Tour itinerary [26 concerts]

07.06.1986  Stockholm, Sweden 09.07.1986  Newcastle, UK
11.06.1986  Leiden, The Netherlands 11.07.1986  London, UK
12.06.1986  Leiden, The Netherlands 12.07.1986  London, UK
14.06.1986  Paris, France 16.07.1986  Manchester, UK
17.06.1986  Brussels, Belgium 19.07.1986  Cologne, Germany
19.06.1986  Leiden, The Netherlands 21.07.1986  Vienna, Austria
21.06.1986  Mannheim, Germany 22.07.1986  Vienna, Austria
26.06.1986  Berlin, Germany 27.07.1986  Budapest, Hungary
28.06.1986  Munich, Germany 30.07.1986  Frejus, France
29.06.1986  Munich, Germany 01.08.1986  Barcelona, Spain
01.07.1986  Zurich, Switzerland 03.08.1986  Madrid, Spain
02.07.1986  Zurich, Switzerland 05.08.1986  Marbella, Spain
05.07.1986  Slane, County Meath, Ireland 09.08.1986  Stevenage, UK

The very last tour - it's possible that Freddie knew about his illness already at that time so MAYBE he knew it was the last time he sang live with Queen.

The ending of One Vision includes riffs from Brian's Star Fleet. Tear It Up starts with a short part of Liar. Overall Queen did play quite a few surprising bits on this tour.

There were some slight changes in some dates. The concert in Nice was rescheduled to Frejus which (as a fan story on this site proves) some fans almost haven't noticed :-) The final Knebworth date was added a bit later, when the promoter (Harvey Goldsmith) realized how quickly the tickets were selling.

Apparently Queen were also asked to play at the Seat Beach Rock festival in Ostend, Belgium on August 10 (and they probably agreed at first). But this concert had to be cancelled because of the Knebworth date.

Typical setlist

01. One Vision 15. Love Of My Life
02. Tie Your Mother Down 16. Is this the World We Created?
03. In the Lap Of The Gods rev. 17. (You're So Square) Baby...
04. Seven Seas Of Rhye 18. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye
05. Tear It Up 19. Tutti Frutti
06. A Kind Of Magic 20. Bohemian Rhapsody
07. Vocal improvisation 21. Hammer To Fall
08. Under Pressure 22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Another One Bites The Dust 23. Radio Ga Ga
10. Who Wants To Live Forever 24. We Will Rock You
11. I Want To Break Free 25. Friends Will Be Friends
12. Impromptu 26. We Are The Champions
13. Brighton Rock solo 27. God Save The Queen
14. Now I'm Here  

Tracks played only scarcely

Big Spender
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
Immigrant Song (Berlin)
Gimme Some Lovin'
Mustapha (intro)
Mustapha (full song - soundcheck in Manchester only)
Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt (Budapest)
Keep Yourself Alive (part)
Rock'n'roll improvisation (Budapest)
Get Down Make Love (part in guitar solo)
Chinese Torture (part in guitar solo)
I Feel Fine (guitar riff only - Mannheim)
Danny Boy (part in guitar solo - Slane Castle)
'39 (intro only - Cologne)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo