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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by 'Wijnand'

Brian & Roger on final night WWRY - Went to see the final WWRY last Saturday... Off... by Wijnand on 03.06.2014
Ticket - The Cross Dec 7 2013 - Hi all, I have got one ticket left for the SAS ... by Wijnand on 02.12.2013
Platinum Collection remastered - Did somebody already took notice of this: http://... by Wijnand on 26.05.2011
Queen Rock You - Hi everybody, yesterday I received the cd Queen ... by Wijnand on 03.08.2010

306 posts by user 'Wijnand'

New Queen compilation album January 2020 - It will look nice in the closet...... by Wijnand on 06.11.2019
Queen Flexi Discs - The only official flexi of Queen I can think of is... by Wijnand on 12.09.2019
Well done Rami and Bo Rhap! - WWRY WATC That's all...... by Wijnand on 25.02.2019
Doc Martens Fairy Fellers masterstroke boots - I like the shoes... But I wouldn't dare to wear th... by Wijnand on 02.10.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Soundtrack List - For me this release is more interesting than expec... by Wijnand on 06.09.2018
New photo from Bohemian Rhapsody Movie.. (Confusing once again) - Ah, you have already seen it?... by Wijnand on 10.08.2018
The never ending question.... - For me first studio albums and then compilations. ... by Wijnand on 21.09.2017
Freddie Film footage clip - Is Saw, part 9 out already?! :-)... by Wijnand on 12.09.2017
Which album Queen released in the year when you were born? - Greatest Hits I... by Wijnand on 28.08.2017
Roger Taylor - Journey's End - I like it very much!... by Wijnand on 05.05.2017
Life On Two Legs by Norman Sheffield - I have send you a message through your site :-)... by Wijnand on 16.02.2017
Life On Two Legs by Norman Sheffield - There is one for sale at the Facbook group: Auctio... by Wijnand on 14.02.2017
Queen: On Air (Pre-order now available) - I'm looking forward to the cd's with BBC sessions ... by Wijnand on 30.09.2016
Brian and Kerrys Christmas shows - I'll visit them in Leeds and Manchester :-)... by Wijnand on 21.07.2016
Replace a word of a Queen songs title wirh "Poop" - Let Me In Your Poop Again No, no, no... I a... by Wijnand on 22.10.2015
Favourite Queen Video - I guess you'd go for Breakthru? ... by Wijnand on 14.09.2015
Anybody got setlist info for the Queen Extravaganza? - In the UK they will play the first half of the con... by Wijnand on 26.08.2015
1975.05.01 Tokyo - additional pro footage WITH AUDIO - Thanks a lot!!!... by Wijnand on 03.08.2015
1977.05.10 - Gothenburg (fix) - Thanks! ... by Wijnand on 18.06.2015
WTF? - Well just.... Ehm.... *no comments*... by Wijnand on 17.06.2015
brian & kerry verona 01/06/2015 - I'd love to see it. Thanks in advance for the uplo... by Wijnand on 04.06.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Prague, Czech Republic - 2015 - Flac - Do you have a MEGA link? Thanks!!!... by Wijnand on 25.02.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Prague 2015 - Multicam 1080p - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 25.02.2015
Queen and Adam in Cracow - My review. - I was there myself too, and I think the audience w... by Wijnand on 24.02.2015
Queen + Adam Lambert Krakow Arena, Poland 2015-02-21 HD Live Stream - I'll wave to you all! :-D... by Wijnand on 20.02.2015
Tauron - I will check it out tomorrow night... I was in ... by Wijnand on 20.02.2015
Queen + AL, 2015-02-04, Berlin (GER), O2-World - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 06.02.2015
