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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Drowse1'

Battle of the Bands on BBC Radio2 - Just to let you know you can vote for Queen on BBC... by Drowse1 on 30.12.2006

145 posts by user 'Drowse1'

Why Flick of the Wrist wasn't on the Greatest Hits - These days a greatest hits album is usually based ... by Drowse1 on 29.09.2007
Queen Fan Club - the last magazine! - If you are talking about the Official Internationa... by Drowse1 on 29.09.2007
Queen book - It is called Killer Queen and it's a photographic ... by Drowse1 on 22.09.2007
Is there anyone left in the universe who does NOT know? - Just wondering Greg. have you apologised yet?... by Drowse1 on 09.09.2007
Lucciano Pavarotti - R.I.P - Pavarotti was the best singer of his genre since M... by Drowse1 on 09.09.2007
made in heaven - Eh??????... by Drowse1 on 01.09.2007
Is there anyone left in the universe who does NOT know? - So basically what you're trying to say is that you... by Drowse1 on 30.08.2007
Deacon now! - That's never Deaky! He looks like his own grandfat... by Drowse1 on 24.08.2007
Time the musical... - Freddie only appeared on the album Time. He did no... by Drowse1 on 21.08.2007
Freddie Mercury tribute concert - Can't see how you can choose anyone but Axl Rose. ... by Drowse1 on 18.08.2007
What is Queen's worst album?? - Seems really weird to me that people slag off The ... by Drowse1 on 15.08.2007
Queen feat Wyclef Jean - Another One Bites The Dust - LOL. I hate the job Why?cliff Jean did on this but... by Drowse1 on 12.08.2007
Rocky - This aint fake at all. When Stallone had finished ... by Drowse1 on 24.07.2007
Strongest image of a song... - Bijou. A pre 2nd world war hotel in a warm climate... by Drowse1 on 21.07.2007
the genesis - It seems someone has cobbled together a few old pi... by Drowse1 on 21.07.2007
THE CALL - QUEEN SONG - A bit sad that you don't seem to have heard of thi... by Drowse1 on 21.07.2007
What is your favorite line from a Queen song? - Same song but a different line. "I'd sit a... by Drowse1 on 21.07.2007
A made a Best Of Queen CD... - I recetly did a double Queen cd for my brother in ... by Drowse1 on 21.07.2007
The Best Possible Queen Concert for Release - I agree with neppset regarding NOTW era tour. But ... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
Making of Innuendo - Seen it a longggggggggggggggggggggggggg time ago. ... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
Megadeth drummer..... - Not really... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
Strongest image of a song... - Robbie Williams wishing he had any of Freddie's ta... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
Freddie Mercury: Died Too Young - Wonder if Freddie autographed any? No doubt some w... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
Megadeth drummer..... - I lost the thread completely when someone said Meg... by Drowse1 on 19.07.2007
What is your faveourite Freddie Moment? - It has to be Live Aid. At one point during Radio G... by Drowse1 on 15.07.2007
Best Queen Song? Apart fron Bo Rhap. - Best Queen song AFTER Bo Rhap? Has to be The March... by Drowse1 on 14.07.2007
Ranking Albums-Queen - Queen 2 ANATO The Works Sheer Heart Attack New... by Drowse1 on 11.07.2007
Why are Queen so noticeably disliked by many people? - I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and I am the only ... by Drowse1 on 03.07.2007
Brian May: Latest Atrocity - Who gives a toss if his name is in some list of fa... by Drowse1 on 30.06.2007
Brian May - I can just about make out that it is Brian because... by Drowse1 on 29.06.2007
25 years ago today Hot Space was released in the U.S. - I have a confession to make. On many postings on t... by Drowse1 on 27.06.2007
Kroger Bans 'Gay Music' - Reminds me a bit of Good Morning Vietnam. The powe... by Drowse1 on 24.06.2007
Mercury - Is this the band you mean? http://www.mercury-q... by Drowse1 on 24.06.2007
Queen vs. Beatles - The Beatles were a great singles band but, with th... by Drowse1 on 24.06.2007
