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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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5 discussions started by 'ryancoke'

Queen B-Sides - HEY! Who's leg do you have to hump to find some B-... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
John Deacon - riddle me this! - Okay, clearly I've been living a tabloid-sheltered... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
At the Deacon dinner table - A friend of mine thought of this, but I wonder if ... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
The Cars - Does anybody hear like The Cars? They're probably ... by ryancoke on 31.01.2005
Kelly Osbourne - BITCH RIPPED OFF THE HOT SPACE COVER! Any of you g... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005

186 posts by user 'ryancoke'

Best piano part... - Thank you!... by ryancoke on 12.10.2005
Does any of your friends or family make fun of Queen? - I say "Queen", and people say "Oh, ... by ryancoke on 12.10.2005
Best drum solo by Roger Taylor? - He has too damn many - and when he's out of 'em, h... by ryancoke on 12.10.2005
I hate them for what they've done - .....Holy fuck, dude. What the hell's happening ov... by ryancoke on 24.04.2005
Give Paul Rogers a Break! - On the contrary, he was in good enough shape t... by ryancoke on 24.04.2005
When Did Queen First Let You Down ? - When they brought in Paul Rodgers for the tour.... by ryancoke on 24.04.2005
Weirdest place you've heard a Queen song? - HAHAHAHA! YOU'RE DEAD!!!... by ryancoke on 24.04.2005
Any Canadian fans? - WOO! E-Town, Alberta, baby!... by ryancoke on 22.04.2005
Is there any comments made by Queen That have made you really angry??? - Hey well come on, at least he's being honest. I ha... by ryancoke on 22.04.2005
worst 80s album - Jesus tapdancin' Christ, take a stab at that o... by ryancoke on 05.04.2005
FINAL Album versus Album - Innuendo - especially with the circumstances invol... by ryancoke on 05.04.2005
Stupid Modern Queen Remixes! - I'm not - if she's anything like that chick at... by ryancoke on 29.03.2005
OMG! Poor Roger! - Roger's my favorite Queen member, and I know that ... by ryancoke on 29.03.2005
Does anybody else think that Paul Rodgers is a terrible substitute for Fred - .........No comment.... by ryancoke on 29.03.2005
Crazy little thing called love and Elvis - He didn't - he had a song title similar though... by ryancoke on 29.03.2005
Queen as Friends - What do you play? If you lived in Canada, perh... by ryancoke on 29.03.2005
Hello ......... It's not Queen - Get over yourself, man. What's done is done, t... by ryancoke on 18.03.2005
Confirmed Songs for Tour?? - You mean by Zeppelin? I would be overjoyed to ... by ryancoke on 18.03.2005
Confirmed Songs for Tour?? - YES! I would KILL to see that!... by ryancoke on 18.03.2005
about Jazz - I don't see what they don't like about it, I LOVED... by ryancoke on 18.03.2005
do you snif coke ? - In all fairness, what do ya got against shroom... by ryancoke on 18.03.2005
Robert Smith's Insulting "Opinion" of Queen - Yeah, even if they were a comedy band, THEY STILL ... by ryancoke on 16.03.2005
ROCK IT (prime Jive) - It's HIS song! Damn right he's the right choic... by ryancoke on 16.03.2005
the freddie box set - Hey, don't you get a track on one of the CD's that... by ryancoke on 16.03.2005
best album worst album - This is too difficult a question because it's all ... by ryancoke on 16.03.2005
Roger's eyebrow :) - It's nothin special....yet it is at the same t... by ryancoke on 15.03.2005
Queen Purity Test - Well at least I beat somebody! (38.9% corrupt)... by ryancoke on 15.03.2005
Thoughts if Freddie acted Highlander lead role - Aw, no fuckin' way. It'd be too different of a mov... by ryancoke on 10.03.2005
Two "Made In Heavens"? - AND the night cover is on the inside.... by ryancoke on 10.03.2005
Queen Freddie's Backing Band - ......I never thought of it that way before, m... by ryancoke on 10.03.2005
ROCK IT (prime Jive) - That's another reason why Queen's so great. 3 of t... by ryancoke on 10.03.2005
Roger Taylor is kind of moody. - Oh you rarely see him smile, he MUST be an ass... by ryancoke on 09.03.2005
ROCK IT (prime Jive) - I hate you.... by ryancoke on 09.03.2005
Brians emotional songs - Yeah, but let's not forget kick ass rock tunes lik... by ryancoke on 09.03.2005
New fan song: The Show Must Go On by White Queen - Bullshit. Nobody beats the Queen version, I do... by ryancoke on 08.03.2005
Queen in Lesbian Bondage Shocker - How about "that turns me on"?... by ryancoke on 08.03.2005
Bands Out There As Good As Queen? - NONE! But some that don't fall too far behind: ... by ryancoke on 08.03.2005
Hot Space - One of Queen's top albums? - Just have to clarify, I hope you don't mean th... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
Queen B-Sides - HEY! Who's leg do you have to hump to find some B-... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
The Weirdest Queen Song - There's a few, besides the ones mentioned: Mach... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
Freddie look-a-like!!! 98 % match!! - I concur. 60-70%, maybe more.... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
John's mental state - Maybe he had a stroke and can't move his left ... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
Nevermore vs. Lily of the Valley - I agree, LOTV simply because it was more of a stor... by ryancoke on 05.03.2005
WHAT QUEEN ALBUM SOUNDS DATED TO YOU - Dude, the Queen mini vinyls on QueenOnline.com... by ryancoke on 27.02.2005
Who would you choose??? - Vocals - Robert Plant Guitar - Slash, Jimmy Page... by ryancoke on 24.02.2005
MOST INSPIRATIONAL GUITAR SOLO - Inspirational....probably "The Show Must Go O... by ryancoke on 24.02.2005
Freddie's lovers - It was you mentioning your desire for homemade vid... by ryancoke on 24.02.2005
