awesome :) great memories, thanx... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.03.2006
Cleveland Set list, reviews, etc. - OMG! Cleveland was magic :) The crowd really en... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.03.2006
Pittsburgh - we had a great time at the Pittsburgh show, but ye... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.03.2006
Everyone going to Cleveland... - HC, if it starts snowing rats, call the Pied Piper... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.03.2006
On our way to Pittsburgh :-)) - hello from Morgantown, safe travels :)... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2006
PITTSBURGH - Primanti Bros, 46 18th St, 6pmish?... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2006
Pittsburgh - WE DEY!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2006
Pittsburgh - oh yeah about the armpit part, it's quite clean no... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.03.2006
Pittsburgh - LOL Haystacks well said!... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.03.2006
Meaning of "Headlong" lyrics? - ? something to do with Brian's beginning relation... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.03.2006
Pittsburgh - sounds like quite an adventure... good luck on ... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.03.2006
Best Article I've Read In Years - Thank u for posting the article BPP -- certainly y... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.03.2006
1080i Hi-Definition 16x9 widescreen Worcester, MA 3/10/06 video! - wow! great pix!... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.03.2006
Let's talk about Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - imho the solos in Good Old-Fashioned Lover boy are... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.03.2006
Petition to ban Bryan's Permed Poodle and his aliases jordansomething etc - Asiagoooooooo BPP why don't YOU let Freddie res... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.03.2006
Wembley '86 name one thing you noticed or liked - when Freddie points at Roger to cue 'Under Pressur... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.03.2006
Pittsburgh Tailgate/Meetup - please post again closer to the show -- very likel... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.03.2006
March 1st: Queen + Paul Rodgers on Rockline - something 'Modern Times Rock n' Roll'... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.03.2006
Queen+Paul Rogers - Mellon Arena- Pittsburgh - Mary & I are going, tix at the end of the catw... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.03.2006
All Cleveland Concert goers, please meet here!!!!! - right, loaded AFTER the show... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.02.2006
Liar seriously underrated? - TIM, nice post about MOTBQ, yeah also many songs o... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.02.2006
Let's clear this Queen + PR thing up - mmm cheddar mmm asiago mmm limburger rock on QPR!... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.02.2006
Dude - sweeet... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.02.2006
Let's think of a new band name for Brian May, Roger Taylor and Paul Rodgers - THRONE... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.02.2006
Question about Innuedo video? - um, about the concept olp, Queen hired somebody na... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.02.2006
It is my belief that John would have left the band... - maybe...john would do a solo project and have 3 hi... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2006
Anyone else feel that Queen has become a corporate entity? - if you want to swim with the big fishes, make sure... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2006
Queen fans are an ugly bunch - i wish they could all be california girls... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2006
Anybody seen this??? - that's really eerie, "thank you goodnight.&qu... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2006
QPR stage and light show a dissapointment. - light show during Last Horizon was amazing, especi... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2006
PAUL RODGERS HAS RUINED OUR BELOVED QUEEN - there's gotta be a pony in here somewhere! ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.02.2006
Harry Potter we will rock you remix!!! - Harry Potter in the lake of fire...... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.02.2006
Brian's Soapbox - if only our political leaders would show a little ... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.02.2006
Queen top 10 - it rotates... Great King Rat Stone Cold Crazy ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.02.2006
Freddie and Mary Austin's relationship - maybe Freddie was just omnisexual... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.02.2006
New Freddie Toy Picture - nice pic! *NECA* thanks!... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.02.2006
"Blender" magazine praises Freddie, disses Paul Rodgers - can't wait for the tour to start! sure, Blender ma... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.02.2006
Another World: Track History - awesome post rhyeking! makes me wish Brian would d... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.02.2006
How do we recognize Queenzoners at the concerts? - Queenzone pimp chalices filled w/ Moet LOL... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.02.2006
What BM + RT should've done - Paul Rodgers is a good singer and has the star pow... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.02.2006
Innuendo 15 years old today - yeah, incredible album they really poured their he... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.02.2006
No Future for Queen + PR? - let's not discount Australia either, and even if R... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.01.2006
Queen In Pittsburgh - Mary and I are definitely going -- we live in Morg... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.01.2006
2006 USA Tour Setlist - A Survey - I love that IABD mix, you're right, huge electrici... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.01.2006
No Subject - Leather motorcycle jacket with the Queen crest han... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.01.2006
update on USA ticket sales - our Pittsburgh tickets just arrived, Mary & I ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.01.2006
All Cleveland Concert goers, please meet here!!!!! - stay at the downtown Crown Plaza Sheraton where Br... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.01.2006
Did queen hurt their legacy? - no, they didn't hurt the legacy imho...but yes aft... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.01.2006
