Tour itinerary [30 concerts]

09.04.1982  Gothenburg, Sweden 06.05.1982  Cologne, Germany
10.04.1982  Stockholm, Sweden 07.05.1982  Cologne, Germany
12.04.1982  Drammen, Norway 09.05.1982  Würzburg, Germany
16.04.1982  Zurich, Switzerland 10.05.1982  Böblingen, Germany
17.04.1982  Zurich, Switzerland 12.05.1982  Vienna, Austria
19.04.1982  Paris, France 13.05.1982  Vienna, Austria
20.04.1982  Lyon, France 15.05.1982  Berlin, Germany
22.04.1982  Brussels, Belgium 16.05.1982  Hamburg, Germany
23.04.1982  Brussels, Belgium 18.05.1982  Kassel, Germany
24.04.1982  Leiden, The Netherlands 21.05.1982  Munich, Germany
25.04.1982  Leiden, The Netherlands 22.05.1982  Munich, Germany
28.04.1982  Frankfurt, Germany 29.05.1982  Leeds, UK
01.05.1982  Dortmund, Germany 01.06.1982  Edinburgh, UK
03.05.1982  Paris, France 02.06.1982  Edinburgh, UK
05.05.1982  Hanover, Germany 05.06.1982  Milton Keynes, UK

At some concerts, Tie Your Mother Down moved to the encores and either We Will Rock You or Sheer Heart Attack was played after The Hero.

Two gigs were held at a different place than originally planned - the Leeds gig was at first planned for Old Trafford in Manchester (a couple of tickets still exist) and the tour was supposed to end in Arsenal, London - not Milton Keynes. Also there were plans for a concert in Royal Albert Hall but were abandoned due to the weight of the lighting rig.

The second Frankfurt concert (29.04.1982) was cancelled - either the band changed their plans (they flew to Paris in the morning on 29.04.) or simply the Frankfurt gigs weren't sold out. People with tickets for 29.04. were invited to the 28.04.1982 concert (more seats had to be added to the floor under the balcony).

Typical setlist

01. Flash's Theme (tape) 13. Fat Bottomed Girls
02. The Hero 14. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
03. Tie Your Mother Down 15. Bohemian Rhapsody
04. Action This Day 16. Now I'm Here
05. Play The Game 17. Dragon Attack
06. Staying Power 18. Now I'm Here (reprise)
07. Somebody To Love 19. Another One Bites The Dust
08. Get Down Make Love 20. Sheer Heart Attack
09. Instrumental Inferno 21. We Will Rock You
10. Under Pressure 22. We Are The Champions
11. Love Of My Life 23. God Save The Queen
12. Save Me  

Tracks played only scarcely

We Will Rock You (fast)
Back Chat
Body Language
Mustapha (intro)
Death On Two Legs (intro)
Not Fade Away (Stockholm)
I Go Crazy (part in guitar solo)
Las Palabras De Amor (intro only - Milton Keynes)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo