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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Jeremy'

"I Was Born To Love You" Queen version - Freddie's vocal ad-libs - I've always felt that Freddie's "Yeah, give it t... by Jeremy on 10.11.2019

63 posts by user 'Jeremy'

Were the Wembley shows intended to be filmed like Montreal? - Apologies if this has been previously discussed in... by Jeremy on 14.07.2020
NEW THOR & LEE Info on Freddie Mercury Book. - Great news. Matt, I meant to thank you for you... by Jeremy on 14.07.2020
Mad The Swine "Oooh" at 2:06 - Regarding the "Oooh", I've wondered about that sin... by Jeremy on 19.05.2020
COVID-19 - Advisory Notice - Ignorant press. ... by Jeremy on 24.03.2020
Open Letter To Brian May - Wait...Greta...Constructive????? "HOW DARE YOU!... by Jeremy on 06.01.2020
"I Was Born To Love You" Queen version - Freddie's vocal ad-libs - Thanks for the great replies, everyone. I've s... by Jeremy on 11.11.2019
"I Was Born To Love You" Queen version - Freddie's vocal ad-libs - Thanks for the reply! It definitely gives me a... by Jeremy on 10.11.2019
Queenzone reunited - This brought back so many great memories of my you... by Jeremy on 10.11.2019
"I Was Born To Love You" Queen version - Freddie's vocal ad-libs - I've always felt that Freddie's "Yeah, give it t... by Jeremy on 10.11.2019
a different type of guitar solo - So this was originally released in 1995?... by Jeremy on 30.10.2019
Insult people here not on an actual thread please - Remember Ted? ... by Jeremy on 16.10.2019
There's a thief and a dragonfly Trump-eter - He's the greatest American President in modern his... by Jeremy on 16.10.2019
John Deacon Vocals - Doing his best Mike Stone and Joan Armatrading imp... by Jeremy on 16.10.2019
Capitol Records 'A Kind Of Magic' US Singles Fail - I love that album. It's the first proper non-great... by Jeremy on 09.10.2019
Do you like Adam Lambert? Is he a good singer? - I miss Paul. ... by Jeremy on 09.10.2019
Deakys Paris farewell footage - "Another World" is an amazing album. Great son... by Jeremy on 16.09.2019
"Innuendo" 1991 Master vs 2011 master - There's more bass on the 2011 master. It's also mo... by Jeremy on 19.08.2019
The Cosmos Rocks - I think there's a few issues with TCR that stop it... by Jeremy on 07.08.2019
Melania Trump - He is the greatest and best American President in ... by Jeremy on 20.06.2019
Madonna name drops Freddie in a song from her new album - Don't forget Fatty. ... by Jeremy on 19.06.2019
My bands Live EP - Feedback is important and I'd love to help you but... by Jeremy on 19.06.2019
Justin Hawkins picks Jazz - Jazz's production is very late-70's Roy Thomas Bak... by Jeremy on 24.04.2019
Roger´s new track: "Gangsters Are Running This World" - It's musically good but the lyrics don't make sens... by Jeremy on 06.04.2019
Michael Jackson - New allegations in documentary: Leaving Neverland - With a small amount of research, these claims are ... by Jeremy on 01.03.2019
Freddie’s Naturalization Papers Found - It's why our beloved President Trump is gettin... by Jeremy on 29.11.2018
Sharing songwriting credits on Miracle. - Yes, I often find Brian is in his best, most t... by Jeremy on 29.09.2018
Steve Hoffman Forum - You're welcome! I really enjoy those particular re... by Jeremy on 06.09.2018
PISCTP short radio snippet from 1986 - Awesome!! Thanks so much for this!... by Jeremy on 03.09.2018
Steve Hoffman Forum - That forum helped me track down some original Gene... by Jeremy on 03.09.2018
reception of live aid in the US - A little off topic, but the SNL "Crazy Little ... by Jeremy on 02.09.2018
Listening to AKOM again - AKOM is one of my favorite Queen albums. Every son... by Jeremy on 11.08.2018