Can some one explain? - Sorry, but some of these are just plain SAD.... by ryancoke on 23.02.2005
Roger's 1980's writing frenzy - No, that can't be right. If anything, One Visi... by ryancoke on 23.02.2005
The 70's or 80's - I LOVE Queen's ability to create such great tracks... by ryancoke on 22.02.2005
Can some one explain? - AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO READS THE LYRICS PAGE?... by ryancoke on 21.02.2005
It's Late - I think "You And I" beats out "... by ryancoke on 20.02.2005
hello queen lovers - This guy's on dope.... by ryancoke on 20.02.2005
if your friend never heard queen... - Okay, GREAT QUESTION! First, it would all depe... by ryancoke on 20.02.2005
some good depressing queen songs - MY DISAGREEMENTS: Good Company, Don't Try Suic... by ryancoke on 20.02.2005
Sheer Heart Attack - I tried playing it on drums once...I almost passed... by ryancoke on 20.02.2005
Best and Worst moments of Queen - I don't think it's funny. Probably cuz I disag... by ryancoke on 19.02.2005
Best and Worst moments of Queen - Annie Lennox didn't do a bad job of Under Pres... by ryancoke on 18.02.2005
Please your favorite to least favorite Queen albums. - Gotta disagree with ya there, buddy.... by ryancoke on 18.02.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - Hey, when will I get them anyway? It's been a ... by ryancoke on 16.02.2005
Electric Six (...revisited) - To all who got a kick out of the video: YOU ALL... by ryancoke on 15.02.2005
Electric Six Radio GaGa vid - And I'm LMAO because only a completely dumb fu... by ryancoke on 15.02.2005
John Deacon - riddle me this! - Okay, clearly I've been living a tabloid-sheltered... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
Innuendo - Well it was called "Innuendo" for a reas... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
bo rhap - brian's view - You know what? Sod off! The past few comments ... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
QueenOnline - QueenZone is one of those websites that have alot ... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
Pink Floyd - As good as Syd was, he's got nothin' on Freddi... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
Brian's or Freddie's - What a stupid question!... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
What song came out first? - Oh I SO beg to differ. The radio's milked it f... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
Crap Covers - Queen & Wyclef Jean - Another One Bites The Du... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
At the Deacon dinner table - He's got 2 kids that have NEVER seen him in action... by ryancoke on 06.02.2005
At the Deacon dinner table - A friend of mine thought of this, but I wonder if ... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
queen on speed - If you play it backwards, doesn't it say "... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
What was the first Queen song you've heard? - Prolly Bo Rhap, but I don't remember.... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - I just bought two of 'em. You were saying? ... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making "Cho... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queenrocks! - Good piece of writing. Though, as a song, I don't ... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
what would freddie be doin today? - He'd be smokin' a fag and drinkin' a Heineken! It'... by ryancoke on 04.02.2005
The Cars - Does anybody hear like The Cars? They're probably ... by ryancoke on 31.01.2005
what would you like to say Freddie, John, Roger and Brian? - "So, you guys wanna smoke a bowl?"... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - Just wondering, could you possibly make a &quo... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Robbery. - ....Who sings these?... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Queen on fire Live at the Bowl - HAHAHA Roger said Brian's solo was boring!? Th... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Queen on fire Live at the Bowl - "Action this day is a low point according... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Freddie and Elton - You know, I always thought Freddie had never openl... by ryancoke on 30.01.2005
Meanings of songs......and damn you all if I am proved wrong! - Well we all know that Queen was just like any ... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Why did Mike Stone sing on "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy?" - WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! When did Brian sing ... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
track 13 - I've never had better dreams than with this pl... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - Oh and by the way, are they in US funds? I'm Canad... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Kelly Osbourne - Yeah, and that someone was me. I brought it up cuz... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
freddie's worst shows - Well hey, he was a smoker of both kinds, what ... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Put Out The Fire - Lay off the crack.... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Most Cheesiest Queen Song - MACHINES? No fuckin way! Umm....I honestly don... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - Did Freddie send you down from heaven?... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
First Impressions on Queen. - Back before I bought CD's, I used to play Bo Rhap ... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
What d u think is their best concert?? - Hey dude, any idea where I can find these bootle... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Smile were good - Reality check, folks. Few to none of us would ... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