Freddie Mercury Action Figure in 2006 - I actually have the DEVO action figure (hey...Roy ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.01.2006
Queen has finally met STAR WARS! - was that almost censorship?... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.01.2006
Get over Roger Talor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roger Talor must be the chap running the griffin h... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.01.2006
First show to be cancelled will be..... - Pittsburgh area radio stations are doing lots of a... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.01.2006
QueenZoner of 2005 - JSS -- thread of the year -- "Left-Handed Mar... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.01.2006
Unreleased Songs - The WWRY slow/fast BBC session was released in 19... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.01.2006
Calling all wise Queen fans - Tyrone Everage Conway is Brian's songwriting partn... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.01.2006
Queen + PR - Innuendo? - I'd love to hear them do "Innuendo," alt... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.12.2005
Procession. - you know, that is a nice thought to chat over dinn... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.12.2005
Hot Space - imho Q2 is a much better album than Hot Space...Q2... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.12.2005
What shows are you attending? - looks like DC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2005
Well I don't like to be maudlin..... - imho one day someday give the Red Special to Jimmy... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2005
What's been your QUEEN highlight of 2005? - NJ -- I'm in Love With My Car, The Show Must Go On... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2005
Freddie's mic stand in new Potter movie. - ..."Harry Potter in the Lake of Fire at the B... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.12.2005
US tour destined for massive failure! - imho the tour will be a success, because a)Paul Ro... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.12.2005
"Mercury and Me" question - well, PF did write something about all Freddie's s... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.12.2005
Freddie's Best Song - just some favorites-- white queen (i know, a br... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.11.2005
check this out, Freddie Haters! - thought-provoking review, but toss the disc if you... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.11.2005
Is anyone going to buy the new Darkness album...? - I'll get it, saw them in '04 and wondered "sh... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.11.2005
Celine Dion wants to do FM tribute album - Weird Al Yankovic got mo better style, anyone who ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.11.2005
A question about Let Me Entertain You - i think she says "i've always wanted to be a ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.11.2005
One Vision on US Radio by FREDDIE and the boys / question - local Fairmont WV station 94.3 has ROTC singles (F... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.11.2005
Phoebe's Book - I liked Phoebe's book, the stories about birthdays... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.11.2005
Misheard lyrics – real ones, please! - mom thought WWRY was "we will rob you", ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.11.2005
Breakthru convention - i've been to 3 of the Breakthrus...Cleveland is a ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.11.2005
Freddie's last interwiew - thanks fatty that was awesome LOL!... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.11.2005
If you could have attended only one Queen concert, which would it be? - Live Aid or Rainbow '74... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.11.2005
Queen was actually racist? - actually, 'we're all God's children..."... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.11.2005
Greatest Video Hits III, When????? - maybe fatty has an excellent idea about the DVD re... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.11.2005
roger taylor-best of 2005 - say it's not true (europe) -- dublin say it's not... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2005
Hostess Snack Cakes - yeah I would've guessed Fred liked Ding Dongs but ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.10.2005
What's so special about Queen II? - Obviously I love the Innuendo album, but to add to... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - I wore this killer black leather jacket -- spikes ... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.10.2005
What's so special about Queen II? - Queen II turns the normal song structure on its he... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.10.2005
One for the bass players.... - the solo at the end of IGSM is amazing, and the LA... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.10.2005
the invisible man - hmmm...about a man only able to connect to his aud... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.10.2005
Kashoggi's Ship - right. adnan.... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.10.2005
Who would go to a Brian or Roger solo tour? - i would see Brian & Roger solo, together, in a... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.10.2005
Man in the Shadows follow up! NEW DEACY RECORD! - lol Fenderek how can we hear your remix of "H... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.10.2005
Innuendo - Robert Plant - RT on vocals, that would be way cool!... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.10.2005
Describe Queen in One Word - "bliss"... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.10.2005
aobtd bass riff - story I heard was Deaky & Nile Rodgers (Chic b... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.10.2005
Post your NJ show review here: - what a great show, totally worth it. wished the se... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.10.2005
I've been speaking to Freddie again. - hilarious!... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.10.2005
JUST CAME FROM THE NJ SHOW........ - yeah amazing show nice setlist, I'm just now getti... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.10.2005
Fairfield inn??? - We're staying at Fairfield Inn-- the jacuzzi room ... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.10.2005
Favorite song from the A Kind Of Magic album? - One Vision, Gimme the Prize, Princes of the Univer... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.10.2005
Check this out people - mmm, Denver omelets 4/16/74!... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.10.2005