New Site - The site even looks like EIL. Not cheap at any tim... by Drowse1 on 16.06.2007
Time Musical - I have this album and if there is film of Freddie ... by Drowse1 on 09.06.2007
If there was a "Queen Greatest Hits 4", what songs would you put on it? - Not sure about hit singles worldwide but on GH 1, ... by Drowse1 on 08.06.2007
Under Pressure - They even performed this on Top of the Pops 2 in t... by Drowse1 on 08.06.2007
Wanted: photos Queen II sessions by Mick Rock - Try brianmay.com. there's a note there on a new, m... by Drowse1 on 08.06.2007
Heartland - Sounds like me then... by Drowse1 on 01.06.2007
Special effects - Not sure about stage smoke but Queen are regarded ... by Drowse1 on 01.06.2007
Best new song - Well I am a "REAL" Queen fan and I did c... by Drowse1 on 01.06.2007
Heartland - No it isn't. It's a grammatical error (I think). ... by Drowse1 on 31.05.2007
Heartland - A number 1 hit? It wasn't even considered good eno... by Drowse1 on 30.05.2007
Queen Fantasy Fiction 2 - Not bad at all. I wrote about an imaginary phone c... by Drowse1 on 25.05.2007
Should Queen do something like The Beatles's "Love" album? - A mate of mine mixed me a Queen album with songs o... by Drowse1 on 25.05.2007
Miss you Freddie - I understand where you're coming from but I don't ... by Drowse1 on 25.05.2007
The March Of The Black Queen - Polyrythm? Is that a contraceptive method for parr... by Drowse1 on 22.05.2007
Who likes hot space? - An entire Queen album and only 4 good tracks. Unti... by Drowse1 on 22.05.2007
Miss you Freddie - I have diabetes and I got it through genetics, not... by Drowse1 on 22.05.2007
website insulting freddie!!! - Anyone want to take a wild guess at what causes mo... by Drowse1 on 22.05.2007
Freddie - Arsenal fan? - Freddie had to be told who Maradonna was when they... by Drowse1 on 14.05.2007
Roger's green hair - There is a better pic out there somewhere of Rog w... by Drowse1 on 14.05.2007
Woldn´t it been fab if Queen had written... - Teenage Dream by T.REX would have been perfect for... by Drowse1 on 14.05.2007
freddie's stage gear - Why don't you make them? Most people who go to the... by Drowse1 on 07.05.2007
Who will play Freddie Mercury in the Queen movie? - It's definitely NOT Sasha Baron Cohen according to... by Drowse1 on 07.05.2007
slightly ironic - I always thought that Bob Dylan was the "Jest... by Drowse1 on 07.05.2007
This guy sounds like Freddie - He doesn't sound bad at all. But I don't really wa... by Drowse1 on 18.04.2007
just a question... - Mine was Liar in 1973 on BBC Radio 1. That version... by Drowse1 on 18.04.2007
Mika looks more like.. - Doesn't look like Freddie, Doesn't sound like Fred... by Drowse1 on 18.04.2007
Candid Freddie pictures for sale on ebay - Wonder if they are as authentic as the last great ... by Drowse1 on 18.04.2007
Jesus christ man!! - Slow news day huh?... by Drowse1 on 18.04.2007
How loud was the bass at concerts - I saw them 6 times, 7 if you count the truly awful... by Drowse1 on 06.04.2007
Little Known Facts About Queen... - Who's Porky Pig?... by Drowse1 on 06.04.2007
Best Non-Singles by Queen - Nothing from The Works Neppset?? Is you kidding me... by Drowse1 on 06.04.2007
This Article makes me sick - If anyone ever wonders why I avoid religion like t... by Drowse1 on 06.04.2007
50 things Freddie never got a chance to do before he died. - Marc Bolan appeared in Tomb Raider?... by Drowse1 on 27.03.2007
Classic Rock DVD - Is this from the Classic Rock magazine? I have all... by Drowse1 on 27.03.2007
Best Queen song for having sex??? - On a more serious note I can't think of 1 Queen so... by Drowse1 on 18.03.2007
Best Queen song for having sex??? - The intro to A Day At The Races. That's about how ... by Drowse1 on 18.03.2007
help me find/pick best choruses by queen - Ever heard of a little tune called Somebody To Lov... by Drowse1 on 18.03.2007
David Lee Roth - I agree. This is NOT a Van Halen/DLR site. But...... by Drowse1 on 18.03.2007
Why did Freddie Mercury & David Bowie not get along with each other? - I always thought they did get along but who gives ... by Drowse1 on 17.03.2007
