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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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5 discussions started by 'dsmeer'

Proof that Freddie is Alive - Hi, I saw this item on ebay. A award presented ... by dsmeer on 16.03.2013
No Subject - Why is this world so full of hate people dying ev... by dsmeer on 25.01.2007
Knebworth Park Video - Hi There is a lot of talk about the video of th... by dsmeer on 20.01.2007
No Subject - Hi Rosa, I tried the following link ,www.lovero... by dsmeer on 26.10.2006
Rotterdam or Arnhem 2005 - Could someone upload these concerts plese, I ve be... by dsmeer on 08.10.2006

202 posts by user 'dsmeer'

Brian mentioned about a secret project - Can this be the soundtrack that Will be released a... by dsmeer on 01.07.2019
John Deacon: Autograph Machine - Can he sign with another name? Or is that not allo... by dsmeer on 12.12.2017
Can you pussies stop whining about Freddie? - Adam is a Hologram, he does not exist in real life... by dsmeer on 11.11.2017
QUEEN – A Night at the Theatre (new Dutch theatre production) - Roel van Velzen went to the same school I went. He... by dsmeer on 24.10.2017
NOTW anniversairy update by brian - A few days ago I wanted to post the new Metallica ... by dsmeer on 01.09.2017
Tenement Funster - Love that song. I have 2 pairs of purple shoes,... by dsmeer on 08.06.2016
A Message to the people at Queen - What really is funny is the fact that there were p... by dsmeer on 09.04.2016
Brian humiliated in IAHL Video ? - Best Works song according to me. Love it, love the... by dsmeer on 17.03.2016
Queen + AL Live Album this year ?? - No way, Brian and Roger made a misstake (not my op... by dsmeer on 07.02.2016
"Night At The Odeon" deluxe boxset prices.....? - What is the reason 4 buying the box if we will not... by dsmeer on 22.01.2016
Earls Court release pending? - If they would use Knebworth as a bonus, what woul... by dsmeer on 22.12.2015
Adam Performs at Country Music Awards - QUEENzone.com ?????????... by dsmeer on 08.12.2015
Adam Lambert too gay for Singapore New Year celebrations - I would like to suggest he will do a concert each ... by dsmeer on 30.11.2015
Found this - Okay, sorry guys I do not follow any news of MJ. I... by dsmeer on 27.10.2015
Found this - Would the MJ estate have picked the same song if t... by dsmeer on 27.10.2015
Press Release: 'A Night At The Odeon' To Be Released On November 20th - It was in a studio the first time they play and re... by dsmeer on 13.10.2015
A Night At The Odeon - cd/DVD-combo tracklist! - I want to have the Blu-ray, but I am stupid enough... by dsmeer on 12.10.2015
Queen - Glastonbury 2016 - Smart idea to sell the tickets before announcing t... by dsmeer on 08.10.2015
Queen Hammy 75 tracklist from Universal Music Italy - No I am not stoned, if there is a 4LP set Live at ... by dsmeer on 29.09.2015
Queen Hammy 75 tracklist from Universal Music Italy - 4 disc set Will be a 4LP box set... by dsmeer on 28.09.2015
A question regarding unauthorised albums - Nuce was also available in record stores in Hollan... by dsmeer on 25.08.2015
We Are The Champions [CHAMP1] Promo or not? - As far as I know it was called back by the record ... by dsmeer on 13.08.2015
Queen - Face It Alone (Snippet 3rd Take) - Like... by dsmeer on 29.07.2015
Ten years ago today... - Really love that tour. Amazing. 10 years ago? T... by dsmeer on 28.03.2015
Sun City Queen Breaking out part 2 - amazing, thank you very very much for this great s... by dsmeer on 14.03.2015
Queen in italian kiosk today - Thanks for the info... by dsmeer on 04.03.2015
Queen in italian kiosk today - On the box Live Killers and magic is visible, are ... by dsmeer on 04.03.2015
1978-04-20 Rotterdam, Ahoy - I understand that someone is angry when he or she ... by dsmeer on 26.02.2015