my review of innuendo - I concur, nice job! Innuendo is truly magnificent.... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Good Company....a bit of a question.... - That's media for ya - heads in the wrong place... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
what do you think about... - I like Guns N' Roses, and I agree that Axl's a... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Who should support queen? - YES! That would be the perfect opening act!... by ryancoke on 29.01.2005
Freddie or David - Oh I wish you didn't ask this question, 'cause... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
Kelly Osbourne - I forgot about that...but it's a different sketch ... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
American fans! Read this... - Fuck America. Oh that's right! I went there! If th... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
If you could be any member(s) of Queen, who would you be? - Definitely Roger - he's got style, and he's a hell... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
Kelly Osbourne - BITCH RIPPED OFF THE HOT SPACE COVER! Any of you g... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
Who likes "Don`t Lose Your Head"? - You noticed that too, huh? I for one really like i... by ryancoke on 19.01.2005
furia - Umm....are you talking about "Back To The Lig... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
Why didn't Brian sing '39 at Freddie's tribute show? - I don't think Brian enjoys singing live very much,... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
Would you sleep with Jim Hutton if he let you try on the ..and... - No, but I'd sleep with Debbie Leng.... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
Some anagrams - WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
cozy powell - Good question! ....I dunno.... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
great pretender - .....He played the blonde, that's what I DO know.... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
forever - I think it was Brian, actually.... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
are queen forgotten in japan? - I dunno, but I hope they come to Canada.... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
A new pic of John - DEACON'S BALD! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
Re-discovering albums - Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it "RE-disc... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
impressive chorus part - Guys, come on! The Prophet Song acapella part! I'm... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
What song reminds you of Brian? - Too many to list, but off the top of my head... ... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
if a winter's tale - Is that really important? The bottom line is t... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
a kind of magic-different track order - I have. The Extended Vision is the last track ... by ryancoke on 15.01.2005
Is anybody here an obsessed Queen fan? - Perchance do you know where I might listen to ... by ryancoke on 12.01.2005
fave live tracks now and then - STAYING POWER and ACTION THIS DAY! I agree that... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
What Queen song would you have at your funeral? - Let Me Live... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
Queenzone, the worst site of all time. - No joke - I love all three of the above songs.... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
Queenzone, the worst site of all time. - Well fuck you, buddy. You don't even know me!... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
Is anybody here an obsessed Queen fan? - Hmm...if listening to their mini-vinyls on practic... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
Do you think the man who created the simpsons has GOT to be a queen fan? - Okay, why would you listen to a band if you're... by ryancoke on 11.01.2005
The Miracle-would you swap tracks for B-sides? - Hijack My Heart? What album was this from?... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
John and Queen, Where they are, what they're doing etc.. - HAHAHA! Don't worry friend, I know what you're... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
A Question that Everyone will probably able to answer? - BOO LEAFS! Ya I'm from Edmonton. I want bootle... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Freddie Mercury VS Jeff Buckley - Well I don't know Jeff Buckley by name, so what do... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
I Want To Break Free Intro - Yeah that confused me too, but oh well! The video ... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Its a beautiful day... which song is this??? - Buy "Made In Heaven". You won't be s... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
queen anthology box set. - Wouldn't that be lovely!... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Stupid stupid stupid - .....Jesus. Let me hand you the bong, buddy. Y... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Bowling For Soup - 1985 - Maybe it didn't fit into the lyrics.... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
I HEART hotspace - For any Hot Space haters, FUCK OFF! 'Tis my favori... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Who would you like to replace Paul Rodgers? - Either Bono from U2 or Justin Hawkins of The Darkn... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Anyone know Freddie quotes? - I do, but fuck it. Freddieismyqueen's got ya cover... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
who do u think is the cutiest and the handsomest? - If I were female, I'd say I'd find Roger the most ... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
No One But You. One of the best Queen songs ever? - I tend to agree. No-One But You is magnificent. Le... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT - Nazis '94....is that a bootleg? Not sure I've ... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