Mr Bad Guy Original Lp - According to www.eil.com the US version of this vi... by Drowse1 on 17.03.2007
Freddie caricature - Try www.rocktoons.com. They have some good pics on... by Drowse1 on 17.03.2007
Appearancewise..... - You mean you've never met me? What a shame.... by Drowse1 on 14.03.2007
Queen on Al Murray's Happy Hour - I watched the entire show just to catch Bri & ... by Drowse1 on 14.03.2007
This song is just AMAZING!!!! - After listening to Brians voice in that clip it's ... by Drowse1 on 07.03.2007
When is Mika coming to the US?!! - Mika is going to America? GOOD! Please keep him th... by Drowse1 on 06.03.2007
MERCUY AND ME by JIM HUTTON : FOR THOSE WHO CANT FIND IT - If you can't find this book you're lucky.... by Drowse1 on 25.02.2007
how many teeth do they have? - Have I wandered in to the under 10's classroom?... by Drowse1 on 25.02.2007
what if freddie hit a grand slam? - Who is John Elway? And why are there only American... by Drowse1 on 25.02.2007
OMG guess what i found out about Freddie! - Was it Marital Aids he died of?... by Drowse1 on 25.02.2007
MICHAEL JACKSON KILLS FREDDIE ON THE HIS SOLO VERSION ON MRE 2 LFE THN-LOOK - MJ's voice sounds like he's being castrated on the... by Drowse1 on 19.02.2007
Freddie's Yellow Jacket: Where It Is Today - If I remember correctly Freddie's yellow jacket wa... by Drowse1 on 18.02.2007
freddies weight - I,ve heard of wanting to know everything about you... by Drowse1 on 10.02.2007
Freddie Mercury back to life - Looking closely at the film the band aren't playin... by Drowse1 on 08.02.2007
No New Queen album without Freddie - This story has been done to death. People like me ... by Drowse1 on 01.02.2007
"Mika - Grace Kelly" refering to Freddie Mercury? - I don't know about anyone else but this song has b... by Drowse1 on 01.02.2007
Queen Greatest Video Hits III (content) - Dane's 1 to 10 was good but after thos I'd have A ... by Drowse1 on 28.01.2007
A really pathetic attempt to profit on past glory - "Axl gave the rest of the band an ultimatem (... by Drowse1 on 28.01.2007
Worst lyric line on any Queen song. - The entire lyrics (and song, and video) to Body La... by Drowse1 on 28.01.2007
Do You Have Some Pictures... - I love the pic of the cover of The Works album. It... by Drowse1 on 28.01.2007
Mayqueen Reformed. - If you're as good as the original MayQueen then I'... by Drowse1 on 28.01.2007
New 2007 Tour Dates Paul Rodgers - The longer it takes to record the new Queen/PR alb... by Drowse1 on 25.01.2007
A really pathetic attempt to profit on past glory - I saw G n R twice in the90's, plus the Freddie tri... by Drowse1 on 25.01.2007
Get John Deacon back - Why should John bother getting back with Brian &am... by Drowse1 on 25.01.2007
Brian and Cliff Video? - Just watched this truly dire clip and all I can sa... by Drowse1 on 10.01.2007
Original Signature or not? Freddie Mercury - Looks good but it aint Freddie's signature. And th... by Drowse1 on 06.01.2007
Other bands - I'm with Prophets Song on this. My tsate in music ... by Drowse1 on 06.01.2007
AKOM and Highlander fans. - AKOM is a great album and Highlander is one of my ... by Drowse1 on 04.01.2007
roger taylor composition - It has to be Drowse of course!... by Drowse1 on 04.01.2007
Queen named 'Greatest British band of all time' - I placed my vote in this "contest". It w... by Drowse1 on 02.01.2007
Battle of the Bands on BBC Radio2 - Just to let you know you can vote for Queen on BBC... by Drowse1 on 30.12.2006
A Night At The Opera or A Day At The Races; which is better? - I have to go with ANATO. They are both similar alb... by Drowse1 on 29.12.2006
Queen Vs. Queen+PR - Who cares about comparing the sound quality? Queen... by Drowse1 on 25.12.2006
Why did Freddie use a half stand? - The mic stand broke at a Queen gig in St Helens, n... by Drowse1 on 25.12.2006
Queen II Sessions - I heard that Surrender To The City was the working... by Drowse1 on 12.12.2006
ITTWWC Video - I love it. Reminds me of what Live Aid did to The ... by Drowse1 on 12.12.2006