1978-04-20 Rotterdam, Ahoy - People on Streets > what is your point? Did you pa... by dsmeer on 26.02.2015
1978-04-20 Rotterdam, Ahoy - No I watched it on youtube... by dsmeer on 26.02.2015
1978-04-20 Rotterdam, Ahoy - Why are some of you not happy that this is shared?... by dsmeer on 26.02.2015
The state of Queen today - No-one would mind if Spike and Adam would tour tog... by dsmeer on 12.01.2015
Brian: Show with Adam Lambert is equal to Freddie Mercury - Brain is going slightly mad... by dsmeer on 12.12.2014
Man On Fire - Queen version - Now that would have been a great Album... by dsmeer on 13.11.2014
Queen Acoustic - Van Halen did a small accoustic set for their late... by dsmeer on 27.10.2014
Brian May & Kerry Ellis First Listen - I think most of us heared this a long time ago for... by dsmeer on 17.10.2014
So who's buying Queen Forever? - Does anybody know if "Let me in to your heart agai... by dsmeer on 25.09.2014
I WasBorn To Love You (Let the Criticism Begin) - Adam was not born to sign... by dsmeer on 18.08.2014
Queen+Adam Lambert - Adam > NO... by dsmeer on 04.08.2014
Live at the rainbow editions - Great promo, ordered it very early for 69 uk pound... by dsmeer on 31.07.2014
The Live At The Rainbow release is official!!! [Package Details] - I will order the big package... by dsmeer on 17.06.2014
Should there be more Freddie in the Q+AL US Shows? - More Freddie and No AL > best solution... by dsmeer on 31.05.2014
Why Montreal? - I have a better question why did Q+PR film the Ukr... by dsmeer on 20.04.2014
Queen Announce Historic First - "with Adam Lambert taking over vocal duties ...." ... by dsmeer on 05.04.2014
100 Better Ideas Than Queen + Adam Lambert - AL + Bee Gees... by dsmeer on 04.04.2014
We need a new Queen+AL tour section - No need for this tour, no need for à section.... by dsmeer on 31.03.2014
Queen Songs Roger couldn't pull off anymore - I would love to to a solo tour from Roger. I reall... by dsmeer on 21.03.2014
. - I would like to go but can someone take out the no... by dsmeer on 06.03.2014
Queen and Adam Lambert to announce 2014 tour plans next week? - Nonono Music please not a freak show... by dsmeer on 01.03.2014
Queen to play with Adam Lambert in US - Replace Freddie >no person can... by dsmeer on 08.02.2014
Missing tracks/videos from The Lot - It has been released do it is official and not all... by dsmeer on 01.11.2013
‘I hope we do more stuff’: Brian May on Queen’s future with Adam Lambert, c - No No No If so under a different... by dsmeer on 26.10.2013
FREDDIE MERCURY - TIME - Save me is 1 of my Favorite songs. "Time" is a gre... by dsmeer on 11.10.2013
Poll: Do these reeltapes belong to a DUTCH collector or a Argentinian colle - Is this just to show what you have?... by dsmeer on 13.09.2013
BRIAN'S GOT A NEW KNEE - Brian has a new knee BUT Roger has a new al... by dsmeer on 09.08.2013
Katy Perry Perfume 2013: Killer Queen Fragrance Launch, Tribute To Freddy M - Real fans, they write his name correctly... by dsmeer on 22.07.2013
DAVID FULLER - and others like him... - Always nice all that talk about music................ by dsmeer on 20.07.2013
Upcoming 3DVD/1Blu-ray: The Freddie Mercury Tribute - A new song? "Year Of 39" Shame these mistakes ... by dsmeer on 13.06.2013
5 Singers Who Could Replace Freddie Mercury In Queen - Gary Cherone > NoNoNo He did a good job during ... by dsmeer on 28.05.2013
5 Singers Who Could Replace Freddie Mercury In Queen - I don't like the word replace. I would love to ... by dsmeer on 27.05.2013
New Brian May album feat. Psy?!? - Anything for a couple of extra pounds or dollars... by dsmeer on 04.05.2013
Proof that Freddie is Alive - My post was just to show how stupid some ebay sell... by dsmeer on 16.03.2013
Proof that Freddie is Alive - Hi, I saw this item on ebay. A award presented ... by dsmeer on 16.03.2013
Rainbow. The works are still goes on ? - If it is planned it is boring. Wonder who said ... by dsmeer on 19.02.2013
