Tour itinerary [48 concerts]

27.06.1970  Truro, UK 19.07.1971  Hayle, UK
01.07.1970  Penzance, UK 24.07.1971  Wadebridge, UK
18.07.1970  London, UK 29.07.1971  Penzance, UK
25.07.1970  Truro, UK 31.07.1971  Truro, UK
23.08.1970  London, UK 02.08.1971  Hayle, UK
04.09.1970  London, UK 09.08.1971  St. Agnes, UK
16.10.1970  London, UK 12.08.1971  Truro, UK
22.10.1970  Derby, UK 14.08.1971  Culdrose, UK
23.10.1970  London, UK 17.08.1971  Truro, UK
30.10.1970  St. Helens, UK 21.08.1971  Truro, UK
31.10.1970  Liverpool, UK 06.10.1971  London, UK
14.11.1970  Hertford, UK 09.12.1971  Epsom, UK
05.12.1970  Egham, UK 31.12.1971  Twickenham, UK
10.12.1970  London, UK 28.01.1972  London, UK
18.12.1970  St. Helens, UK 10.03.1972  London, UK
19.12.1970  St. Helens, UK 24.03.1972  London, UK
08.01.1971  London, UK 25.04.1972  London, UK
09.01.1971  Ewell, UK 06.11.1972  London, UK
19.02.1971  London, UK 09.12.1972  Epsom, UK
20.02.1971  London, UK 20.12.1972  London, UK
02.07.1971  Surrey, UK 09.04.1973  London, UK
11.07.1971  London, UK 13.07.1973  Basingstoke, UK
17.07.1971  Penzance, UK 23.07.1973  London, UK
18.07.1971  London, UK 03.08.1973  Newcastle, UK

Exact setlists from the very early days remain unknown. It is known Queen used to play some Smile tracks (Doing Alright, maybe See What A Fool I've Been), a couple of their own tracks from the yet-to-be-released debut LP (Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, Great King Rat, Modern Times Rock'n'roll, Son And Daughter), the famous never-released track Hangman and some more pearls such as an early version of Stone Cold Crazy, Jesus and Night Comes Down (the latter two were never played live again after 1973). The concerts were always finished with a medley of rock'n'roll covers. The only known recordings from this era are in private collections of Brian May, former Queen bass players or Queen Productions.

There have been rumours that the band changed their name from 'Smile' to 'Queen' much later than after the Truro 1970 concert. I've already found two people who attended the Hertford concert and they confirmed that the band changed their name to 'Queen' shortly before the Hertford gig (after the Liverpool concert). But - there are flyers from summer 1970 advertising the band as 'Queen'. So it's just possible they were advertised as 'Smile' on some flyers during summer 1970 because Smile were quite a well known band in the university circles.

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This note from Roger's diary confirms Queen named themselves 'Queen' around that date - May 27, 1970.
Queen - band name mentioned for the first time