Queen paper dolls or action figures - My girlfriend Mary bought an 'Officially Unofficia... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.10.2005
Queen/freddie Books - get 'Queen's Greatest Pix' for a good look at the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.10.2005
Haven't posted about Q+PR to date, but.... - excellent post okc! that and the post by the Paul ... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.10.2005
Holy Shit!!!! - What is it the French say so well...'Sacre merd!'?... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.09.2005
ROTC down to the last position on the US chart - I agree, promos have not been 'widespread' like ha... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.09.2005
Let me take a role call - *for the tour*... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.09.2005
Jesus Song - "Jesus" is just all right (ha ha), you c... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.09.2005
Artist Arena Pre-Sale buyers should be getting their tickets soon - Got our NJ tix yesterday. YAY!!! Plain envelope ... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.09.2005
WILL USA SING ALONG TO LOVE OF MY LIFE?? - I might bet a bottle of Moet that if they played &... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.09.2005
My short interview with John "Deaky" Deacon - that's the longest interview John's given in years... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.09.2005
WILL USA SING ALONG TO LOVE OF MY LIFE?? - hey we'll try, but we do know the words to "W... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.09.2005
metropolis - I had hoped the coloring would be a bit more relev... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.09.2005
Return Of The Champions (arrived today in the states) - I hadn't heard "Wishing Well" b4, really... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.09.2005
Queen + Paul Rodgers Album Advance - I raced over to BestBuy after work and picked it u... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.09.2005
Freddie Mercury + Paul Rodgers - it might be interesting to hear PR or even Billy S... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.09.2005
John being cut out - bass is the link between beat and hook. Deacon is... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.09.2005
How Old Are You Guys???? - 35 going on 12... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.09.2005
I don't hate FM but... - funny how FM wrote a song called "All God's P... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.08.2005
Queen + Billy Squier = Whoa... - love the motorcycle sound at the beginning of &quo... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.08.2005
We Will Rock You Musical - Las Vegas - de-evolution is real. all too real, these days. ... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.08.2005
Ultimate Collection: 1993 - King Biscuit Flour Hour vol. 4 (cd) track 1, 4:... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.08.2005
Innuendo - oh what an awesome album -- Innuendo, Headlong, Sl... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.08.2005
I am a follower of the Poodle as well. - anyone who follows BPP, needs: a)one seriously ... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.08.2005
If a get 150 different posts on this topic I will leave. - You should be mature enough to not need 150 posts ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.08.2005
Are you enjoying my Topics ? - No, actually. Please stop wasting Richard Orchard... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.08.2005
Killer Queen CD Rocks - now that i've heard the whole thing, must say the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.08.2005
the works - find 'I Go Crazy!'... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.08.2005
Cover of new live album - smells like The Firm's first album cover, that dow... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.08.2005
NEW, IMPROVED Queen "Return of the Champions" Cover! - oh sheeeit that was funny *wipes eyes*... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.08.2005
Farrokh Bulsara was the Second Incarnation of Christ. - ROTAS OPERA TENET AREPO SATOR :)=== ... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.08.2005
Your opinions on Another one bites the dust (GHIII Remix) - AOBTD GH3 ugh! video was cool, though. UP rah mi... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.08.2005
Everyone Travelling to New Jersey.... - kegs...hmmm...maybe a few cases of Yuengling...... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.08.2005
queen and rodgers - this list is totally a wish list of songs not on t... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.07.2005
QUEEN+ P.R: what do u think they should call themselves... - avalon... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.07.2005
OK..I'm pissed - we're planning on driving to the hotel and walking... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.07.2005
Who likes Hot Space? - for some reason I like the 1991 Hollywood remix of... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.07.2005
New promo pic and the single cover - SA, do you plan on visiting a dental hygienist bef... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.07.2005
So, Who got tickets.... - 2 $125 tix...section 23 (i think) seats 7&8. w... by 7Innuendo7 on 29.07.2005
John Deacon on stage - maybe other bass players & musicians would agr... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2005
Return of Half Of The Champions - 'Return of the Nasty Queenies'...? ;)... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2005
HAPPY B-DAY ROGER!!! - Happy Birthday Roger!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2005
Roger's Birthday Present. What Would You Buy Him? - two hit singles and a Grammy...... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2005
USA/NJ Meet up!!! - i'm so there...$127 for the best tix? all right no... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.07.2005
Are They still relevant? - Yes -- completely relevant. Like Elton John said, ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2005
Lester's Album Discussion Thread - Queen II - sometimes it's like one long song, a heavy moebius... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2005
Killer Queen CD Rocks - listened to UP (love it) and snippets of the other... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.07.2005
HAPPY B-DAY BRIAN - happy birthday, flojo -- "and ya can't stop r... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.07.2005
Mercury name - Of course, Virgo is the only female sign of the tw... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.07.2005