Mad, bad and dangerous to know - I think we all agree then. Blue Rock IS the best o... by Drowse1 on 12.12.2006
'39 39th Song--Planned or coincidence? - It was a coincidence. HONEST. There are no hidden ... by Drowse1 on 12.12.2006
Wembley Stadium - There's nothing wrong with either Manchester or Bi... by Drowse1 on 05.12.2006
Wembley Stadium - Who cares what the hell it costs as long as it's o... by Drowse1 on 03.12.2006
Most Coveted Bootlegs? - I only have a small handful of bootlegs as I gener... by Drowse1 on 26.11.2006
Let's settle this once and for all! (Freddie's voice) - My late father was a very good tenor singer and I ... by Drowse1 on 26.11.2006
Clothing in the 70s - Ask my brother in law. He's so tight he throws not... by Drowse1 on 20.11.2006
Any Flute Players? - I thought it was Flautist, not flutist?... by Drowse1 on 20.11.2006
October issue of Classic Rock Magazine - I have this copy of Classic Rock as well. I like i... by Drowse1 on 19.11.2006
Anyone see this before...? - This is hilarious but it's been around for about 2... by Drowse1 on 19.11.2006
Best Fight Scenes? - Have to agree with Music Man and say Bruce Lee v C... by Drowse1 on 17.11.2006
Brian May or Jimmy Page - I was talking about rock guitarists myself. The be... by Drowse1 on 17.11.2006
Under Pressure video film references - The Under Pressure video that was made in the 80's... by Drowse1 on 16.11.2006
Red Special / Yellow Jacket question - Freddie's yellow jacket WAS sold at auction a few ... by Drowse1 on 16.11.2006
Just Wondering - The only time I can't keep a straight face is list... by Drowse1 on 16.11.2006
Where Does John Rank? - I'd say Chris Squire was probably best but John wa... by Drowse1 on 16.11.2006
Brian May or Jimmy Page - They are both great players but both have their ow... by Drowse1 on 16.11.2006
For those who dont want Queen without Freddie - I,ve been a Queen fan since 1973 & I think I,v... by Drowse1 on 14.11.2006
when did freddie informed queen members he was ill? - Since my last post I have been told that he told t... by Drowse1 on 14.11.2006
Freddie wasnt a great live singer? - If anyone wnats to hear how great a singer Freddie... by Drowse1 on 13.11.2006
Queenzone Members: Top 10 Queen songs and album - I couldn't begin to pick my fave Queen songs as wh... by Drowse1 on 13.11.2006
Which is the worst Queen song? - I,ve already mentioned Body language as the worst ... by Drowse1 on 13.11.2006
Scotland - Scotland is great. There! I've said it. Not easy f... by Drowse1 on 09.11.2006
Which is the worst Queen song? - Body Language wins this "award" very eas... by Drowse1 on 09.11.2006
Who will join me in lighting a candle on Nov.24? - I won't be lighting a candle but no doubt some for... by Drowse1 on 08.11.2006
Question about the "Queen In Nuce" album...please respond somebody! - Jan78 has the correct answer. Smile songs are sung... by Drowse1 on 08.11.2006
All Star Band - Drums - John Bonham Piano/Keyboards - Roy Brittan... by Drowse1 on 08.11.2006
when did freddie informed queen members he was ill? - I believe he said it when they were recording trac... by Drowse1 on 06.11.2006
John's relation with Queen - now. - John said himself that Queen died with Freddie and... by Drowse1 on 06.11.2006
Great female voices - Did someone say Chritstina Aguilera? I thought we ... by Drowse1 on 02.11.2006
Who has sold more? Quuen or Bee Gee's - Queen have sold more albums in the UK than any oth... by Drowse1 on 31.10.2006
A 'new' Princes Of The Universe video i found... - Isn't this the opening scenes from the movie itsel... by Drowse1 on 31.10.2006
Great female voices - Stevie Nicks. Kate Bush. Janis Joplin. Annie Lenno... by Drowse1 on 24.10.2006
Is paul the best thing that ever happened to Queen? - Nooooooooooooooooooooo. I was a fan of Paul's befo... by Drowse1 on 18.10.2006
Where is John Deacon? - You mean John Deacon has retired? When? Why wasn't... by Drowse1 on 17.10.2006
How was this guy allowed to sing more than anyone at the FM tribute? - The reason Axl was allowed on stage more than anyo... by Drowse1 on 17.10.2006