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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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5 discussions started by 'drmurph'

BBC session 1973 tracks - Whilst searching the BBC iplayer for the Queen stu... by drmurph on 30.12.2012
"Queen" album of solo songs - I used the search function as I guessed this must ... by drmurph on 21.01.2012
Scandal (guitar mix) - I really like the song but would have preferred it... by drmurph on 28.09.2011
Was it all worth it (Full instrumental) - Hello again, I've been tinkering with the was it a... by drmurph on 05.06.2011
tMotBQ (stand alone) attempt to fix ending - Here's an effort to improve the stand alone versio... by drmurph on 04.04.2011

128 posts by user 'drmurph'

Bohemian Rhapsody movie cameos (... and other weird bits) - More people in the line up. Next to Brian in the ... by drmurph on 27.01.2019
TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL.... - While I agree with much of what is above, too allo... by drmurph on 05.01.2019
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Various Bootleg Video Mixes - Great. Thank you.... by drmurph on 08.12.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Various Bootleg Video Mixes - Hi Nitroboy. Would it be possible to provide an... by drmurph on 12.11.2018
Follies documentary. Queen in Brussels 1979 - Hmmm. Maybe I should have updated the posts as my ... by drmurph on 08.11.2018
Follies documentary. Queen in Brussels 1979 - Wow. I'm loving these new snippets. We're g... by drmurph on 08.11.2018
Self made man - I prefer the "Irish club remix" of the song which ... by drmurph on 24.08.2017
(Relatively) Obscure Queen Songs on TV? - A few months back on Match of the day they played ... by drmurph on 22.11.2015
C_Matt's "Queen II (HD Revision)" - Lord Fickle, it's in Matt's General HD revision... by drmurph on 19.04.2015
Reminder Rockband 4 request - If Queen are in it, I think it's more likely it wi... by drmurph on 19.03.2015
Rockband 4 will be released this year - Call me weird but I submitted Body Language and st... by drmurph on 15.03.2015
Queen Live in Rio 1985 - I agree, why not release Rio this year on the 30th... by drmurph on 24.02.2015
C_Matt's "Queen II (HD Revision)" - Yes I'm (im)patiently waiting for this, wasting ti... by drmurph on 08.02.2015
Hang On In There question - I like the instruments and music to HOIT but have ... by drmurph on 17.01.2015
QUEEN live in Glasgow - I came away with a slightly underwhelmed feeling, ... by drmurph on 17.01.2015
C_Matt's "Queen II (HD Revision)" - Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this, especial... by drmurph on 04.12.2014
Best Bohemian Rhapsody performance? - For my "live best of" playlist (I try to use only ... by drmurph on 15.09.2014
Queen New Name - Shouldn't that be change his name to FREDDY Me... by drmurph on 14.09.2014
The Rainbow Is Here And There Is A Pot Of Gold... - 99jaystang that sounds like a sore one but at leas... by drmurph on 13.09.2014
Something under appreciated about the Rainbow release... - The Queen Archivist mentioned (somewhere) on Queen... by drmurph on 07.09.2014
Queen live in Rio DVD - Yes, and not even in any better quality picture or... by drmurph on 04.09.2014
Poll: Age of QZ Users - Exactly the same as above. Except it is my wife.... by drmurph on 18.07.2014
C_Matt's "A Kind of Magic (HD Revision)" - Nicely spotted, Thanks C_Matt (and Vali) I'm looki... by drmurph on 16.07.2014
C_Matt's "A Kind of Magic (HD Revision)" - Thank You C_Matt, I'm listening to the album right... by drmurph on 22.06.2014
New Queen tracks. - I think the only one of those that has any chance ... by drmurph on 27.02.2014
Freddie Mercury's HIV Diagnosis – Some Insight – 1985 to 1987 - Ironic Brian wanting to explore less Queen-lik... by drmurph on 06.02.2014
You know we never get enough.........we always want more. - I'd never heard of Klaus Nomi until now. It was ve... by drmurph on 02.02.2014
