Tour itinerary [44 concerts]

30.06.1980  Vancouver, Canada 22.08.1980  Philadelphia, USA
01.07.1980  Seattle, USA 23.08.1980  Baltimore, USA
02.07.1980  Portland, USA 24.08.1980  Pittsburgh, USA
05.07.1980  San Diego, USA 26.08.1980  Providence, USA
06.07.1980  Phoenix, USA 27.08.1980  Portland, USA
08.07.1980  Inglewood, USA 29.08.1980  Montreal, Canada
09.07.1980  Inglewood, USA 30.08.1980  Toronto, Canada
11.07.1980  Inglewood, USA 10.09.1980  Milwaukee, USA
12.07.1980  Inglewood, USA 12.09.1980  Kansas City, USA
13.07.1980  Oakland, USA 13.09.1980  Omaha, USA
14.07.1980  Oakland, USA 14.09.1980  St. Paul, USA
05.08.1980  Memphis, USA 16.09.1980  Ames, USA
06.08.1980  Baton Rouge, USA 17.09.1980  St. Louis, USA
08.08.1980  Oklahoma City, USA 19.09.1980  Rosemont, USA
09.08.1980  Dallas, USA 20.09.1980  Detroit, USA
10.08.1980  Houston, USA 21.09.1980  Richfield, USA
12.08.1980  Atlanta, USA 23.09.1980  Glens Falls, USA
13.08.1980  Charlotte, USA 24.09.1980  Syracuse, USA
14.08.1980  Greensboro, USA 26.09.1980  Boston, USA
16.08.1980  Charleston, USA 28.09.1980  New York, USA
17.08.1980  Indianapolis, USA 29.09.1980  New York, USA
20.08.1980  Hartford, USA 30.09.1980  New York, USA

Another One Bites The Dust was several times played in the middle of the concert.

Some gigs were rescheduled (Ames, Kansas City), some were cancelled (late August + early September). Apparently also the Cincinnati concert (17.08.) was cancelled and our Indianapolis ticket from that day confirms that (it means the original date for Indianapolis - September 11, 1980 - had also changed).

Ratty wrote: It's quite complicated, as originally the tour was set up with a break early on, to allow one of the band time off for personal events. Before the tour circumstances with the band member changed and the break was not needed. But it was too late to change everything. So we did have a break after Oakland and resumed in Memphis. There was a second break in the tour which was after the show in Toronto. And the tour re-started in Milwaukee - definitely no show at that time in Rochester.

2011 update: the dates as shown on this page ARE correct as confirmed by Ratty's second (revised) version of The Game itinerary.

Typical setlist

01. Intro 15. Fat Bottomed Girls
02. Jailhouse Rock 16. Love Of My Life
03. We Will Rock You (fast) 17. Keep Yourself Alive
04. Let Me Entertain You 18. Instrumental Inferno
05. Play The Game 19. Brighton Rock reprise
06. Mustapha 20. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
07. Death On Two Legs 21. Bohemian Rhapsody
08. Killer Queen 22. Tie Your Mother Down
09. I'm In Love With My Car 23. Another One Bites The Dust
10. Get Down Make Love 24. Sheer Heart Attack
11. Save Me 25. We Will Rock You
12. Now I'm Here 26. We Are The Champions
13. Dragon Attack 27. God Save The Queen
14. Now I'm Here (reprise)  

Tracks played only scarcely

You're My Best Friend
Need Your Loving Tonight
Somebody To Love
'39 (part)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo