Tour itinerary [36 concerts]

27.05.2022  Belfast, UK 24.06.2022  Berlin, Germany
28.05.2022  Belfast, UK 26.06.2022  Cologne, Germany
30.05.2022  Manchester, UK 28.06.2022  Zurich, Switzerland
31.05.2022  Manchester, UK 29.06.2022  Munich, Germany
02.06.2022  Glasgow, UK 01.07.2022  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
03.06.2022  Glasgow, UK 02.07.2022  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
05.06.2022  London, UK 06.07.2022  Madrid, Spain
06.06.2022  London, UK 07.07.2022  Madrid, Spain
08.06.2022  London, UK 10.07.2022  Bologna, Italy
09.06.2022  London, UK 11.07.2022  Bologna, Italy
11.06.2022  Birmingham, UK 13.07.2022  Paris, France
12.06.2022  Birmingham, UK 15.07.2022  Antwerp, Belgium
14.06.2022  London, UK 17.07.2022  Copenhagen, Denmark
15.06.2022  London, UK 18.07.2022  Copenhagen, Denmark
17.06.2022  London, UK 20.07.2022  Stockholm, Sweden
18.06.2022  London, UK 21.07.2022  Oslo, Norway
20.06.2022  London, UK 24.07.2022  Tampere, Finland
21.06.2022  London, UK 25.07.2022  Tampere, Finland

Again only very few changes in the setlist compared to the previous tours. Due to Roger's voice problems several songs (I'm In Love With My Car, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, Under Pressure) have been dropped for part of the tour. Also The Show Must Go On wasn't played at half of the concerts for unknown reasons - Adam has had voice problems at some of the gigs so that might have been the reason.

Many of the songs are shortened compared to the album versions and are part of medleys. The show as such is very smooth with only three breaks (one Adam's speech, one Brian's speech, band introduction).

Typical setlist

01. Innuendo (taped intro) 17. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
02. Now I'm Here 18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
03. Tear It Up 19. Under Pressure
04. Seven Seas Of Rhye 20. A Kind Of Magic
05. Hammer To Fall 21. I Want To Break Free
06. Somebody To Love 22. You Take My Breath Away (intro)
07. Killer Queen 23. Who Wants To Live Forever
08. Don't Stop Me Now 24. Guitar Solo (incl. 'New World Symphony')
09. In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited 25. Tie Your Mother Down
10. I'm In Love With My Car 26. The Show Must Go On
11. Bicycle Race 27. Radio Ga Ga
12. Fat Bottomed Girls 28. Bohemian Rhapsody
13. Another One Bites The Dust 29. Day-O (Freddie's vocal improvisation)
14. I Want It All 30. We Will Rock You
15. Love Of My Life 31. We Are The Champions
16. '39 32. God Save The Queen

Tracks played only scarcely

Keep Yourself Alive (Belfast first night)
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner (some of the London shows)
Nessun Dorma (both Bologna shows)