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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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0 discussions started by 'BrianRules'

101 posts by user 'BrianRules'

Most Cheesiest Queen Song - I agree with Funny How Love Is. Although I'd... by BrianRules on 27.01.2005
How would you react if spike edney would squeeze your testicles?? - What in tarnations are you going on about?... by BrianRules on 21.01.2005
Does anybody know... - A hoax.... by BrianRules on 18.01.2005
Hilarious... - Thank you for the link Lord Blackadder, that is pr... by BrianRules on 13.01.2005
Songs that reminds you of Freddie - Everytime I hear These Are The Days Of Our Lives, ... by BrianRules on 12.01.2005
Queenzone, the worst site of all time. - I'll agree that there are some very nasty people o... by BrianRules on 11.01.2005
Was "Keep Yourself Alive" written about AIDS? - I thought the demo was called "Spread You... by BrianRules on 06.01.2005
Vote For Queen - The sight doesn't seem to be taking votes anymore.... by BrianRules on 06.01.2005
queen an drugs - Since when is vagina a drug? Although I know I'm h... by BrianRules on 06.01.2005
QUEEN Nightmare - Lady Cool Cat, I imagine this is what you were... by BrianRules on 06.01.2005
QUEEN Nightmare - I had a dream about 25 years ago, that I went to s... by BrianRules on 04.01.2005
queen an drugs - It's slang for LSD, a hallucinogenic drug. I... by BrianRules on 04.01.2005
Who got the chance to see Freddie live? - I was fortunate enough to see Queen 12 times, and ... by BrianRules on 28.12.2004
Queen Figure - I'm sorry, but what pieces of crap!!! Who in their... by BrianRules on 09.12.2004
Freddie singing - Here's the link to what I was talking about: quee... by BrianRules on 25.10.2004
Freddie singing - So I guess we're both right, although it says most... by BrianRules on 25.10.2004
Freddie singing - Well, Lester, here's what is said at Queen.musicha... by BrianRules on 25.10.2004
Freddie singing - I do believe it's Roger singing Sheer Heart Attack... by BrianRules on 25.10.2004
YOU ALL LOVE ME REALLY - I KNOW YOU'RE JUST PLAYING WITH ME! - Come on people, let's stick to the original topic.... by BrianRules on 22.10.2004
Queen's Success - I don't agree with Whisperer. Freddie was essentia... by BrianRules on 14.10.2004
Last Picture of Farrokh - What a bunch of crap!! Can you imagine someone act... by BrianRules on 13.10.2004
A star has been born ?!?!? - Yes, I thought he did a great job with Kind Of Mag... by BrianRules on 12.10.2004
Ogre Battle - The people war beside me ;-)... by BrianRules on 12.10.2004
Mustapha - "... and it's not fucking Mustapha" R... by BrianRules on 08.10.2004
oppions onmrs.badguy please .. - Yes. please learn how to use the caps lock, and qu... by BrianRules on 07.10.2004
for U.K people i think. - Princesoftheuniverse posted it, so don't look too ... by BrianRules on 07.10.2004
Game - 1. Great King Rat 2. Bohemian Rhapsody 3. Tie Yo... by BrianRules on 07.10.2004
works tour - All I can say is, I wish I was able to see the Wor... by BrianRules on 06.10.2004
Game - I don't think Brenski got it right. I think we're ... by BrianRules on 06.10.2004
oppions onmrs.badguy please .. - Here, here, Gunpowder Gelatine! My sentiments exac... by BrianRules on 05.10.2004
New Fan Song Added: Dragon Attack by Fat Bottomed Boys - Obviously, he isn't Freddie, but who is (besides F... by BrianRules on 05.10.2004
QUEEN - 5TH BIGGEST BAND (Q MAGAZINE) - That's cool that they're rated number five, but he... by BrianRules on 05.10.2004
Blobbie Williams' Nu-Single!!! >:( It's even called 'RADIO' >:( - I hate these people who have the balls to copy Fre... by BrianRules on 05.10.2004
I Want It All - That's my problem with GH2. It pisses me off, beca... by BrianRules on 04.10.2004
Help Please, Regarding The Rock Radio - Yes, this site is really cool!! Now I can listen t... by BrianRules on 04.10.2004
Queen Bloopers DVD - There's actually an outtake of John smiling? It wa... by BrianRules on 04.10.2004
Seven Seas Of Rhye video - Cool stuff!!!... by BrianRules on 01.10.2004
The best Queen album - I don't know what you mean by ANATO being the firs... by BrianRules on 01.10.2004
Exciting Queen discovery! - I don't see it catching on.... by BrianRules on 01.10.2004
Cool it People!!! - He needs no sympathy.... by BrianRules on 01.10.2004
Do you think..... - I've already said in other posts that I'd love to ... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
Which one ??? - It would be Brian for me. He seems like he'd be th... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
"so you think you can love me and leave me to die" - Now that's funny!! Hahahaha!!! You WERE joking, ri... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
Righteous Royal Rodent! - You have my vote. Great King Rat is my all-time fa... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
John Deacon changes his name into Brian! - And to think someone got paid for this!!... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
Please read this one - While I can agree with your point, you probably co... by BrianRules on 30.09.2004
Freddie's Writing - I'd buy it!!!!... by BrianRules on 29.09.2004
Plant's Innuendo - The music is superb! Robert is definitely struggli... by BrianRules on 29.09.2004
about best drummer????? - Donbosco, I do like your sense of humor!! That's a... by BrianRules on 27.09.2004
What would be the best combination of songs? - Iljaiya, you definitely have a great line-up of so... by BrianRules on 27.09.2004
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) - Yes Whirled Peas, you're NUTZ!! I'm sorry, but I c... by BrianRules on 27.09.2004