The Doctor talks about You Don't Fool Me, again - For Manics album to start at, why not get the best... by drmurph on 30.01.2014
The Doctor talks about You Don't Fool Me, again - I agree about OK computer. I prefer "The Bends". ... by drmurph on 28.01.2014
C_Matt's "A Day at the Races (HD Revision)" - I've listened to this non-stop since I downloaded ... by drmurph on 17.01.2014
C_Matt's "A Day at the Races (HD Revision)" - Wow, hey, hold on there. Have I missed something... by drmurph on 14.01.2014
The Cross Gig - "Seen one such type on Twitter who constantly twee... by drmurph on 07.12.2013
Bohemian Rhapsody - Star Wars Edition. - My two favourite things. Had a chuckle when the ro... by drmurph on 07.12.2013
C_Matt's "A Day at the Races (HD Revision)" - Unbelievable work again. I just want to add my ap... by drmurph on 07.11.2013
Singstar Queen. - Does this mean there will be an instrumental versi... by drmurph on 30.10.2013
I Want To Break Free (PiotreQ Rock Remix) [w/ video] - Thanks for this, it's been very well done. Perhap... by drmurph on 08.09.2013
Lyrically, What Went Wrong For Freddie in the 80's? - What Liam said. In addition, as with almost all... by drmurph on 18.08.2013
C_Matt's HD Revisions - Ditto. Your remixing is the only real reason I ... by drmurph on 13.08.2013
C_Matt's "Hot Space (HD Revision)" - I love and am amazed at what you do. I'm looking f... by drmurph on 02.06.2013
What do you think is Queens best song? - We are the champions. Overplayed now and taken ... by drmurph on 03.02.2013
Poll: Favourite Live song? - I kind of feel I've no say in this since I've neve... by drmurph on 12.01.2013
BBC session 1973 tracks - Whilst searching the BBC iplayer for the Queen stu... by drmurph on 30.12.2012
Buying Queen. HELP. - Get on ebay and you can pick up all the albums on ... by drmurph on 30.12.2012
1974.11.19 London - fix - The download link is one of the two small yellow b... by drmurph on 27.12.2012
Poll: Best Debut Album Song - With some people not reading the information below... by drmurph on 01.12.2012
C_Matt's "The Game (HD Revision)" - AAH! I was so excited waiting for this and then...... by drmurph on 22.11.2012
Announce: FLAC 1974-12-08 The Hague (you'll gonna like it silver) - Thanks so much, can't wait to listen.... by drmurph on 03.11.2012
C_Matt's "The Game (HD Revision)" - Great, I'm really looking forward to listening to ... by drmurph on 23.10.2012
Where did QueenOnLine.com go? - I was having the same problem ,but it seems it was... by drmurph on 23.10.2012
C_Matt's "The Works (HD Revision)" - As with your previous efforts, I think this is out... by drmurph on 06.10.2012
C_Matt's "The Miracle (Revision)" - This really is a phenomenal piece of work. I love ... by drmurph on 12.07.2012
Budapest 1986 Blu Ray - Inevitably I will buy it. I have the VHS and it's ... by drmurph on 12.07.2012
What do you think of the Queen performance at Live Aid? - Queen blew everyone else away. Though not sure abo... by drmurph on 12.07.2012
did queen make freddie or freddie make queen - I'm not sure whether the four of them were geniuse... by drmurph on 26.05.2012
Your top 10 Queen songs/The ultimate Queen top 100 - Horrible choices to make to get the list down to t... by drmurph on 24.03.2012
"Mercury" - tribute band, UK. - Never been to see any tribute band (including Q+PR... by drmurph on 25.02.2012
''Innuendo'' videos? - I'm ashamed to admit I didn't realise this when I ... by drmurph on 24.02.2012
100 worse ideas than Adam Lambert fronting Queen - Wow. Those "faith tones" guys at No. 88 have got g... by drmurph on 06.02.2012
100 worse ideas than Adam Lambert fronting Queen - Think of this topic as a auditioning for worst ide... by drmurph on 04.02.2012
100 worse ideas than Adam Lambert fronting Queen - 42. Brian announcing he's found tapes labelled "kn... by drmurph on 04.02.2012
What would our dear Freddie look like on his 65th birthday? - Wow spot on. But not with the moustache. (I kn... by drmurph on 29.01.2012
Somebody to Love Cover (not a twat) - It wasn't that bad maybe a tad "Intravenous De M... by drmurph on 29.01.2012
