Tour itinerary [32 concerts]

24.08.1984  Brussels, Belgium 21.09.1984  Brussels, Belgium
28.08.1984  Dublin, Ireland 22.09.1984  Hanover, Germany
29.08.1984  Dublin, Ireland 24.09.1984  Berlin, Germany
31.08.1984  Birmingham, UK 26.09.1984  Frankfurt, Germany
01.09.1984  Birmingham, UK 27.09.1984  Stuttgart, Germany
02.09.1984  Birmingham, UK 29.09.1984  Vienna, Austria
04.09.1984  London, UK 30.09.1984  Vienna, Austria
05.09.1984  London, UK 05.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
07.09.1984  London, UK 06.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
08.09.1984  London, UK 07.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
11.09.1984  Dortmund, Germany 10.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
14.09.1984  Milan, Italy 13.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
15.09.1984  Milan, Italy 14.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
16.09.1984  Munich, Germany 18.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
18.09.1984  Paris, France 19.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana
20.09.1984  Leiden, The Netherlands 20.10.1984  Sun City, Bophuthatswana

Two concerts are very untypical: in Hannover Freddie falls down the stairs during Hammer To Fall and injures his knee. Phoebe and Crystal help him to the piano and despite the pain he sings three more songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. The event obviously has an impact on Brian who is confused and starts playing the guitar solo in We Will Rock You too early! Something similar happens in Sun City: Freddie loses his voice after Under Pressure and the whole concert (October 7) has to be stopped and cancelled. The Dortmund concert was rescheduled from September 10 to September 11 (only the tickets sold on the day of the concert are printed with the real date). Not to September 12, as some concertographies say.

Please note that ALL other concertographies are WRONG about the Sun City dates! I have done extensive research and although I'm not 100% sure, the Sun City dates on this website are more accurate than in any other books, websites or concertographies. The interrupted Sun City concert was on October 7 and the two cancelled gigs were on October 9 and October 10).

Typical setlist

01. Machines (intro) 16. Stone Cold Crazy
02. Tear It Up 17. Great King Rat
03. Tie Your Mother Down 18. Spike Edney keyboards solo
04. Under Pressure 19. Guitar solo
05. Somebody To Love 20. Brighton Rock finale
06. Killer Queen 21. Another One Bites The Dust
07. Seven Seas Of Rhye 22. Hammer To Fall
08. Keep Yourself Alive 23. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Liar 24. Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Improvisation 25. Radio Ga Ga
11. It's A Hard Life 26. I Want To Break Free
12. Dragon Attack 27. Jailhouse Rock
13. Now I'm Here 28. We Will Rock You
14. Is This The World We Created? 39. We Are The Champions
15. Love Of My Life 30. God Save The Queen

Tracks played only scarcely

Staying Power (approx. half of the gigs)
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
Mustapha (intro)
Sheer Heart Attack (instead of Jailhouse Rock)
Not Fade Away (London 4.9.1984)
'39 (part, Leiden)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo