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Webmaster - Martin Skála

I was born in former Czechoslovakia (= Czech Republic) in 1979 and never had the chance to see Queen with Freddie. Being a huge fan of the band I at least started attending concerts of Brian May, Roger Taylor, Queen with Paul Rodgers of Queen with Adam Lambert. So far I've seen the guys live roughly 50 times.

Martin Skála, the webmaster of QueenConcerts Well, that's me - Martin Skála aka Mr.Scully.
Martin Skála with Roger Taylor Meeting Roger, this time in Milan 2008.
Martin Skála with Brian May Meeting Brian, this time in Berlin 2018.

The history of QueenConcerts

QueenConcerts.com is a project I started in June 2002 (exactly on that day I also got my MSc. degree and it was my birthday :-) I was basically a follow-up of my previous Queen websites, the last one of which was called Mr.Scully's Queen Of Rock and had over 220000 unique visits as of March 2002 when it had to be closed due to a really weird letter from EMI.

This new QueenConcerts site has proved to be extremely popular simply because I have been updating is constantly and it has quickly become by far the most accurate Queen concertography that has ever been. Currently it's among TOP 5 of most visited Queen websites in the world. All this was achieved without absolutely any support from the band members or their organization.

Greg Brook's "Queen Live" book was a good start. This is part two - with emphasis on solo concerts of Queen members, their guest appearances with other artists or all instruments they ever used on the stage. Don't miss the unique gallery with hundreds of ticket stubs, tour programs or memorabilia that is often unique.

The design of QueenConcerts

the design of QueenConcerts in year 2018 QueenConcerts in 2018
modern responsive design
the design of QueenConcerts in year 2007 QueenConcerts in 2007
(and it stayed like this for 12 years)
the design of QueenConcerts in year 2005 QueenConcerts in 2005
a friend helped me with the design
the design of QueenConcerts in year 2004 QueenConcerts in 2004
black colour rocks :-)
the design of QueenConcerts in year 2002 QueenConcerts in 2002
it was launched on my 23th birthday

What others wrote about QueenConcerts

I am very impressed with the amount of work you have put in. You have a quality site - you should be proud of it (I'm sure you are).

by Peter "Ratty' Hince, Queen roadie in 1975-1986

Congratulations on the Queen concert web site - I'm VERY impressed.

by Jim Jenkins, the most famous Queen fan, author of the official biography

I've had a look at your site. It is very impressive. Just looking at the dates and names of the arenas made me smile and brought back so many memories.

by Peter 'Phoebe' Freestone, Freddie's personal assistant from late 1979 until Freddie's death

A very interesting, well researched and nicely presented site. It is extremely useful and a great research tool for me. Well done Mr Scully... I finally got around to looking in detail. EXCEPTIONAL!

by Greg Brooks, author of the 'Queen Live' book that inspired me to work on this site

An interesting bit: you can see me on the "Super Live In Japan" DVD - Rudi Dolezal was interviewing me for the new Budapest documentary.

My scans or information are included in many books, for example Mick Rock's "Killer Queen", Georg Purvis' "Complete Works", Mark Blake's "Is This The Real Life?", Greg Brooks' "Queen Live" and many others. Also in the Q magazine or A Night At The Opera 30th anniversary documentary. I have also translated Laura Jackson's "Brian May" book into Czech.

Special thanks to... (in no particular order)

  • Andy Young - for his Queen site that was a bible for us in late 90's
  • Antonio Henrique Seligman - who inspired me to start collecting
  • Jane Palm-Gold - for her stories from the 70's
  • Ferdinando Frega - for his huge collection of memorabilia that shows us how far we are from actually having something rare :-)))
  • Peter 'Ratty' Hince - for answering tour questions and solving mysteries
  • John S. Stuart - for his knowledge and his recordings
  • Bob Wegner - for his website that is a great source of concert photos and info about bootlegs
  • Kai Sörensen - for his tour posters
  • Stefano Pesenti - for his tickets
  • Raven Ozz, Ale & Laura - for helping me with the design of my old site
  • Alexander Macinante - for the action in Milan (he will know! :-)))
  • YourValentine - for all her work for the Queen community
  • Miklos Borbely - for filming many concerts in the past
  • 'Guns'n'roses On Tour' website - for correcting inaccuracies in my BM concertography
  • William Stidham - for chats and bootleg trades 20 years ago :)
  • Thomas Zeidler - for his early and usually accurate info on the Queen + Paul Rodgers tours
  • Alex Fedotov - for this photos and scans
  • Matteo Badessi - for his info and scans about concert venues
  • Marc Weinreder - for scans of tour programmes (before I got mine)
  • Dave Dilloway - for helping me with the '1984' section
  • my lovely wife Zuzka - for everything