Queen and Adam Lambert Best Live Gig - ADAM who????... by dsmeer on 22.12.2012
knebworth park official release - There is an official release from the 70s > Live a... by dsmeer on 18.09.2012
Barcelona 2012- "The version Mercury would have wanted to make at the time" - Freddie was a perfectionist > True But did the ... by dsmeer on 06.08.2012
Not long Till Hammersmith Now ! - It will be something to forget... by dsmeer on 21.06.2012
Son and daughter or Liar? - I agree "My Fairy King" it is... by dsmeer on 16.06.2012
did queen make freddie or freddie make queen - Queen was made by Freddie, Roger, Brian and John. ... by dsmeer on 19.05.2012
Exclusive! Queen Set To Return To ‘American Idol’ Stage - OMG... by dsmeer on 21.04.2012
Press Release: Queen To Play Hammersmith Apollo - So they are planning to release Hammy 1979? Som... by dsmeer on 15.04.2012
What if Queen toured playing Metallica's 'The Black Album' - They would include Stone Called Crazy as an Encore... by dsmeer on 29.02.2012
To those against Queen and Adam Lambert playing... - If you want to see Brian , Roger and Lambert play ... by dsmeer on 28.02.2012
Queen songs that reflect their influences - I hear a lot of Queen in most Queen songs... by dsmeer on 27.02.2012
To those who dont want Adam Lambert who would - Just brian & Roger... by dsmeer on 23.02.2012
Big announcement tonight - I thought the music died on the 24th of November 1... by dsmeer on 20.02.2012
Lambert Clears Up Queen Reports - Simple, do not sign... by dsmeer on 05.02.2012
WOULD YOU ADAM 'N EVE IT? - I ain't gonna go and see The Rolling Stones no mor... by dsmeer on 03.02.2012
Adam Lambert On Working With Roger Taylor, Brian May: More Stuff Coming Up - Brian wig > that is exactly my point THIS lambert ... by dsmeer on 25.01.2012
Adam Lambert On Working With Roger Taylor, Brian May: More Stuff Coming Up - Sorry I thought they (Brian and Roger) needed some... by dsmeer on 24.01.2012
Brian admits a tour "may happen" in 2012 - Adam Lambert has own material ???? LOL This g... by dsmeer on 03.01.2012
Queen at the EMAs - I heard they had to return their award because the... by dsmeer on 07.11.2011
22.12.1992 - The Marquee Club, London, UK (Smile Reunion) DVD - [b]AMAZING!!!!! MANY MANY THANKS!!!![/b][img=/im... by dsmeer on 30.10.2011
Live At Wembley Boxset to be released in November - The price is very high. Does anyone know how muc... by dsmeer on 08.10.2011
Which name would you like BM and RT to call themselves? - Queen - Freddie & John... by dsmeer on 24.08.2011
Best Track of 80's: I Want it All - IMO It's A Hard Life... by dsmeer on 21.08.2011
Your Favorite Roger Taylor Vocal? - Queen - Tenement funster Solo -  Strange frontie... by dsmeer on 14.08.2011
The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke, live? - Opera Omnia Who has or has seen the 2nd pressing... by dsmeer on 10.08.2011
Can we expect a few more concerts released on DVD in this year? - I think they will release Hammy 75 this year befor... by dsmeer on 07.08.2011
QUEEN hammersmith odeon 1979 DVD release ! - Maybe Christmas 2011? I never thought that they... by dsmeer on 04.08.2011
Anthology - agree... by dsmeer on 28.07.2011
Re-issues: Final Five Albums - Bonus EP Tracklistings - The one I 'm most interested in: I Was Born To L... by dsmeer on 27.07.2011
Best (solo) song of Freddie - "How Can I Go On" & "In my defense" But there a... by dsmeer on 27.07.2011
Deep Cuts Vol. 3 Track Listing - Quote "12. Bijou (or Let Me Live)" Is that an un... by dsmeer on 24.06.2011
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Live At The London Astoria 1999 DVD - Let me be the first to say THANK YOU!!! I had tn... by dsmeer on 17.06.2011
Greatest Hits back in UK top 40 - Quote "The first volume of Greatest Hits is the b... by dsmeer on 08.06.2011
