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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'KumoNin'

Rock Montreal to be shown in cinemas worldwide! - http://www.queenonline.com/en/news-archive/press-r... by KumoNin on 11.09.2014

67 posts by user 'KumoNin'

C_Matt's "Queen II (HD Revision)" - Oh, wow, I love what you did with the standalone v... by KumoNin on 14.07.2015
C_Matt's "Queen II (HD Revision)" - ... by KumoNin on 13.07.2015
Could Hot Space be redone in a more traditional Queen style? - The Matt thing? Yeah, it's awesome, find it he... by KumoNin on 21.04.2015
This is a joke - Nope.... by KumoNin on 08.04.2015
Scientology used Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to allegedly torture members. - Except when it is.... by KumoNin on 30.03.2015
It's so easy - all you have to do is Play The Game! - "Brian May..."... by KumoNin on 29.03.2015
Who drew the cover of A Kind Of Magic? - Roger Chiasson. One Wikipedia trip, man.... by KumoNin on 20.03.2015
Your Favorite post Queen song after Freddie? - Haha, "truuuuoeewwh". It's true though. I like ... by KumoNin on 19.03.2015
Which headline would excite you most.... - The second one probably, but both are impossible f... by KumoNin on 09.02.2015
Queen (Brian, Roger and John) + Adam Lambert? Would it make a difference? - But yeah, I agree with Bad Seed, those people just... by KumoNin on 09.02.2015
Queen (Brian, Roger and John) + Adam Lambert? Would it make a difference? - Oh hi gerry!... by KumoNin on 09.02.2015
Jimmy Fallon & music stars sing "We are the champions" a cappella - Same with Ariana Grande. That was just so frustrat... by KumoNin on 04.02.2015
Roger Taylor's "Fun in Space" and "Strange Frontier" in vinyl and CDl!! - Huh. Why Don't We Try Again is, imo, one of the be... by KumoNin on 03.02.2015
Best set opener from Queen's touring life? - Procession/Now I'm Here (Sheer Heart Attack tour) ... by KumoNin on 29.01.2015
Freddie Mercury coolest picture? - It's a wire from his headphones tied around hi... by KumoNin on 28.01.2015
Queen Hit Singles - WWRY & WATC was a double A-side single.... by KumoNin on 25.01.2015
Queen Hit Singles - And that's the issue of measuring a band by hits. ... by KumoNin on 25.01.2015
List of Queenzone trolls. - I guess I'm just gonna update this by saying Anima... by KumoNin on 15.01.2015
Hang On In There question - Unreleased songs are unreleased. They're not part ... by KumoNin on 15.01.2015
European Tour - That would make my year. What are the chances ... by KumoNin on 08.01.2015
Japan 1985 official release? - I think that may be a possibility. But to ThomasWh... by KumoNin on 04.01.2015
Most hated Queen track ever? - lol... by KumoNin on 27.12.2014
Brian's Other Guitars - Played by Roger possibly?... by KumoNin on 16.12.2014
'Made in Heaven' timeline - Actually it's from Don't Try Suicide.... by KumoNin on 14.12.2014
Real unreleased tracks to come? - Wut... by KumoNin on 16.11.2014
A comparison of Live at the Rainbow (2014) and previous versions - It may have been worth noting that some notable, e... by KumoNin on 02.11.2014
Mother Love outro - AWT is the last one he wrote, but Mother Love is h... by KumoNin on 31.10.2014
Favorite song on each album - I know the following will be a mess, but here it g... by KumoNin on 27.10.2014
I have just watched The Hotel New Hampshire... - Are there no moderators ever on QZ?... by KumoNin on 26.10.2014
Perfect Bacon Bowl with Queen soundalike...WTF? - I... guess that explains it.... by KumoNin on 22.10.2014
The instruments of the band... - ^ Not even attempting to be funny or contribute.... by KumoNin on 21.10.2014
