Tour itinerary [41 concerts]

01.03.1974  Blackpool, UK 02.04.1974  Birmingham, UK
02.03.1974  Aylesbury, UK 16.04.1974  Denver, USA
03.03.1974  Plymouth, UK 17.04.1974  Kansas City, USA
04.03.1974  Paignton, UK 18.04.1974  St. Louis, USA
08.03.1974  Sunderland, UK 19.04.1974  Oklahoma City, USA
09.03.1974  Cambridge, UK 20.04.1974  Memphis, USA
10.03.1974  Croydon, UK 21.04.1974  New Orleans, USA
12.03.1974  Dagenham, UK 26.04.1974  Boston, USA
14.03.1974  Cheltenham, UK 27.04.1974  Providence, USA
15.03.1974  Glasgow, UK 28.04.1974  Portland, USA
16.03.1974  Stirling, UK 01.05.1974  Harrisburg, USA
19.03.1974  Cleethorpes, UK 02.05.1974  Allentown, USA
20.03.1974  Manchester, UK 03.05.1974  Wilkes Barre, USA
22.03.1974  Canvey Island, UK 04.05.1974  Waterbury, USA
23.03.1974  Cromer, UK 07.05.1974  New York, USA
24.03.1974  Colchester, UK 08.05.1974  New York, USA
26.03.1974  Isle of Man, UK 09.05.1974  New York, USA
28.03.1974  Aberystwyth, UK 10.05.1974  New York, USA (1st gig)
29.03.1974  Penzance, UK 10.05.1974  New York, USA (2nd gig)
30.03.1974  Taunton, UK 11.05.1974  New York, USA
31.03.1974  London, UK  

This is just an approximate setlist. The shows were often different and in some cases (the US tour) shorter and didn't feature White Queen or Doin' All Right. Remember: not many recordings survived.

The Birmingham concert was originally scheduled for 17th March 1974 but then postponed to 2nd April because Queen were left without sufficient crew and also had to answer police inquiries after the famous riots in Stirling (where Queen failed to return to the stage after three encores). The American tour was meant to be much longer but Brian got hepatitis and approx. 20 gigs had to be cancelled.

Typical setlist

01. Procession 09. Jailhouse Rock
02. Father To Son 10. Shake Rattle And Roll
03. Ogre Battle 11. Stupid Cupid
04. White Queen 12. Be Bop A Lula
05. Doin' All Right 13. Jailhouse Rock (reprise)
06. Son And Daughter 14. Big Spender
07. Keep Yourself Alive 15. Modern Times Rock'n'roll
08. Liar  

Tracks played only scarcely

Great King Rat
Hangman (UK)
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Bama Lama Bama Lou
See What A Fool I've Been
The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Rainbow)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo

Additional info

Here is a newspaper article mentioning Brian's illness:
Newspaper article on Brian's illness