Announce: MP3 Q+PR Live in Zurich 29.09.2008 - Didn't have this show, merci!!... by dsmeer on 09.04.2011
Offering tickets Brian May 23 april Vlissingen Holland - How much do you want for 2 tickets?... by dsmeer on 09.04.2011
Announce: The Reaction "Land of 1000 Dances" - Thank you for this share!!!... by dsmeer on 09.04.2011
Was Freddie aware that he had a moustache in 1980 ? - Freddie had a moustache? I never seen that, is it ... by dsmeer on 03.02.2011
Spike Edney and Friends 2010 - & friends ??? No friend of mine!... by dsmeer on 25.01.2011
Queen 40 - DELUXE Editions/DEEP CUTS tracklists? - So they will not re-release the LIVE albums but us... by dsmeer on 18.01.2011
I need this shows of Queen + Paul Rodgers - "You need these shows"  ??? Let me quote a nice... by dsmeer on 13.10.2010
Was Freddie religious during his last years? - Maybe he knew he wouldn't live for ages and sought... by dsmeer on 05.10.2010
Queen Movie Title - I did them all. ?... by dsmeer on 02.10.2010
Queen Leather Jacket - I saw it for sale last year on a dutch site for ... by dsmeer on 28.09.2010
New vinyl poop on Ebay? - Hi, this was released a couple of years ago, the... by dsmeer on 23.08.2010
Jim Beach has a message for us all on Queenonline - In the early 90's there was talk about releasing d... by dsmeer on 11.08.2010
Singles Collection V3 MLHBS - QUOTE  "Rumor is the first person to buy all four... by dsmeer on 09.06.2010
¦ - Calling all girls... by dsmeer on 25.05.2010
Birmingham 09-01-1984 GAGA 2cd - I have no card sleeve version in my own collection... by dsmeer on 13.05.2010
Birmingham 09-01-1984 GAGA 2cd - It was released as a 2Cd cardsleeve and as a 2CD i... by dsmeer on 13.05.2010
KISS - Sonic Boom - Sheffield, England - 5/1/10 - skip wrote: Now this is how you start a show ... ... by dsmeer on 02.05.2010
Save me - fabulous song - One of my favourite Queen songs and yes Live versi... by dsmeer on 10.04.2010
Belgian Queenfans - I was lucky to live in Gent for 6 months, but that... by dsmeer on 03.04.2010
Will we ever hear more info on Roger's new album? - I agree with Pim, please release it the old fashio... by dsmeer on 10.03.2010
DVD Queen + PR Rio de Janeiro 11-29-2008 - Instead of shouting about the torrent being dead, ... by dsmeer on 03.01.2010
If there was a greatest hits 3 dvd what would you like to see on there - Year great idea cd/dvd innuendo. Including the sho... by dsmeer on 30.12.2009
PRESS RELEASE: Queen+The Muppets Single - Ok another queen + project. Lokks more like Queen+... by dsmeer on 09.12.2009
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers Rotterdam 26-04-2005 LOSSLESS MASTER - Great was looking for this show, but i'm a bit lat... by dsmeer on 17.06.2009
queen and adam lambert - To start it is FREDDIE MERCURY not freddy mercury.... by dsmeer on 08.06.2009
Thank You Paul (the Voice) Rodgers - I went to 2 Q+PR gigs, I thought they were doing g... by dsmeer on 23.05.2009
Paul's publicist: They are just not touring right now - Let me start off with saying that there is no one ... by dsmeer on 12.05.2009
GNR Chinese Democracy Demos - I would love to have these demos as well. ... by dsmeer on 15.02.2009
ANNOUNCE-Q+PR Birmingham NIA 16.10.08 AVI videos - Hi D@Z I just like to say thank you. ... by dsmeer on 18.10.2008
Singles Box Set - NO special versions included - Yes boys and girls this is the special release Gre... by dsmeer on 09.10.2008
WE STILL NEED THESE Q+PR RECORDING~ - Hi there 04.26.05 - Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam... by dsmeer on 07.10.2008
QPR Mannheim October 02, 2008 FLAC (Megaupload) - Thanks for this. ... by dsmeer on 05.10.2008
Rarities in the set : Let's bet ! - QUOTE "I can't believe These Are The Days of Our L... by dsmeer on 02.10.2008
Looking for a new Band. - New Kids on The Block are touring again, maybe tha... by dsmeer on 28.09.2008
Album Club Live Downloads Voucher?? - Nope, no voucher yet... by dsmeer on 26.09.2008