The Great Pretender - guitar version - Whoop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2kJhO4XDsA... by KumoNin on 21.10.2014
Perfect Bacon Bowl with Queen soundalike...WTF? - Sounds very, very much like Marc Martel.... by KumoNin on 21.10.2014
Queen - Borrowings/ rip off`s on Classic Music ? - ^ ...what?... by KumoNin on 19.10.2014
Adam Lambert will never be a RockStar!!! - There's a separate forum for this bullshit. "... by KumoNin on 18.10.2014
x - He sucks nowadays.... by KumoNin on 12.10.2014
Queen to release "There is more to life than this" as new single. - Gerry is a dick to whoever points out his mistakes... by KumoNin on 12.10.2014
x - x... by KumoNin on 12.10.2014
Bohemian Rhapsody - Lyric Breakdown - - Yeah, this was already posted. Also, your descript... by KumoNin on 11.10.2014
Why Brian and Roger are looking like "Rip off" to fans? - They've got more than enough money.... by KumoNin on 11.10.2014
Queen Rock Montreal: Cinema Tickets On Sale Now - It says coming soon.... by KumoNin on 09.10.2014
Adam Lambert says Freddie Mercury is vocal God! - Mr Mouth... that's not a signature.... by KumoNin on 04.10.2014
HELP!! Unreleased track with Freddie? - lol... by KumoNin on 01.10.2014
Was Freddie really a good person? - Are you a troll, Kahle33?... by KumoNin on 29.09.2014
Hot gas - Beard Freddie is best Freddie.... by KumoNin on 27.09.2014
Is there a studio version of We Will Rock You (fast)? - Wut.... by KumoNin on 26.09.2014
Let me in (your heart again) - What?! [url=http://i.imgur.com/qka5OpK.gif]It'... by KumoNin on 23.09.2014
... - No.... by KumoNin on 22.09.2014
Queen Forever Album question! - Fuck if I know, but judging from what Queen have b... by KumoNin on 22.09.2014
... - Is it me or is no one freaking seeding?!... by KumoNin on 21.09.2014
Love Kills (2014) or Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You ??? - No kidding. It was beyond unnecessary! What th... by KumoNin on 20.09.2014
Queen Forever tracklist - Mr.Mouth... That's not how you do signatures...... by KumoNin on 19.09.2014
Those 'new' Queen Forever tracks. What do you think? - Throughly agree with you, op. Although, imo, it ... by KumoNin on 19.09.2014
Disturbing facts or..? - It's just some kind of absurd conspiracy theory.... by KumoNin on 19.09.2014
Disturbing facts or..? - Shitpost.... by KumoNin on 19.09.2014
Brian and Roger on BBC radio this Friday - So uh, coming soon? :)... by KumoNin on 19.09.2014
Amazing performance at Auckland - ^ Just farmin' those posts for no reason...... by KumoNin on 12.09.2014
Rock Montreal to be shown in cinemas worldwide! - http://www.queenonline.com/en/news-archive/press-r... by KumoNin on 11.09.2014
Rainbow is not heavy overdubed! (in comparation to the vhs) - The "one" in "Pleading - one word" from White Quee... by KumoNin on 05.09.2014
Great video on Brian's equipment - Well you must be new! Oh wait.... by KumoNin on 02.09.2014
Poll: Are you getting Live at The Rainbow? - 2CD+DVD. Nothing fancy.... by KumoNin on 27.08.2014
How did Jim Hutton survive so long? - I'm similar. I don't like posting on such a tr... by KumoNin on 23.08.2014
Keep yourself Alive from Rainbow - Freddie lookin' fancy!... by KumoNin on 22.08.2014
What would be Queen's best Song: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Vocal - Vocals - Mother Love, Somebody To Love, The Show M... by KumoNin on 17.08.2014
I WasBorn To Love You (Let the Criticism Begin) - Isn't that how the internet works?... by KumoNin on 17.08.2014
Free download for Killer Queen (Rainbow 1974) - Overduuubs. But nice, thanks!... by KumoNin on 15.08.2014
Queen Performs Freddie Mercury Solo Song 'Love Kills' for First Time Ever - ^ Indeed!... by KumoNin on 14.08.2014