LONG AWAY - Herr von Keil's 1983 Zodiacal Dust Cloud Remix - I really enjoyed listening. This is brilliant, a g... by drmurph on 22.01.2012
"Queen" album of solo songs - I used the search function as I guessed this must ... by drmurph on 21.01.2012
The Somebody To Love Live Discussion Thread (Debates/Discussions Needed)! - I sat for ages a while back trying to work out my ... by drmurph on 21.01.2012
Roger Taylor Strange Frontier - These are in no particular order: Stand up for l... by drmurph on 21.01.2012
If the gig of Knebworth was recorded... - I think GT means YES to a new live release. Rerele... by drmurph on 21.01.2012
Definitive Version of Each Album - Yes I agree, I'm interested to hear what people wh... by drmurph on 15.01.2012
If the gig of Knebworth was recorded... - I've only been visiting these forums for about a y... by drmurph on 15.01.2012
New york New york. - Unfortunately I think that any good bits of demos ... by drmurph on 14.01.2012
Show Must Go On/Radio Ga Ga Orchestral Mixes - I really like the remix of Self made man. It took ... by drmurph on 13.01.2012
'DANCER' Vocal/Guitar backing track - sounds really good, how did you do it?... by drmurph on 10.01.2012
Fun Freddie Stories - Freddie didn't need anything like that to give him... by drmurph on 08.01.2012
Midgets with platers of cocaine - Very interesting interview. The car stickers were ... by drmurph on 08.01.2012
Roger Taylor 2012 Solo Tour - I'd love to hear songs like Drowse, fight from the... by drmurph on 07.01.2012
Worst album lyrics wise - Generally songs which use the days of the week bug... by drmurph on 07.01.2012
Tips for the perfect release - It's frustrating that there seems to be a problem ... by drmurph on 02.01.2012
New Queen 9-pack for Rock Band, includes Long Away - How do you play the thing without rubbing off the ... by drmurph on 23.12.2011
New Queen 9-pack for Rock Band, includes Long Away - Not that rare a breed it appears. I became a Manic... by drmurph on 23.12.2011
Queen - Non-Album Remixes (2007-2010) - There's some great mixes in here, Good times bites... by drmurph on 01.10.2011
Dead On Time - Extended Mix - Always loved this song, so the more of it the merr... by drmurph on 01.10.2011
No More of that Jazz - Extended Jazz Mix - Really enjoyed this. Well made, and thanks for sha... by drmurph on 01.10.2011
Songs never played live you would like to have heard in Freddie's lifetime. - Dead on time. Would have been very difficult, but ... by drmurph on 28.09.2011
Scandal (guitar mix) - I really like the song but would have preferred it... by drmurph on 28.09.2011
The Album Queen Became A Singles Band? - I don't think Queen ever considered themselves a s... by drmurph on 27.09.2011
Queen Demo turned into songs? - I think "I guess we're falling out" has a great me... by drmurph on 27.09.2011
First reactions to the These Are The Days of Our Lives Video? - I was more shocked by the headlong video when it w... by drmurph on 21.09.2011
A Pic-nic By The Sepertine - Currently downloading, waiting (impatiently) to wa... by drmurph on 21.09.2011
Freddie's Image in Roger's Happiness Album? - Here's a scanned copy of the photo I think you're ... by drmurph on 21.09.2011
Live Aid Set List - I think Holly2003 hit the nail on the head by ment... by drmurph on 20.08.2011
Your Ideas of 1990s Queen with Freddie - It seems to me that the albums The Miracle and mor... by drmurph on 09.08.2011
Machines 2011 - Restored and Remixed - Yep, really well done. I don't think you get the f... by drmurph on 08.08.2011
misheard lyrics on queen songs? - Innuendo - just like sin at times (just passing ou... by drmurph on 08.08.2011
The Prophet's Song and Brian - Yes, it's a great song, too little used personally... by drmurph on 21.07.2011
Concert Etiquete - Watching Brian with Kerry Ellis at Glasgow concert... by drmurph on 18.07.2011
Bad (funny bad) cover versions of Queen songs - Wow! that must be the worst cover of any song anyw... by drmurph on 13.07.2011