Songs that will make it to the set list for sure - I hope that they will also play Bad company, cool ... by dsmeer on 05.09.2008
Queen Anthology: 4 Boxes. Each comprising 6 CDs + 1 DVD - The box was going to be released last century. Tha... by dsmeer on 08.08.2008
LACK of Queen product!?!? W.T.F. - Just a quick question Did Roger or Brain lock... by dsmeer on 27.05.2008
LACK of Queen product!?!? W.T.F. - It was just to show our friend Greg that there... by dsmeer on 22.05.2008
LACK of Queen product!?!? W.T.F. - Hi Greg & Queen Fans, I've mentioned this befor... by dsmeer on 20.05.2008
A Queenzoner (Pootle1) Has It Just Right. SPREAD THE WORD! - Nice Greg, But let's hope it will be excisting ... by dsmeer on 27.04.2008
Guess the cover version song on the new album. - More then words - Extreme... by dsmeer on 07.04.2008
First Queen studio album to be released after you became a fan. - The works... by dsmeer on 27.03.2008
DVD tree - sharing by mail (enviar DVDs por correo) - Houston 1977 Hammersmith Odeon 1979 Vienna 1986 ... by dsmeer on 08.03.2008
Queen - 1986-07-16 - Manchester, UK (Maine Road) DVD - Could someone please send me the torrent as well? ... by dsmeer on 31.01.2008
Mika: Killer Queen - !Jake! I agree, that was the point I was tryin... by dsmeer on 31.01.2008
Mika: Killer Queen - Big Girls -> Where did he get the idea? It ... by dsmeer on 30.01.2008
Torrent request: Frejus 1986 - Hi Send me an email and I can get the show 4 yo... by dsmeer on 01.01.2008
Freddie Mercury=The Greatest Iranian who has ever lived! - But still, who gives a F**K where someone is born ... by dsmeer on 24.12.2007
Freddie Mercury=The Greatest Iranian who has ever lived! - Treasure Moment, Why are we talking about somet... by dsmeer on 24.12.2007
New Tour Setlist - I would also like to hear save me on the next tour... by dsmeer on 08.12.2007
A Queen clock on ebay u.k. that is rather interesting - Maybe someone can make such a clock for our friend... by dsmeer on 30.11.2007
This is why I think Knebworth ’86 concert footage DOESN'T exist in archive - I 'm not sure but the last live performance of the... by dsmeer on 25.11.2007
Queenfans, the biggest moaners ever. - Oke for the last time. Other great bands like M... by dsmeer on 16.11.2007
Paul give Queen+ update! (album and tour 08) - A new Tour would be very interesting.... by dsmeer on 09.11.2007
Brian May Star Fleet on CD from 1983?? - And Mr May really needs the money, why else does Q... by dsmeer on 30.10.2007
Queen flag (re-checked) - Yep, the Dutch friends again... by dsmeer on 19.10.2007
Queen in Houston Dec 11 1977 Silver DVD Japan at tapecity.org - Can someone share this in the trader 's den?... by dsmeer on 18.10.2007
Queen & Bowie - Brian's Latest Soapbox - " Its just possible that there was more than... by dsmeer on 17.10.2007
Next year - Van Halen would br great to see, but Van Halen on ... by dsmeer on 02.10.2007
Queen Convention Demos - Thanx. I wasn't at the comvertion, so some of thes... by dsmeer on 30.09.2007
Whatever happened to The Miracle Express? - And what happened to the internetsite?... by dsmeer on 16.09.2007
Queen - Khashoggi's Ship Demo - Thank you.... by dsmeer on 15.09.2007
REQUEST: Queen - Live In Sun City - 1 concert or more and which date? Does it really e... by dsmeer on 12.09.2007
The De Lane Lea demo tape - Send me an email dsmeer at hotmail.com... by dsmeer on 29.08.2007
IS ENYONE WHATS TO SHARE THE REAL ASSASSIN? - Hey Rick Is my English good?... by dsmeer on 08.08.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - Maby someone who has a concert that isn't in the Q... by dsmeer on 26.07.2007
Queen & Solo Collection for Sale - Could you send me a list as well? Thanx dsme... by dsmeer on 28.05.2007
Wanted Vinyl bootlegs of Queen - Hi I've got MOET & CHANDON and are thinking... by dsmeer on 26.05.2007
