Tour itinerary [23 concerts]

04.10.2023  Baltimore, USA 27.10.2023  St. Paul, USA
05.10.2023  Baltimore, USA 28.10.2023  St. Paul, USA
08.10.2023  Toronto, Canada 30.10.2023  Chicago, USA
10.10.2023  Detroit, USA 31.10.2023  Chicago, USA
12.10.2023  New York, USA 02.11.2023  Dallas, USA
13.10.2023  New York, USA 03.11.2023  Dallas, USA
15.10.2023  Boston, USA 05.11.2023  Denver, USA
16.10.2023  Boston, USA 08.11.2023  San Francisco, USA
18.10.2023  Philadelphia, USA 09.11.2023  San Francisco, USA
21.10.2023  Austin, USA 11.11.2023  Los Angeles, USA
23.10.2023  Atlanta, USA 12.11.2023  Los Angeles, USA
25.10.2023  Nashville, USA  

Still the same Rhapsody tour, just some minor differences. The Machines intro works very well - unlike the weird division of Radio Ga Ga into two parts (for the intro and the encore). Both versions include a short excerpts from Machines. Bicycle Race is missing the instrumental part and segues directly into Fat Bottomed Girls. Killer Queen is followed by a short band introduction. Perhaps the most interesting bit is the slow version of Tie Your Mother Down in the first verse (similar to what Brian played in the acoustic sets before his Another World tour), the rest of the song is played at the usual pace.

Typical setlist

1. Machines (Or 'Back to Humans') (taped intro) 17. Under Pressure
2. Radio Ga Ga 18. Tie Your Mother Down
3. Hammer to Fall 19. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
4. Another One Bites The Dust 20. I Want To Break Free
5. I'm in Love With My Car 21. You Take My Breath Away (taped intro)
6. Bicycle Race 22. Who Wants To Live Forever
7. Fat Bottomed Girls 23. Guitar Solo (incl. 'New World Symphony')
8. I Want It All 24. Is This The World We Created?
9. A Kind Of Magic 25. The Show Must Go On
10. Killer Queen 26. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. Don't Stop Me Now 27. Day-O (Wembley '86 vocal improvisation)
12. Somebody to Love 28. We Will Rock You
13. Love Of My Life 29. Radio Ga Ga
14. '39 30. We Are the Champions
15. Timpani Solo (video from Montreal 1981) 31. God Save The Queen
16. Drum Solo  

Tracks played only scarcely

Stone Cold Crazy (first 9 concerts)