Roger Taylor's "Fun in Space" and "Strange Frontier" in vinyl and CDl!! - Empty wallets, that's what we're living for... ... by Wijnand on 03.02.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Newcastle - 13th Jan 2015 - Flac - Thanks mate!... by Wijnand on 28.01.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - Newcastle - 13th Jan 2015 - Flac - Thanks, do you have a mega download link also?... by Wijnand on 28.01.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - London - 17th Jan 2015 - Flac - Thanks so much!... by Wijnand on 28.01.2015
Concerning an Innuendo videos DVD... - Well, if they missed it in 2011, they can do it in... by Wijnand on 07.01.2015
Queen Universal Remasters sale - If somebody has a link, let me know! I want it all... by Wijnand on 29.12.2014
Poll: Did you buy Forever? - I bought the two versions at this point... Will a... by Wijnand on 04.12.2014
Early promo cassette of The Works including long-waited tracks - Thanks GT! Are there photo's of the cassettebox? T... by Wijnand on 11.11.2014
The 3 New Queen Tracks From "Forever" I've Got Em All & Here's My Thoughts. - ^^^ what Anagramer said...... by Wijnand on 31.10.2014
Brian May & Kerry Ellis First Listen - Just a nice funny song, nothing more, nothing less... by Wijnand on 17.10.2014
2014; pleased or disappointed? - Roger album was released in November 2013, wasn't ... by Wijnand on 15.10.2014
2014; pleased or disappointed? - Only the already mentioned: 'live version of The F... by Wijnand on 14.10.2014
Best Queen song as a first dance in a wedding - Don't try suïcide...? LOL just kidding! Make t... by Wijnand on 14.10.2014
UK & Euro Tour - Source?... by Wijnand on 29.09.2014
UK & Euro Tour - That will be COLOGNE, AMSTERDAM and BRUSSELS... :-... by Wijnand on 29.09.2014
Live at The Rainbow '74 Japanese Box contents - *The contents of this release will be identical to... by Wijnand on 21.08.2014
Freddie Mercury "Send In The Clowns" true FLAC - Thanks both of you!... by Wijnand on 07.08.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert East Rutherford 23-July-2014 720p h.264 SD - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 04.08.2014
ANNOUCE: Rock Aid Armenia - Smoke One The Water (2010 Bonus DVD) - Just ordered the original for EUR 8,49 including s... by Wijnand on 04.08.2014
Stone Cold Crazy Rainbow 1974 - Oh no... My neighbours are gonna hate me during Se... by Wijnand on 22.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert Dallas TX July 10 2014 FLAC - Thanks a lot!... by Wijnand on 14.07.2014
ANNOUNCE:Queen + Adam Lambert-Las Vegas 5th July 2014-Multi Camera DVD PAL - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 11.07.2014
Rainbow SuperDeluxe box set for 34 pounds. - Thanks a lot... Ordered the deluxe box set, 4lp ... by Wijnand on 09.07.2014
ANNOUNCE : Rainbow original cinema 35 mm film transfer - Thanks Sikke!... by Wijnand on 04.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - 2014/06/24 - Edmonton, AB, Canada - SUPER! Thanks a lot!... by Wijnand on 26.06.2014
Queen+ Adam Lambert iHeartRadio Theatre,Los Angeles (June 16th 2014) 720p - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 18.06.2014
Queen: Live At The Rainbow '74 - Press Release - G R E A T N E W S ! ! ! I want it all.... So I... by Wijnand on 17.06.2014
Bootlegs - vinyl or CD? - For me CDs...... by Wijnand on 06.06.2014
Neil Fairclough bass solo - I was at the Queen Extravaganza in Antwerp and Til... by Wijnand on 05.06.2014
Brian & Roger on final night WWRY - Got this Saturday some information from the guy wh... by Wijnand on 04.06.2014
Brian & Roger on final night WWRY - I was there also Friday night :-) In respect of... by Wijnand on 03.06.2014
Brian & Roger on final night WWRY - Went to see the final WWRY last Saturday... Off... by Wijnand on 03.06.2014
Queen Forever - I'd prefer an E.P. rather than a compilation... ... by Wijnand on 28.05.2014