Finally FACE IT ALONE - THANKS althougy it's just a few seconds, it sou... by dsmeer on 25.05.2007
Queen Live on CD - Just reading all this. One question, why would... by dsmeer on 20.05.2007
Exactly What Queen Live Footage DOES Exist - DEFINITIVE LIST - Great to learn more about the filmed queen concert... by dsmeer on 13.04.2007
ZURICH 82' - Hi Isn't there a real good bootleg of this conc... by dsmeer on 03.03.2007
looking for queen and paul rodgers DVD s - I would love to have Rotterdam, Can we arrange som... by dsmeer on 11.02.2007
No Subject - Sorry wrong button, was ment for another q+pr disc... by dsmeer on 25.01.2007
New Queen album is a MORTAL SIN - Why is this world so full of hate people dying ev... by dsmeer on 25.01.2007
No Subject - Why is this world so full of hate people dying ev... by dsmeer on 25.01.2007
Planet Rock. QUEEN/PAUL ROGERS LIVE SHOWS - Paul is going to play at a festival in Holland thi... by dsmeer on 24.01.2007
Knebworth Park Video - Thanx Can someone please seed this torrent, tha... by dsmeer on 20.01.2007
ANNOUNCE: Knebworth 1986 Video (audience shot) - Could some please act as a seeder for this show?... by dsmeer on 20.01.2007
Knebworth Park Video - Hi There is a lot of talk about the video of th... by dsmeer on 20.01.2007
Queen for an hour - It is a green CD called "Queen Talks". A... by dsmeer on 19.01.2007
Queen & Paul Rodgers LIVE DVD - Yes ahoy and Gelderdome would be great. Does a... by dsmeer on 14.01.2007
queendemos, lolsos.de.ki rosedewitt - I had the same problem with the link. Do u use Moz... by dsmeer on 23.11.2006
queendemos, lolsos.de.ki rosedewitt - I must say that the site looks very good and gives... by dsmeer on 21.11.2006
Request: Queen - Live in Norway, Drammeshallen 12th of April 1982 - Yes it one of the shows i miss in my collwcting. I... by dsmeer on 17.11.2006
Demo collection - Can you give us some titles please?... by dsmeer on 16.11.2006
What Would Be A Good Album Title? - Bandname QUEEROD Album titles Nights in blue... by dsmeer on 07.11.2006
No Subject - Seite nicht gefunden. Die von Ihnen aufgerufene... by dsmeer on 26.10.2006
SIMPLE QUESTION: Why didn't you write a Queen live book? - What is the point, everybody makes mistakes and no... by dsmeer on 26.10.2006
No Subject - Hi Rosa, I tried the following link ,www.lovero... by dsmeer on 26.10.2006
groenoord hallen 19-06-1986 the complete cassette version - Hi Breakthru I can help you with some of the au... by dsmeer on 23.10.2006
SONG REQUESTS - I would like to have those songs to. Have a lot of... by dsmeer on 13.10.2006
Rotterdam or Arnhem 2005 - Could someone upload these concerts plese, I ve be... by dsmeer on 08.10.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers - Rotterdam 26 April 2005 - VBR MP3 - Can anyone put it on RAPIDSHARE please. I'd lik... by dsmeer on 13.08.2006
Brian confirms new recording and new tour dates at some point - When i said roger brings , I ment Paul Sorry... by dsmeer on 11.08.2006
Brian confirms new recording and new tour dates at some point - I would like a new studio album. Queen was always ... by dsmeer on 11.08.2006
RAPIDSHARE-ANNOUNCE: Houston 1977 DVD - Could some please put the files on the net again, ... by dsmeer on 04.08.2006
QUEEN ITEMS TO SWAMP - Always interestet to swap dsmeer@hotmail.com... by dsmeer on 17.07.2006
Queen & Paul Rodgers - Munich 14-04-2005 - Super Rock Thanx... by dsmeer on 17.07.2006
New Album Discussion... - I agree with 5150. No remakes , kick back with new... by dsmeer on 08.07.2006
Tracker should be back up now :) - Back in action... by dsmeer on 03.07.2006
Announce: De Lane Lea demos - I agree with Bas the cd is super, queen at their b... by dsmeer on 28.06.2006
Q+PR Album - I think it would be great if they made a new album... by dsmeer on 26.06.2006
MORE OF THAT COVERS - Great covers, thanx very much. Rock On.... by dsmeer on 22.06.2006