Brian and the threat of terrorism - one society blindly worships the military industri... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.07.2005
does anyone read queen biography books? - Queen In Their Own Words Mick St. Michael, Omnibu... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.07.2005
Made In Heaven Front Cover - the gatefold lp is breath-taking, the statue defin... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.07.2005
In the spirit of Johnny K... - I found this really magical lead cable at a clothi... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.07.2005
Sack Rodgers Employ Robbie Williams - BPP are you aware of John Deacon's comments re: Ro... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.07.2005
The Greed of Q+PR - I agree the USA tour delay is disappointing, but g... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2005
US Tour!!! NY & LA Dates to be announced shortly - whoa. I was born in Peoria (parents met at Bradley... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.06.2005
Queen - Serious Question forum - zeni is the one, the only one...... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.06.2005
Freddie was Michael Jackson best friend - "the vessel of genius is the most fragile&quo... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.06.2005
WHO IS THE MOST ANNOYING QUEENZONE CONTRIBUTOR? - avoid the noid & UNNECESSARY CAPS! :0 peace... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.06.2005
Favorite May Song - at the moment, TSMGO & IGC "something in ... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.06.2005
Does anybody here like David Bowie? - Love Bowie, even enjoyed the Black Tie White Noise... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.06.2005
"Queen" Live by Greg Brooks - I keep my copy in the loo and read it frequently h... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.06.2005
How Real Queen Fans Feel - "I don't pretend to understand the workings o... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.06.2005
Who Scott Mercury think the real fans are!! - excellent post GreatKingSam! Wisely you have chos... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.06.2005
queen link with robbie williams at live 8 - celebrity kung fu death match Robbie Williams and ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.06.2005
Most wanted item in your Queen collection - Innuendo album white vinyl, all four autographs of... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.06.2005
Freddie Mercury lookalike-95% match - that guy can really rotate a spare tire!... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.06.2005
back from the unconscious - Best wishes John. Keep yourself...well, you know.... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.06.2005
"We're Coming to America" !!!!!! - go to Breakthru 2005 in Cleveland and politely req... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.06.2005
Scrapped US Tour? - nice post The Mir@cle no nothing's been offici... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.06.2005
Synths- Love 'em or Hate 'em? - kind of hit or miss with Queen on keyboards -- som... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.06.2005
Blues/Rock vs. Vaudeville Camp - i think i'm mostly in the blues/rock camp but the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.05.2005
the strange simerlarites queen and the beatles - Brenski LOL!... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.05.2005
Brian's Depression - somewhere I've got an osbscure interview w/Bri for... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.05.2005
saddest Queen Song - Dear Friends... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.05.2005
John's bassound - the riff to Stone Cold Crazy is awesome, are the s... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.05.2005
The best, and worst, bits of the FM Tribute concert - best -- "Heroes" worst -- Metallica (wh... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.05.2005
John and garbage - "thanks for the smoking jacket -- now where's... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.05.2005
scandal - mmm yes the guitar solo with the ticker tape showe... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.05.2005
Do they believe in God? - *interesting topic* do they believe in God? or, d... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.05.2005
Drums - Matt Sorum...the Cult, G n' R, back to the Cult, V... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.05.2005
Freddie said he Approved of Corp./Commercial Sponsorship for bands - Well Arlene, since you state that corporate sponso... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.05.2005
Rogers voice - I just heard/saw the BitTorrent for "Say It's... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.05.2005
US Tour? When? How many shows and where? - Styx has a new album out...they should be touring.... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.05.2005
an awful thing!!! PR signed a queen album - *fascinating* is that the whole picture? or is t... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.05.2005
letter to Paul Rodgers - thank you! - Right on, Paul! "No time for losers" THA... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.05.2005
Does any other frontman look more goofy than Mercury? - Yes -- Robert Smith of the Cure indeed looks more ... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.05.2005
Caption time again... - John: We will now convene the first world hunger s... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.05.2005
US tour thoughts - north central WV (DC 3 hrs, Cleveland 4 hrs) -- go... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.05.2005
I am your leader - BPP, you are not my leader -- you are my toilet pa... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.05.2005
Just wanted to say hello - Saw Def Lep on the 1996 Slang Tour, they opened wi... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.05.2005
Something I discovered (and never realized)! - I'd like to see a Simpsons episode where Homer wor... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.05.2005
Freddies Costumes - Zandra Rhodes 'angel' outfit (Bo Rhap video), blac... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.04.2005
Let Me Entertain You - "I always wanted to be a gourmet cook"... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.04.2005
On B.M. website -- "Tour Will Land in U.S." - I'd pay around $200 for a Queen ticket -- got rela... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.04.2005
New Queen DVD in America this September? - Not to blur things, but when Brian says "the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.04.2005