ANNOUNCE: ITV Perspectives 2014 Freddie Mercury Saved My Life 720p x264 - Thanks Mark!... by Wijnand on 20.05.2014
Queen Extravaganza European Tour - The Show Must Go On was also played...... by Wijnand on 16.05.2014
Gary Mullen. would he have been considered? - Just saw Marc Martel live twice this week ... At ... by Wijnand on 16.05.2014
Queen Extravaganza European Tour - Don't know the order (besides the first 3 and last... by Wijnand on 16.05.2014
Queen Extravaganza European Tour - Saw them in Antwerp on Monday, and Tuesday in Tilb... by Wijnand on 15.05.2014
Worst boot ever? - This one is great... Is it for sale somewhere? (so... by Wijnand on 06.05.2014
The 'vocal' bit in the middle of The Prophets Song - After YTMBA, The Prophet's Song is my favorite Que... by Wijnand on 24.04.2014
Top 5 Queen Albums - Queen II ADATR ANATO The rest...... by Wijnand on 22.04.2014
1974-03-31 Rainbow audio - merge of 3 sources, 2014 version - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 22.04.2014
In the studio with the boys. Pick a song. - I guess Bo Rhap... With Innuendo as a close second... by Wijnand on 14.04.2014
The Seek - We Will Rock You II - The Show Must Go On - They keep on rocking us!!!... by Wijnand on 14.04.2014
New Queen related artwork? C'MON! Yes. - Great as always... The one from the Color Line ... by Wijnand on 09.04.2014
liar! - I wouldn't call Brian a liar... If he states that ... by Wijnand on 07.04.2014
Brian May & Kerry Ellis 2014-04-05 Valletta, Malta - THANKS!... by Wijnand on 07.04.2014
Your favourite Queen song lyric and why - only one please - Another one which is for me amazingly powerful: ... by Wijnand on 03.04.2014
Your favourite Queen song lyric and why - only one please - Since my divorce... the next line of Save Me... by Wijnand on 03.04.2014
1976-03-29 Osaka Afternoon (ZOOM LP) Direct transfer - Yeah! Thanks!... by Wijnand on 03.04.2014
1974-11-20 London Rainbow (2 "new" sources) 35mm. rip & acetate rip - Great again!... by Wijnand on 03.04.2014
1974-03-31 40 years ago today : RAINBOW THEATRE , the best Queen Show ? - Sikke for president! Thanks a lot! I think i... by Wijnand on 01.04.2014
warning.....beware..fake signed Races on catawiki. - Why are you so sure that it's fake? (I'm not sayin... by Wijnand on 26.03.2014
2014.03.16 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia - Thank you very very much for this! Can't wait to h... by Wijnand on 18.03.2014
Queen+AL album ! - ZUCHT...... by Wijnand on 10.03.2014
. - Hmmm.... Do you think they'll do an European tour ... by Wijnand on 07.03.2014
Queen and Adam Lambert to announce 2014 tour plans next week? - Well... If they'll do a concert in Western Eur... by Wijnand on 03.03.2014
The Queen Fanthology - Chapter Nine: The Game - You are great! :-) Thanks!... by Wijnand on 24.02.2014
(Almost) complete Yokohama 1975 - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 24.02.2014
'Champions Of The World' DVD artwork - Only missing the OBI for this Japanse release ;-) ... by Wijnand on 18.02.2014
Queen Extravaganza Announces European Tour Starting In May - Tickets in the pocket for Antwerp! Front row! Look... by Wijnand on 18.02.2014
Queen Extravaganza Announces European Tour Starting In May - How awesome is this.... Should I go to one or two ... by Wijnand on 17.02.2014
WWRY musical italian cast boxset - If somebody knows one for sale, I'm very intereste... by Wijnand on 17.02.2014
The Queen Fanthology - Chapter Eight: Live Killers - Great (again!) THANKS!... by Wijnand on 17.02.2014
princes of the universe - I think this reply was quite funny... Don't ... by Wijnand on 12.02.2014
John leaving the band even if Freddie was alive and well. - Couldn't it be the case that in (let's say) 1997 s... by Wijnand on 12.02.2014