Your First Queen Album... - The first Queen album I bought was actually an 8 t... by BrianRules on 27.09.2004
I've been speaking to Freddie again. - Very Funny, Fatty!!! You should be writing sitcoms... by BrianRules on 27.09.2004
*Johns big package wen playing at wembley . cos ..* - Damn, Donbosco, that was friggin' funny!!!!... by BrianRules on 24.09.2004
Top 5 Brian Solos - It's funny you mentioned Night Comes Down, because... by BrianRules on 24.09.2004
Joey Tempest From EUROPE to replace Freddie? - I think we all agree that no one can replace Fredd... by BrianRules on 23.09.2004
VERY URGENT ABOUT JOHN DEACON!! - For John's a jolly good fellow, which nobody can d... by BrianRules on 23.09.2004
What if another queen member was to die? - This question is almost word for word with one tha... by BrianRules on 23.09.2004
Johns big package..... - Wasn't it Frank?... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
ANNOUNCE:- Queen - Mannheim, Germany - June 21st 1986 - I just can't believe this guy. I'm at a loss for w... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
did anybody ever notice - Didn't Brian mostly wear clogs? (wrestling clogs m... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
Is it me or..... - I don't understand how anyone could feel embarrass... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
Is it me or..... - There, you're enlightened!!!!... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
Unreleased Live Versions - I'd like to see Prophet's Song and Great King Rat ... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
Favorite John bass lines - Great King Rat, Liar, You're My Best Friend, Milli... by BrianRules on 22.09.2004
A Night At The Hip-Hopera? - I am not a fan of hip-hop, but if you're gonna do ... by BrianRules on 21.09.2004
What now for Queen? - Not that I'm into guest singers, it's just that I ... by BrianRules on 21.09.2004
Is this a fanclub site or a hateclub site? - The devil thing has nothing to do with Queen. All ... by BrianRules on 21.09.2004
Brains a jew. - Brains. What a jackass!!! Obviously, she has none.... by BrianRules on 21.09.2004
Was Freddie the 'Postman' or the 'Letterbox'????? - Freddie wanted to play football in the US, but the... by BrianRules on 20.09.2004
Timeless - I was just thinking the same thing about Queen II.... by BrianRules on 16.09.2004
Here's an interesting cover of Bo Rhap! - First of all, it makes no sense, and it sure isn't... by BrianRules on 16.09.2004
Ticket prices at concerts gone. - I was fortunate enough to see Queen 14 times, and ... by BrianRules on 16.09.2004
New Fan Song Added: Long Away by Crossed Hearts - This is great!! What a good job. The bass part is ... by BrianRules on 10.09.2004
I almost didn't put this in the Queen forum but it's related - Has it happened yet? Did he have anything interest... by BrianRules on 09.09.2004
david richards talks about made in heaven - Hey Freddie May, who's Robert Taylor???... by BrianRules on 09.09.2004
Queen on the radio! - Your dad's got good taste!... by BrianRules on 07.09.2004
New Fan Song Added: Last Horizon by A Fella - Yes, good job!!!!... by BrianRules on 07.09.2004
Queen on the radio! - I heard Liar on the radio the other day, and had t... by BrianRules on 07.09.2004
March of the Black Queen vs. Bohemian Rhapsody - It's TMOTBQ for me. Queen II is my favorite album,... by BrianRules on 07.09.2004
From a newbie to an "oldtimer" in no time... hmmm... - Well said, Music Man!... by BrianRules on 03.09.2004
Help...! - Queen II!!!!... by BrianRules on 02.09.2004
queen or pink floyd - I agree with most people on this board. I love Pin... by BrianRules on 02.09.2004
What type of Style of FM do u prefere - I'm with BrianMay1975. His long hair and painted f... by BrianRules on 02.09.2004
Freddie - The Man Behind The Showman - I agree with Mercury Singer Of Life. There are som... by BrianRules on 02.09.2004
What now for Queen? - I would love to see them put out another cd of unr... by BrianRules on 02.09.2004
What if another member died - Just an addition to what I already said. I agree t... by BrianRules on 01.09.2004
What if another member died - I just don't understand the bickering going on bet... by BrianRules on 01.09.2004
Have You Met....'QUEEN'....? - I met him twice in '93, and just like Jeroen said,... by BrianRules on 01.09.2004
Nevermore....THE best album track in the world ever?? - OK, here's my list, for what it's worth: Queen ... by BrianRules on 01.09.2004
freddie's Homosexuality - I've been a huge Queen fan since 1974, and I guess... by BrianRules on 31.08.2004
Which song cheers you up? - Great King Rat!!!! That song gets me going no matt... by BrianRules on 31.08.2004
How, Who & Which ...???.....Queen... - My friend Dave had seen them open for Mott the Hoo... by BrianRules on 30.08.2004
Freddie's Rock Voice - I think a few of you have hit the nail on the head... by BrianRules on 30.08.2004
Freddie's Voice - What got me addicted to Queen (besides Brian's ama... by BrianRules on 30.08.2004
For those few of you who were Queen fans before 1980 - I think I was more shocked at the look he had just... by BrianRules on 30.08.2004
Queen II - Queen II is definitely my favorite album. The way ... by BrianRules on 30.08.2004
What is the best Queen album? - Queen II, followed by Sheer Heart Attack (obviousl... by BrianRules on 27.08.2004
Top 5 of newbie questions - I was fortunate enough to meet Brian twice in '93,... by BrianRules on 26.08.2004
What Do You Prefer ... or ...? (FINAL) - The Show Must Go On!!!... by BrianRules on 24.08.2004
What is the most under-rated Queen song? - Great King Rat!!!! Perhaps THE best song ever, IMH... by BrianRules on 23.08.2004