VIENNA Setlist - Libor2 awesome post! I would absolutely love to he... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.04.2005
Dream USA Setlist - you know, as much as I love Innuendo and the whole... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.04.2005
Dream USA Setlist - ok...here goes...imho... It's A Beautiful Day ... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.04.2005
Queen show in Rome after Pope dies. - Queen absolutely did the right thing by going ahea... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.04.2005
FINAL Album versus Album - Innuendo... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.04.2005
Freddie item on display in eastern US - West by God**** Virginia here...I'll go nine hours... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.03.2005
Your Favourite Cover Song - NIN's GDML is great, but Reznor's remix of Stone C... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.03.2005
Revised Queen crest as Q+PR tour logo - Freddie's Queen logo makes me think Ferrari, the n... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.03.2005
eerie feeling - <lights candles, turns on smoke machine, turns ... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.03.2005
Brian and Roger's vocal solo - Brian -- Some Day One Day, '39, Hard Business R... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.03.2005
Ice Ice Baby or Under Pressure? - Hollywood Records forced Ice's label to cough up $... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.03.2005
Caption time! - I have some good news. No, Freddie's not singing ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.03.2005
Bohemian Rhapsody - I hope they don't, or maybe just once at Hyde Park... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2005
OMG! Poor Roger! - just doesn't matter. the hair's not green! :P... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2005
Does anybody else think that Paul Rodgers is a terrible substitute for Fred - No. I think Robert Smith of the Cure would be a te... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.03.2005
last picture of queen together - I just realized TATDOOL and TSMGO both have butter... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.03.2005
HOT NEWS: Better Than A Box Set II - constant morphing, but keeps the brand fresh, prob... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.03.2005
Thoughts if Freddie acted Highlander lead role - Freddie would be great in Highlander if Mel Brroks... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.03.2005
Is Brian a bit of a moody git? - Brian's not a moody git -- he's a bloody awesome g... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.03.2005
AIDS - Brenski, amazing posts! Thank you. Do you have a... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.03.2005
Which Queen song cheers you up? - 1)My Baby Does Me, then play 2)Keep Yourself Aliv... by 7Innuendo7 on 07.03.2005
What Is Your Favourite Track Off The Wembley 86 Album - Lap O' the Gods, Under Pressure, Hammer to Fall, R... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.03.2005
If you could only take 2...... - Platinum Collection and Live at the Bowl: the Tota... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.03.2005
support band for 2005 tour - i don't think anybody knows at this point imho...i... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.03.2005
Queen in the USA - Uncasville, CT (June 5?) is the Mohegan Casino. Q... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.03.2005
Queen in the USA - let's hope Hollywood Records realizes what a great... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.03.2005
Roger's 1980's writing frenzy - I'm in love with my car...oh yeah...gotta feel for... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.02.2005
thankyou Richard!! - pouring a pint of Guinness for ya Richard, many th... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.02.2005
Roger's 1980's writing frenzy - ok, ok, uncle! Breakthru is a good song. I just ... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.02.2005
Danny Miranda's history in BOC? - "don't fear the Roger, when he takes you to t... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.02.2005
John Deacon's Masterpieces - I prefer Fight From the Inside to Breakthru, for s... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.02.2005
Who would you choose??? - Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Jaco Pastorius, John ... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.02.2005
Hidden Charges from the OIQFC - it might be Euro conversion to dollars or handling... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2005
some good depressing queen songs - none of Queen's songs depress me, but some of the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.02.2005
Congratulations Bryans Permed Poodle!! - come here silly-poodle, eat this wheelbarrow full ... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.02.2005
U.S. Tour ?????? - Maybe (maybe not) this is another topic, but I'd r... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.02.2005
U.S. Tour ?????? - Queens Park Rangers? oi, love soccer! Brian wo... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.02.2005
Song "Jesus" - interesting coincidence -- Jesus being royalty -- ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.02.2005
Why isn´t John Richard Deacon on new´s Queen tour? - um, I drink peppermint tea, and *whoa* I'm thirsty... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.02.2005
What made John Deacon decide to retire? - In 1990, John Deacon was recruited aboard Kashoggi... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.02.2005
queen vs u2 - decent topic. there was once a similar thread, dr... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.02.2005
"Jesus" is actually pretty good - i don't care what they may say i don't care what ... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.02.2005
U.S. Tour ?????? - I really hope QPR tour the US.... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.02.2005
What does Freddie sing in I Want It All? - Lead on, O Kinky Turtle... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.02.2005
Anyone attending North American Queen Convention - Breakthru2005 ? - short answer is yes...bringing girlfriend...and Mo... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.02.2005
Roger's vocals on I'm In Love With My Car - Roger must've been cloned twice... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.02.2005
Sweet Child of MIne and Bohrap - Steve Adler or Slash once said the song evolved fr... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.02.2005