A 'Farewell Queen' Gig? Who would play - Kerry Ellis Sharon Corr (Is this the world we cre... by Wijnand on 07.02.2014
... - Whoops Ale! ;-)... by Wijnand on 06.02.2014
... - ... by Wijnand on 04.02.2014
The Queen Fanthology- Chapter Seven: Jazz - MERCI!... by Wijnand on 03.02.2014
your most prized queen related items - - My jacket signed by Brian and Roger - My huge ... by Wijnand on 28.01.2014
Platinum SHM-CD Issues from Japan - These look great... I'll start saving... Thank... by Wijnand on 24.01.2014
Another Solo Album From Brian One Day? - You forgot the Brian/Kerry dvd release... Whic... by Wijnand on 23.01.2014
The end of Queenzone? - To keep the spirit alive, some new questions which... by Wijnand on 22.01.2014
Favourite Queen song? - You Take My Breath Away...... by Wijnand on 06.01.2014
Happy New Year! - Happy rockin' 2014!... by Wijnand on 02.01.2014
your my best friend single cover - Thanks GT!... by Wijnand on 24.12.2013
Announce: Queen Brussels It's Hot! (1986-06-17, aud master src 3, AS art) - THANKS!... by Wijnand on 24.12.2013
THE CROSS LIVE DEC 2013! - What a great concert! Loved it!... by Wijnand on 09.12.2013
Ticket - The Cross Dec 7 2013 - Hi all, I have got one ticket left for the SAS ... by Wijnand on 02.12.2013
Ogre Battle (Acetate Version) - Thanks!... by Wijnand on 28.11.2013
Fun on Earth - Fantastic! - I like the album very much! At this point my fa... by Wijnand on 18.11.2013
GB and his AMAZING NEW RAINBOW PROJECT - If I can choose between: 1) dvd Rainbow properly ... by Wijnand on 15.11.2013
Just for the record...The Lot - Sorry, I am a good customer for QPL. I've go... by Wijnand on 15.11.2013
Just for the record...The Lot - As a collector, this means that in due course I wi... by Wijnand on 14.11.2013
QUEEN - THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES 2TRK USA PROMO CD - Looks nice... But what do you want to say with it?... by Wijnand on 04.11.2013
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Sheffield, UK - 2013-11-01 - Thank you!... by Wijnand on 04.11.2013
Brain May on tour feb 2014 - Am I the only one who enjoys the 'Candlelight conc... by Wijnand on 31.10.2013
Queen Puzzle - Fun! - Rien, I know that The Unblinking Eye is solo :-) ... by Wijnand on 29.10.2013
Queen Puzzle - Fun! - Good old-fashioned lover boy (Cellphone) March of... by Wijnand on 28.10.2013
Queen Puzzle - Fun! - "You And I (the sign on the house saying UN eye)" ... by Wijnand on 28.10.2013
BluRay CD's - Phew! Always an annoying reply from rocknrollover.... by Wijnand on 09.10.2013
Queen Hollywood Records Their Best Black Case (Complete)-1992 - Nice promo set...... by Wijnand on 04.10.2013
Roger´s "Sunny Day" (aka Woman you´re So Beautiful...) on BBC Radio2 - Love it!... by Wijnand on 20.09.2013
Queen chronology - Nee, heb met Paypal betaald... Nu even paar weekje... by Wijnand on 19.09.2013
Queen chronology - Ordered the book yesterday... Can't wait to receiv... by Wijnand on 18.09.2013
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Hamilton, ON, Canada - 2013/01/18 - THANKS!... by Wijnand on 16.09.2013
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Morristown, NJ, USA - 2013/09/11 - THANK YOU!... by Wijnand on 12.09.2013
Another World article Parts 1 & 2 now up on QOL - Thanks a lot... Great story to read!... by Wijnand on 29.08.2013
Queen game - ^^ I had the same problem... I was just typing as ... by Wijnand on 15.08.2013
Queen game - Just 109 in 18 minutes :-(... by Wijnand on 14.08.2013
ANATO "High Fidelity Pure Audio" Soon - How do you (think that you) know what I mean???... by Wijnand on 08.08.2013