Trump - He's not a dumbass, he's the President of the ... by Jeremy on 23.07.2018
Queen In Montreal 1981 alt Video/Angles? - Pittrek, what would you have to do?... by Jeremy on 22.07.2018
Trump - I'll address pittrek first (I'd use quotes if I sa... by Jeremy on 02.07.2018
Trump - President Trump is shaping up to be the greatest U... by Jeremy on 01.07.2018
Brian on bass skills.. Why no bass parts on a Queen album from him? - I believe Brian also played bass on "Have A Cigar... by Jeremy on 30.06.2018
Queen In Montreal 1981 alt Video/Angles? - Yeah the sound people often do that, such as on th... by Jeremy on 30.06.2018
No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young) - I do remember pictures of the unveiling and it was... by Jeremy on 30.06.2018
Queen In Montreal 1981 alt Video/Angles? - Fair enough. It's down to personal preferences. I ... by Jeremy on 28.06.2018
Queen In Montreal 1981 alt Video/Angles? - I LOVE the mix on the "We Will Rock You" dvd. To q... by Jeremy on 27.06.2018
Driven by You - In regards to the Wayne's World thing, principal p... by Jeremy on 26.06.2018
Full Bohemian Rhapsody trailer - I'm happy for them. They (Brian and Roger) wanted ... by Jeremy on 16.05.2018
The Cosmos Rocks + Queenzone Members - I like it. The full band version of "Say It's Not ... by Jeremy on 10.05.2018
Live Albums - I've always wanted to hear the complete soundboard... by Jeremy on 13.04.2018
Poll: Would If You Cant Beat Them live featuring AL be any good? - I really miss Paul Rodgers. ... by Jeremy on 12.04.2018
'Longest' Queen song 'LIVE' - Blag/Brighton Rock - Including just the solo and/o... by Jeremy on 12.04.2018
Mixing a song anyone? - I'd like to give it a go. Nice major/minor cont... by Jeremy on 29.11.2017
Hot Space influenced Thriller???? - Also, I just found this: http://www.elperiodico... by Jeremy on 23.06.2017
Hot Space influenced Thriller???? - Around the time of MJ's death in 2009, I came acro... by Jeremy on 23.06.2017
TATDOOL (between takes) Vob file - Thank you. I like seeing behind the scenes music v... by Jeremy on 26.11.2016
TATDOOL (between takes) Vob file - Ah, I missed this. Care to reupload?... by Jeremy on 23.11.2016
Why doesn't every Queen live album sound as great as Rock Montreal? - I prefer the original "We Will Rock You" mix, cont... by Jeremy on 26.05.2016
First and last track they recorded for each album - The vocals up to "And then I...then I went int... by Jeremy on 04.05.2016
"shitload of soundboard concerts" - I would think that the reason we only got an upmix... by Jeremy on 07.09.2015
Magic tour soundcheck (Chief Mouse version) - Possibly because Freddie isn't singing full out. Y... by Jeremy on 05.01.2015
All God's People - It's interesting that the track uses either Freddi... by Jeremy on 12.09.2013
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Live Downloads 2005 & 2008 MP3 - It was very cool of you to do this. Thanks so much... by Jeremy on 27.01.2012
Live Download 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers - Thanks so much to all who took the time to upload ... by Jeremy on 23.01.2012
Repost by request: In The Studio ANATO (1989) - Thank you for this. :-)... by Jeremy on 07.04.2008
Queen and PR - Happy Hour (DVD/Audio/XviD) Mediafire & Rapidshare - Thanks for this. :-)... by Jeremy on 06.04.2008
Al Murray + Queen.... - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC6CPwu0I44... by Jeremy on 05.04.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen-Qwinnett Center-Duluth, GA Mar 7, 2006 on QZ tracker - No problem :-) Cable hasn't arrived yet ... by Jeremy on 22.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen-Qwinnett Center-Duluth, GA Mar 7, 2006 on QZ tracker - Thanks so much for this! I'll be glad to share my ... by Jeremy on 19.03.2006