Pink Floyd - The Meddle album rocks... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.02.2005
Queen on fire Live at the Bowl - Action is great, it's unlike the other tunes on th... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.01.2005
what is the most famous bassline?AOBTD or UP - both songs are pretty equal, imo remember the Aiw... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.01.2005
This time christian ultra-conservatives have gone way too far - devout Christians realize prejudice is a sin; thos... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2005
my review of innuendo - *WOW* awesome post... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2005
Meanings of songs......and damn you all if I am proved wrong! - My Baby Does Me ...and she goes on and on and o... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2005
best bass player ever! oh and drums - deacon and taylor -- great rythm section jaco p... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.01.2005
What is your favorite song written by John Deacon? - SYW, YMBF, AOBTD (and "Guitar Through a Windo... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.01.2005
Queen vs. Skynyrd - I had the misfortune of seeing LS open for ZZ Top ... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.01.2005
Obi John Kenobi - Er...the force is strong with this one... :)... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.01.2005
Kelly Osbourne - Generally you should never judge a book by its cov... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2005
Who likes "Don`t Lose Your Head"? - Agree w/TQ, "A Dozen Red Roses" is a muc... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2005
chicago area queen fans? - Don't live in Chicago, but I saw Devo at the Rivie... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2005
Innuendo Video - The band members are each rendered in a different ... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.01.2005
QueenConcerts update - Heavens that's excellent... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.01.2005
Your most best/worst "Queen song on the car radio" moment - rushin' Headlong down the highway!... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.01.2005
Brian speaks: U.S. dates in the planning - Electric Factory...Philadelphia...capacity~2000...... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.01.2005
Does anybody else think that Paul Rodgers is a terrible substitute for Fred - It depends on how realistic your expectations are.... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.01.2005
Quote from Paul Rodgers re: 2005 Tour (Including possible dates in USA) - Yes yes yes tour USA!... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.01.2005
Album Reviews - You might try *International Musician and Reco... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.01.2005
Queen Movie (Hollywood Style) - Two maybe three good scriptwriters and a ton of fo... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.01.2005
Innuendo Art - Granville is brilliant, IMHO the explanations of t... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.01.2005
Did Queen screw Hollywood Records? - HR -- Letterbox Queen -- Postman ... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.01.2005
What categories would you add to Library Resources to help newbies? - A list of books, like As it Began, which accuratel... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.01.2005
WWRY fast version - The Best of King Biscuit *live* published 1991 ... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.01.2005
Queen in US? - would Queen consider festival or double-bill gigs?... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.01.2005
check this out - whoa...I wanna be that person's retinas. Got the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.01.2005
Mick Ronson - Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland ROCKS!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.01.2005
Will John make guest appearances? - Hopefully, even though John's material comes acros... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.01.2005
What songs do you want to hear? - As I crunk atop the LAW'86 cd case...great ideas..... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.01.2005
best colour of johns bass - red/white "Headlong" video, is that a F... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.01.2005
We Will Rock You... meaning - Get Down Make F*CK Umm, my keyboardist posed th... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.01.2005
We Will Rock You... meaning - WWRY...view of rock n' roll from the street? WATC... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.01.2005
Thank God It's Christmas - TGIC features as track number 1 on the compilation... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.12.2004
Possibility that Deacon will come ? - It would be wonderful for John to complete the lin... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.12.2004
STOP PRESS: Queen European Tour in Spring 2005 - YAAAYYY!!! Can't wait for tour dates. Savin' u... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.12.2004
And the new Queen-bassman? - Thomas T, great idea -- Gail Dorsey rocks!... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.12.2004
America Sucks!!!! - "America sucks..." I dunno, I think i... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.12.2004
Question for fans in the States who remember 1984 and after - I remember Radio Gaga very well -- more so on MTV ... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.12.2004
Whats your top 3 QUEEN songs ? - Innuendo Great King Rat The Prophet's Song... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.11.2004
Brian's curse - What? I thought 5ive breaking up after WWRY is a ... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.11.2004
Wembley VS Milton Keynes. - I just had the MK Live at the Bowl cd delivered. ... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.11.2004
What's Your Favourite Queen And Solo Video? - Innuendo -- Queen Man on Fire -- Roger Taylor... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.11.2004
Who was Queen's best producer? - Any thoughts on who was Queen's best producer, and... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.11.2004
John, his top 3 - Spread Your Wings Another one Bites the Dust In ... by 7Innuendo7 on 03.11.2004
Any Queen fans here like NO DOUBT/Gwen Stefani? - I like No Doubt, Hella Good is really catchy. Lov... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.11.2004
b side to which single? - wasn't Gimme the Prize b/w AKOM? I've seen USA si... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.10.2004