Help Needed - Roger Taylor, Glasgow Garage, 29.11.94 - Can't wait for this share! Thank you all in advanc... by Wijnand on 08.08.2013
ANATO "High Fidelity Pure Audio" Soon - Am I the only one who haven't seen an official pre... by Wijnand on 08.08.2013
Brian May/Kerry Ellis album? - Only digital. But I guess you can order ia phys... by Wijnand on 07.08.2013
Queen Vinyl collection - Besides all kind of vinyl, dvds, cassettes, books ... by Wijnand on 07.08.2013
Roger's birthday present - Cool!... by Wijnand on 02.08.2013
Rogers New Album - Maybe "Dear Mr. Murdoch (2011 version)" will be in... by Wijnand on 02.08.2013
1976-03-23 Queen -Nagoya, Japan - Moët & Chandon Breakfast (TARANTURA) - Thanks again!... by Wijnand on 26.07.2013
If You Could Just Have Three Queen Albums In Your Collection. - Queen II ANATO ADATR... by Wijnand on 19.07.2013
ANNOUNCE: Brian May & Kerry Ellis: Live In Pescara (14.07.2013) - G R E A T! Thanks! Very much looking forward to he... by Wijnand on 17.07.2013
which queen song make cry or tear? - Nevermore & Save Me... I still believe the lie.... by Wijnand on 09.07.2013
Born Free Tour 2013 - I've been to Salisbury last November... Brian did ... by Wijnand on 19.06.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen Tour Books Collection High Resolution PDF - ^^ O no... Alex will create more superb artwork :-... by Wijnand on 18.06.2013
Born Free Tour 2013 - If somebody is going, and would like to buy the ne... by Wijnand on 18.06.2013
Born Free Tour 2013 - From Brianmay.com BORN FREE TOUR SET LIST - OXF... by Wijnand on 18.06.2013
Upcoming 3DVD/1Blu-ray: The Freddie Mercury Tribute - Unfortunately not complete... But interesting anyw... by Wijnand on 13.06.2013
1993-11-11 The Brian May Band - Kawasaki, Kyoiku Bunka Hall, Japan - Interesting, thanks!... by Wijnand on 06.06.2013
New artwork! Part can't-remember-what-number - Looks great, again...!... by Wijnand on 06.06.2013
1986.07.02 Zurich - complete - Inu, thanks for the torrent!... by Wijnand on 04.06.2013
1986.07.02 Zurich - complete - Great, thank you! And also many thanks to your ano... by Wijnand on 04.06.2013
Roger Taylor - 1999-04-03 London (2013 CMI Music 2CD+1DVD) - Listened and watched this several times the last f... by Wijnand on 03.06.2013
... - T H A N K S for the share! Love to hear it! I a... by Wijnand on 03.06.2013
What are your favorite Freddie Mercury quotes? - When you don't wanna hear it, f#ckin' go home!... by Wijnand on 03.06.2013
Coming from Wardour, QUEEN "Definitive Denmark News - I had my maximum bid 10 pounds over the bid at the... by Wijnand on 31.05.2013
Coming from Wardour, QUEEN "Definitive Denmark News - Damn.... outbid on the last second... :-( Not hap... by Wijnand on 31.05.2013
Coming from Wardour, QUEEN "Definitive Denmark News - At this moment I am the highest bidder on this cd ... by Wijnand on 31.05.2013
Roger Taylor - 1999-04-03 London (2013 CMI Music 2CD+1DVD) - Awesome, can't wait to hear and see it! Thanks!... by Wijnand on 27.05.2013
Lyrical Laziness - Sorry Mooghead... I kinda like the feeling I got w... by Wijnand on 21.05.2013
New game - different rules - I guess it's fake... But I guess Freddie's vocals ... by Wijnand on 16.05.2013
Maradona with Queen Years After - LOL!... by Wijnand on 04.04.2013
Jazz Final Round! - Didn't expect this outcome...... by Wijnand on 02.04.2013
Most favourite Queen song (only one) and why. - You Take My Breath Away... "I will find you any... by Wijnand on 02.04.2013
ANNOUNCE: Brian & Kerry TV Appearances, March 2013 - GREAT!... by Wijnand on 02.04.2013
Roger´s new album - "Smile" preview - Damn.... I can't wait to hear the full track of Sm... by Wijnand on 26.03.2013
Do You Want Made In Heaven II? - Sorry, that is not true... Brian played 'Good ... by Wijnand on 22.11.2012