just glad to be here! - 'Tis true. Is that a sickness? Do I need help?... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Brian May's hair - If I ever saw Brian with short hair, I'd most like... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
John's coolest hair style. - THE AFRO!!!... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Bit of a strange question - Your friends suck.... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
john deacon - true queen or not? - I don't think he was ecstatic when Freddie die... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
GREATEST VIDEO HITS 3 (THE SETLIST) - Any idea when the release is set for?... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Hello Everyone!!! - Cheers Lisa! Welcome! Queen On Fire's quite a ... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
Queen... LIP SINGING??? - Unfortunately yes, they were lip-synching. I was s... by ryancoke on 31.12.2004
favourite line - Don't push your luck with me I'm ready to attack ... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
should Mercury be seen as a gay idol? - ......What the fuck?... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
scandal video - I LOVE that video! I LOVE that song! Truly one of ... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
Was Brian a Loser? - *gawks* What did you just say?... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
Freddie Mercury Movie - It's no lie that because of Eric McCormick as Fred... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
Favorite Queen Bass line - INVISIBLE MAN! Staying Power And uh....Keep Pass... by ryancoke on 30.12.2004
I need some help, so it would be nice if you guys would reply here..... ;) - http://rerock4ever.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?... by ryancoke on 22.12.2004
Roger: Can he still ROCK? Just concerned... - I have every right to, since you neither gave ... by ryancoke on 22.12.2004
All you need to know about Paul Rodgers - If Yoko Ono's in it, then yes.... by ryancoke on 22.12.2004
All you need to know about Paul Rodgers - I was just about to say...... by ryancoke on 22.12.2004
No One But You makes me think: Why the hell didnt... - I only remember John singing backup to a few songs... by ryancoke on 22.12.2004
If Queen were around today would they be the "worlds biggest rock band " ? - Now I love U2, but come on! "WORLD's biggest?... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Queen is dead, long lives Queen - Aw Jesus tapdancin' Christ, are we really gonn... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Greatest guitarists - I could name many, but of course I think highest o... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Are there any recordings with Queen you would like to change somehow? - Umm...I wouldn't change anything, but I'd love a h... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Roger: Can he still ROCK? Just concerned... - 2nd time? Hypocrite? Before you post, here's a... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Roger: Can he still ROCK? Just concerned... - What the hell are you talking about? Name the ... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Here's to the new long future of Queen!!! - I'll drink to that! *chugs whiskey bottle* ...... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Do they have to ask John's permission for using 'Queen' name? - Deacon = UNDERRATED! In fact, I hear that where... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Axl Rose singing Sail away Sweet Sister - A point of view that I tend to agree with.... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Any celebrities who are Queen fans? - No question mark about it, Sir Elton was DEFINITEL... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
what i want from queen before it's officially over - Box sets? I can only dream.... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
queen on TV - This is the one good reason why I wish I lived in ... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
QUEEN MUST OPEN NEW TOUR WITH "INNUENDO" - I disagree. I think its rightful place is after so... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
interesting things revealed about queen fans - I think Roger said it best when he said: "... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
To all those who saying its not Queen - I concur. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
BEST and WORST Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - HAHAHA fair enough. Thanks a bunch, friend!... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Thank God Its Christmas. - My season finale of my radio show's tomorrow. That... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Smile - Lucky bastard. Where might I find Queen pre-or... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
if queen came to your house - 1st order of business: I'd shit my pants. 2nd o... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Roger: Can he still ROCK? Just concerned... - Bottom line: Roger dies, I cry. He MUST be in the ... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
What song of queen would you like to be able to sing... if you could? - Depends if you mean solo or back-up. Cuz truthfull... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
BEST and WORST Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - What I'd love to know is how all you have seen so ... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
Greatest drummers - Flat out - Roger Taylor. The epitomy of what a dru... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004
What's your favorite onstage Queen blooper/random comment? - Who hit Brian with a dozen eggs? I've never seen t... by ryancoke on 21.12.2004