Did roger really write Radio Ga Ga ? - RGG is *such* a tremendous track-- live it's even ... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.10.2004
Underrated guitar solos - Sleeping on the Sidewalk. Delish!... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.10.2004
Mustapha - For some reason Mustapha reminds me of the Jazz co... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.10.2004
Gimme the prize - GTP is great, really melodic and aggressive. Luv ... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.10.2004
I've been speaking to Freddie again. - ROFLMAO! 7 yr olds sometimes have a better deve... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.09.2004
Your First Queen Album... - The Game was my first Queen vinyl, and I would pla... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.09.2004
Cool it People!!! - I wonder if Richard might set up a link designated... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.09.2004
It's fun to smoke marijuana - ;) FM: let's record this vocal, dears, and play... by 7Innuendo7 on 16.09.2004
Worst Queen video? - the worst Queen videos are the ones on GVH 2 dvd w... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.09.2004
best drummer roger taylor or nick mason - Roger Taylor!... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.09.2004
Headlong! - I thought Brian wrote the song about the crashing ... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.09.2004
Why ? - Because.... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.09.2004
what is the saddest song???? - Dear Friends... by 7Innuendo7 on 31.08.2004
What is the best Queen-song ever?? - I'm really biased in favor of Innuendo, but it mig... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.08.2004
How long will it be before good music.... - You can tell how good a band is by how they perfor... by 7Innuendo7 on 24.08.2004
Happy birthday John - OMG John's birthday tomorrow!!! Time to blow anoth... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.08.2004
Innuendo on Fred Mercury tribute - I completely agree, if Plant didn't like the live ... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.08.2004
Why is Queen not that respected - critics are just eunuchs in a whorehouse... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.08.2004
What do we think of posting QUEEN topics on the QUEEN FORUM? - I spent the summer of 1990 listening to the Miracl... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.08.2004
New Queen Album???? - Pim this time I get it :) hooked on phonics works... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.08.2004
Darkness+Brian May - I saw the Darkness in Pittsburgh PA and Justin did... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.08.2004
Freddie's Love - WTF? - Scandal, No-one ever really knows the truth fro... by 7Innuendo7 on 06.08.2004
Fore those of you who would like to see scans of the Innuendo card sleeve.. - Thanks Dan! And ya can't stop rockin!... by 7Innuendo7 on 05.08.2004
Queen covered - Get Down Make Love (Trent Reznor) is great, especi... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.08.2004
Live vs. Studio - Sheer Heart Attack (Live Killers, various bootlegs... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.08.2004
Should of been a single..... - Fight From the Inside... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.08.2004
The Show Must Go On - Great song, great song. Doesn't need any tweaking... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.08.2004
Kansas singer calls Freddie an asshole - If Freddie's an asshole, then Steve Walsh is the t... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.07.2004
Worst Queen Track - AOBTD Wyclef OUCH! although the video is cool. A ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.07.2004
Innuendo - the album - Well, the Innuendo album has the most personal res... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.07.2004
Happy Birthday to Roger Taylor! - Happy birthday Rog! You make us feel like we can ... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.07.2004
Queen's Best Epic Song - Track 13 Made in Heaven "Are you running?&quo... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.07.2004
Your favourite Queen album cover? - Innuendo, Queen II, The Game, Jazz (whoa!), News o... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.07.2004
Does anyone find it a bit odd - The lyrics of Great King Rat are the most eerie th... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.07.2004
Who Could Play Freddie Mercury in a Movie? - Robert Smith of the Cure should be forced to play ... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.07.2004
John Deacon and WWRY Las Vegas - Anyone in favor of a 'petition' of sorts to ask De... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2004
MWAHAHA! I just edited the crap out of this! - It's interesting to compare Freddie's hairdo with ... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2004
In response to who likes Bowie, Who likes Fatty - Fatty's funny, and I'm convinced I should buy him ... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.06.2004
First Queen song you heard - "We Will Rock You," AM radio I think Nov... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.06.2004
Fatty is the best! - Fatty I'll buy ya a pint of Guinness if either you... by 7Innuendo7 on 20.06.2004
Queen take over the record shop in commercial - Jaguar commercial is fab,the NYFD w/UP is great to... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.06.2004
The Cross were an excellent band - The Cross did some really interesting things, but ... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.06.2004
William Hung has moved on, and now... - 'W' is by far the best-paid karaoke singer ever to... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.06.2004
You Don't Fool Me - Love it!... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.06.2004
New Queen Album - At least I got a reply from Brian after asking &qu... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.06.2004
Favorite solo album - Electric Fire "Nation of Haircuts"... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.06.2004
Nice example of dream on - It's a great idea for Brian & Roger to write s... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.05.2004
Party & Khashoggi's Ship - Party isn't exactly my favorite tune, and usually ... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.05.2004
Next Album - I'm biased, I think Innuendo is a great album. On... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.05.2004
The technical side of QueenProd - cross-collateralize, BIG TIME MONEY MONEY!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.05.2004