Kerry & Brian acoustic tour set list predictions - APEX THEATRE, BURY ST EDMUNDS SET LIST - 5 NOVEMB... by Wijnand on 06.11.2012
Best solo albums - 1 - Barcelona 2 - Happiness? 3 - Back to the L... by Wijnand on 05.11.2012
New Fan ... Michael Jackson link - Saw Axl Rose in Ahoy this year... He was running a... by Wijnand on 31.10.2012
Brian May is Gay!!!! - I'm going to see the Born Free tour concert in Sal... by Wijnand on 31.10.2012
Queen fan in London - At least... But I agree with Brian :-)... by Wijnand on 18.09.2012
Queen in cinema - I'm going... Rotterdam, The Netherlands... by Wijnand on 11.09.2012
New Queen+ Stuff to be released on 10th anniversary WWRY Album - Personally, can´t wait for this one.... Huge WWRY... by Wijnand on 10.09.2012
New Artwork is Born - Part IV - Thanks again Alex. Do you have a list of all cd... by Wijnand on 10.08.2012
Olympics Closing Ceremonys - In the fanclub magazine which I received today, Br... by Wijnand on 03.08.2012
Question re Queen in mags and papers - I keep the whole magazine...... by Wijnand on 03.08.2012
Side White or Side Black? - Black!... by Wijnand on 02.08.2012
Queen and Adam Lambert - Keep yourself alive, Multicam - I quite liked the multicam video... Hope some p... by Wijnand on 31.07.2012
Barcelona 2012 version - thoughts? - To be honoust... I'd expected more... But, on the ... by Wijnand on 31.07.2012
ANNOUNCE: Artwork - Queen + Adam Lambert - Three Nights At The HMV Apollo - Great Artwork... again :-)... by Wijnand on 27.07.2012
The Perfect Innuendo tracklist? - I would love to hear the following imaginary track... by Wijnand on 25.07.2012
ANNOUNCE:Brian May & Kerry Ellis UK TV Appearances 2008-2010 - Interesting! Thanks in advance :-)... by Wijnand on 22.07.2012
Press Release: GVH1/2 Box Set To Hit North America on August 28th. - Me too! :-)... by Wijnand on 19.07.2012
Press Release: The Great Pretender - DVD, Blu-ray and TV - Very interesting! And good question, will the d... by Wijnand on 12.07.2012
Brian May Live Odds - SLEEPING ON THE SIDEWALK 1998/??/??, unknown venu... by Wijnand on 12.07.2012
Barcelona Re-Release - Can't wait to buy this one!... by Wijnand on 11.07.2012
Barcelona Re-Release - Alex, please create new artwork for this release ;... by Wijnand on 10.07.2012
Moscow SETLIST !!! - Life is Real... So Real Who's expected that one?... by Wijnand on 03.07.2012
Queen + Adam Lambert - Kiev 30.06.2012 - Ale, can't wait for the artwork of Queen + Miley C... by Wijnand on 02.07.2012
Queenzone Queenconcerts Database Version 9 Is Online !! - Amazing job...... by Wijnand on 19.06.2012
Son and daughter or Liar? - My Fairy King & Great King Rat The Kings are do... by Wijnand on 16.06.2012
Miracle signs record deal - Interesting & congrats!... by Wijnand on 14.06.2012
Favorite part in a Queen song. - The guitar intro of Tie Your Mother Down...... by Wijnand on 12.06.2012
[COVERS] ANNOUNCE: Queen Extravaganza - Philadelphia, PA, USA - 2012/06/07 - THANKS!!!... by Wijnand on 10.06.2012
Michael, Mick & Freddie - State Of Shock (Ultimate Version 2012) - Well done, thanks!... by Wijnand on 05.06.2012
Announce: Yokohama, Japan 30th April 1975 - In Hama (Tarantura) rapidshare - Great thanks!... by Wijnand on 03.06.2012
1986.07.30 Frejus - source 4 - Thank you!... by Wijnand on 03.05.2012
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor - The Waterfront, Norwich, England 3.29.1999 FLAC - T H A N K Y O U !... by Wijnand on 09.03.2012
Queen Survey - 1. How long have you been a fan? Since 1991 ... by Wijnand on 08.03.2012
"Complete" Queen(related) concert-collection on Mediafire.com - THIS IS GREAT! Thank you so much!... by Wijnand on 08.03.2012
