As of May 2021 I have decided to rework the downloads section completely - at least for some time. I have purchased a account and I have uploaded all Queen, Brian May, Roger Taylor and The Cross live recordings I have found on my hard drive (with the exception of five or six that I wasn't allowed to). All these recordings are available for free download. is the only service that offers free downloading and good speed for larger amount of files. I have decided to maintain the account at my own expense, it's a free service for all fans. Just in case you decide to purchase a paid account (that allows more download slots or a higher data limit) please do it via these link (or after clicking on one of the downloads) and will send me a small share of the payment.

(For every concert I have picked only the best available version. These recordings are from publicly available bootlegs and bear in mind this archive is for Queen fans and visitors of my site, not for die-hard collectors who care if there are eight previously unheard seconds in a four-sources merge :-) Text files with information about the source or taper are of course always included.

Sound quality rating

  • EX excellent soundboard recording or a truly exceptional audience recording
  • EX- almost excellent sound, usually either a video sourced soundboard recording or a superb Japanese audience recording
  • VG+ very enjoyable audience recording, usually from Japan or some of the recent masters
  • VG typical audience recording - usually still quite enjoyable
  • VG- not a very good recording but you can still hear the band well, the sound may be muffled or distant
  • G+ you can still hear the band well but the sound is affected by distortion or other sound issues
  • G barely listenable recording - there's heavy distortion or it's a very high generation copy
  • G- you can hardly tell what band is playing, the sound is really bad.