Ice Ice Baby & Best Queen Video & The Deacon Hotel - pop goes the weasel cuz the weasel goes POP... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.05.2004
Vintage Concert T-Shirts - Wear a Monty Python t-shirt, d00d... by 7Innuendo7 on 12.05.2004
I believe that.. - The Darkness gig cancelled in Pittsburgh PA 3/31/0... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.05.2004
Favorite vocals from each member of the band - Freddie -- Prophet's Song Brian -- Long Away Rog... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.05.2004
(Potentially) Major news! - Yaaayy!!!... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.05.2004
New Queen Compilation - Aw gosh...thanks for noticing...I just realized th... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.04.2004
New Queen Compilation - call this a wish list... 1) Stone Cold Crazy (1... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.04.2004
Which Queen era do you like the best? - Also 1985 and 1986 were Magic Years... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.04.2004
John = Boring - John is the soul man of the band, the archetypal q... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.04.2004
Which Queen era do you like the best? - Pretty much agree w/ Pim & Fatty, 1973-1977 an... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.04.2004
Seattle Radio's Top 99 Guitarists - Lists...oh lists everywhere...the new SPIN mag men... by 7Innuendo7 on 22.04.2004
Man, Roger really hates Lynard Skynard - Anyone who flies the Confederate flag endorses gen... by 7Innuendo7 on 19.04.2004
Freddies Drinks - Does anyone know anything about the glass of champ... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.04.2004
Something VERY strange... - I'd really like to see Brian & Roger write som... by 7Innuendo7 on 18.04.2004
best cover...er - Metallica -- Stone Cold Crazy NIN -- Get Down Mak... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.04.2004
"Into every life a little rain must fall" - I love the rain Here comes the rain I love the r... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.04.2004
Brian's Trickiest Solos - Headlong, Flick of the Wrist, Brighton Rock, Drago... by 7Innuendo7 on 13.04.2004
Queen bashing - ...donating duct tape and a heavy pipe to the caus... by 7Innuendo7 on 09.04.2004
"so you think you can love me and leave me to die?" - Right, and "Good Old Fashioned Loverboy"... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.04.2004
"so you think you can love me and leave me to die?" - Right, and "Good Old Fashioned Loverboy"... by 7Innuendo7 on 04.04.2004
Queen + The Darkness to play 30th Anniversary gig? - seeing the Darkness Wed. 3/31 in Pittsburgh...wond... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.03.2004
Queen II - Queen II seems like one really long song or more l... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.03.2004
How about favourite queen songs then?? - Great King Rat Sweet Lady Spread Your Wings I'm... by 7Innuendo7 on 17.03.2004
The Darkness to cover Somebody to Love?? - I'm going to see the Darkness 3/31 at Club Laga in... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.03.2004
GVH2 flicker problems - I had the same problem, tracks 4 and 11 (Break Fre... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.03.2004
John the most underrated Queen member??? - It's hard to pick the best JRD song, they're all g... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.02.2004
Hair cut! - I haven't cut my hair in 7 1/2 yrs, "Nation of Hai... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.02.2004
Queen marketing - Marketing Queen in the US is getting downright mys... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.02.2004
The most underrated Queen song ever is... - I agree, Innuendo is absolutely brilliant and prob... by 7Innuendo7 on 11.02.2004
Scandal - Scandal rocks, an album of this stuff and Was it A... by 7Innuendo7 on 08.02.2004
Just A Little Observation..! - the "call and response" technique in Queen's songw... by 7Innuendo7 on 01.02.2004
Pepsi Advert - opinions... - What a relief they won't be showing the ad in Amer... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.01.2004
Everybody Play The Game... - It's a beautiful day,the sun is shining I feel go... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2004
favourite songs of QUEEN(a general election). - the mix at the moment... Innuendo Great King R... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2004
Queen defend Pepsi "sell out" - OMG I haven't laughed so hard in ages A Pepsi c... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.01.2004
Britney Spears - GnG, I really enjoyed your post. Sure, Britney ma... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.01.2004
Pissed off Queen fans get their arses out - My hat will be a beanie with whirly propeller and ... by 7Innuendo7 on 27.01.2004
Britney Spears - Perfect example of the state of things... 94.3 ... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.01.2004
The Ultimate Queen DVD Collection - Frankly, I'd enjoy a dvd of just John Deacon inter... by 7Innuendo7 on 10.01.2004
Stepford and proud of it. - pardon my Yankee ignorance, but is Stepford someth... by 7Innuendo7 on 28.12.2003
'39 - (oops...) Sweet Lady May you call me up and... by 7Innuendo7 on 23.12.2003
My hopes for 2004 !! - JSS did a great job at Breakthru 2002! He sings "... by 7Innuendo7 on 21.12.2003
The Darkness: Christmas Time (Dont Let The Bells End) - I believe in a thing called The Darkness...... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2003
I F***ING hate Bono - If there wasn't a rock star like Bono the music in... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2003
Brian's best solo piece in a song - Headlong The Show Must Go On I Go Crazy Machine... by 7Innuendo7 on 15.12.2003
One Vision - what is the distorted voice saying? - I thought it was "One Vision sincerely" but "God w... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.12.2003
Worst of 'Queen' in 2003 - The whole Pepsi/Beyonce/Pinq/Britney situation is ... by 7Innuendo7 on 14.12.2003
One Vision & Chicken? - I always wondered if there was a foodfight backsta... by 7Innuendo7 on 02.12.2003
Say It's Not True lyrics - The machine of a dream, such a clean machine With... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.11.2003
Anyone Who Thinks Brian and Roger shouldnt tour... - Brian + Roger = Smile Freddie + John + Brian + ... by 7Innuendo7 on 30.11.2003
The Naive Fan... - Early on I confused John and Brian, and also, I th... by 7Innuendo7 on 26.11.2003
Queen flix - I'd love to do a remake of "Another One Bites the ... by 7Innuendo7 on 25.11.2003