Tokyo march 22nd 1976 - get your knickers off - I can't thank you enough for this. I'm listening ... by drmurph on 28.06.2011
under pressure surprise - Are these versions without guitar & vocals made us... by drmurph on 18.06.2011
Queen Obsessions.... - This year the ONLY music I will play is Queen, to ... by drmurph on 18.06.2011
Return Of The Champions Light Crown - That's got to hurt. You must have been gutted.... by drmurph on 11.06.2011
ANTHOLOGY:THE TRUTH ABOUT QUEENS PLAN - Anthology in 15 parts, good point soundfreak. (s... by drmurph on 05.06.2011
Was it all worth it (Full instrumental) - Thank  PiotreQ, I knew someone could do better (n... by drmurph on 05.06.2011
Was it all worth it (Full instrumental) - Hello again, I've been tinkering with the was it a... by drmurph on 05.06.2011
Preview of the second five albums re-issued - Wow, those were great to have a wee listen to. Unf... by drmurph on 04.06.2011
Live Remixing - The Lesser Of Two Evils?? - I don't think it's even in question, given the op... by drmurph on 04.06.2011
QUEEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES BBC DVD COVER (FULL) - I was perfectly happy with the first one (with the... by drmurph on 02.06.2011
QUEEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES BBC DVD COVER (FULL) - After my last comment I realised it was a simpleth... by drmurph on 01.06.2011
QUEEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES BBC DVD COVER (FULL) - I really like your design, good work and thank you... by drmurph on 01.06.2011
Japan '86? - Fred exhausted physically? In part 2 of the docum... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
Aids Drug AZT killed Freddie - Hmmm, interesting sites in your link. Up to the po... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
Part 2 was really hard to watch - Today was the first time I realised Fred had a blo... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
Documentary Highlights and Setbacks - Man it's 20 years since freddie died and I still c... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
'Days Of Our Lives' part 1 - I think this documentary is a bit more personal th... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
Documentary Highlights and Setbacks - Maybe they didn't show any Hammersmith '79 because... by drmurph on 30.05.2011
Queen Documentary "Days of our Lives" on BBC - Only 1/2 an hour until the documentary starts, I'v... by drmurph on 29.05.2011
Brian re justin beiber covering Bohemian Rhapsody - He He! Passionate responses. I've kind of promised... by drmurph on 29.05.2011
Get Down, Make Love (Fan Mix by Core) - Wow, this is excellent. Great alternative version.... by drmurph on 29.05.2011
Question about your thoughts in 1989 - I was 13 when The Miracle came out and at the time... by drmurph on 21.05.2011
Brian May and Kerry Ellis - The Hour and More - Glasgow - 12th May 2011 - Thanks, I'm looking forward to this. I was there! ... by drmurph on 14.05.2011
Am I Alone? (late-era Queen) - It was songs like Radio Ga Ga and I want to break ... by drmurph on 11.05.2011
Sends shivers down my spine... - After Freddie's death I went very negative for a l... by drmurph on 10.05.2011
Itunes content-who is bought it? - only if someone rises (stoops?) to the bait Actu... by drmurph on 08.05.2011
I've finally listened to 'The Cosmos Rocks' - Yeah you've just persuaded me to order a copy from... by drmurph on 08.05.2011
Your first Queen bootleg - I remember seeing a Queen CD when visiting Germany... by drmurph on 07.05.2011
Favorite Era of Somebody to Love? - I think vocally 1980 -81 was the best. Favourites:... by drmurph on 17.04.2011
tMotBQ (stand alone) attempt to fix ending - That was really nice PiotreQ. (I love your other r... by drmurph on 10.04.2011
Best Live Version of Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - "Fat Deacon" looks like the messenger from Blackad... by drmurph on 10.04.2011
tMotBQ (stand alone) attempt to fix ending - Here's an effort to improve the stand alone versio... by drmurph on 04.04.2011