Brian & Roger want to know which songs we'd like - Let them play JESUS... ... by Wijnand on 06.03.2012
To those who dont want Adam Lambert who would - Jeff Scott Soto Robby Valentine or just Brian & ... by Wijnand on 23.02.2012
Freddie comparison picture - I think it's the same person, isn't it?... by Wijnand on 10.02.2012
Songs that you wish Freddie could of sung live - Jesus...... by Wijnand on 10.02.2012
Roger Taylor 2012 Solo Tour - I think that NAZI'S would be a nice opening...... by Wijnand on 09.01.2012
ANNOUNCE: 2006-03-17 Queen + P. Rodgers in Buffalo DVD2 - GREAT! Thanks!... by Wijnand on 05.01.2012
ANNOUNCE: 2006-03-17 Queen + P. Rodgers in Buffalo DVD1 - Merci bien!... by Wijnand on 03.01.2012
Anyone have the Japanese Version of DOOL? - Does anybody know where you can buy the Japanese v... by Wijnand on 21.12.2011
Queen at the EMAs - Queen was always 4 musicians - equally working ... by Wijnand on 08.11.2011
The ULTIMATE Freddie Mercury Tribute song. - http://youtu.be/BnQWWsTEvKY They are playin... by Wijnand on 19.10.2011
The ULTIMATE Freddie Mercury Tribute song. - Sorry, I have to correct you... I think you f... by Wijnand on 19.10.2011
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Queen - Earl's Court 1977 (1st Night Audience Recording) - Did someone already said: T H A N K  Y O U ! ! ! ... by Wijnand on 18.10.2011
Rolling Stone: "Queen Putting Together Own Tribute Band for 2012 Tour" - Don't know what to think of The Queen Extravaganza... by Wijnand on 21.09.2011
What's your Favorite Queen song?? - You Take My Breath Away... by Wijnand on 02.09.2011
Which name would you like BM and RT to call themselves? - Amazon wrote: How about May/Taylor? Or May & Tayl... by Wijnand on 25.08.2011
Which name would you like BM and RT to call themselves? - "Queen" is fine for me...... by Wijnand on 24.08.2011
You and I video - Unfortunately no Brian, but a great video though..... by Wijnand on 17.08.2011
Youngest Queen Fan Ever :) - I think my wife will kill me if I show my two year... by Wijnand on 15.08.2011
1980.08.26 Providence (upgrade) - Merci!... by Wijnand on 04.08.2011
LIVE AT WEMBLEY FIRST NIGHT RELEASED IN FULL SEPTEMBER 5th - My opinion about (another) Wembley release... GR... by Wijnand on 04.08.2011
prophet song - The Prophet's Song... Always in my top 2 of Quee... by Wijnand on 01.08.2011
Best (solo) song of Freddie - The Golden Boy... one of my fav's!... by Wijnand on 26.07.2011
Freddie's best studio vocal performance? - abercjusz1 wrote: Guide Me Home _ How Can I Go On ... by Wijnand on 20.07.2011
Queen + The Weather - We Will Fog You Crazy Little Thing Cold Love Don... by Wijnand on 10.07.2011
Days of our lives - dvd release looks possible - Can't wait!... by Wijnand on 06.07.2011
New Artwork is born. - Just want to say that you design GREAT artwork!... by Wijnand on 16.06.2011
Platinum Collection remastered - Did somebody already took notice of this: http://... by Wijnand on 26.05.2011
Royal Albert Hall "Anthems" - Does somebody have a full audio recording of the c... by Wijnand on 03.05.2011
Royal Albert Hall "Anthems" - Some more Youtube links Defying Gravity, NOBY, STL... by Wijnand on 02.05.2011
Royal Albert Hall "Anthems" - OMG! I'm in love with Kerry's legs :-)... by Wijnand on 02.05.2011
Royal Albert Hall "Anthems" - Just found this on Youtube... http://www.youtube... by Wijnand on 02.05.2011
He Will Rock You (and he did) Gary in the USA - queenUSA wrote: jpf wrote: Interesting that the... by Wijnand on 29.04.2011
ANNOUNCE - Brian May and Kerry Ellis - UK TV - FERN - 18th April 2011 - PAL - Can somebody please please please upload it to Med... by Wijnand on 22.04.2011
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