Tour itinerary [76 concerts]

30.10.1974  Manchester, UK 15.02.1975  Boston, USA (1st gig)
31.10.1974  Hanley, UK 15.02.1975  Boston, USA (2nd gig)
01.11.1974  Liverpool, UK 16.02.1975  New York, USA (1st gig)
02.11.1974  Leeds, UK 16.02.1975  New York, USA (2nd gig)
03.11.1974  Coventry, UK 17.02.1975  Trenton, USA
05.11.1974  Sheffield, UK 19.02.1975  Lewiston, USA
06.11.1974  Bradford, UK 21.02.1975  Passaic, USA
07.11.1974  Newcastle, UK 22.02.1975  Harrisburg, USA
08.11.1974  Glasgow, UK 23.02.1975  Philadelphia, USA (1st gig)
09.11.1974  Lancaster, UK 23.02.1975  Philadelphia, USA (2nd gig)
10.11.1974  Preston, UK 24.02.1975  Washington, USA
12.11.1974  Bristol, UK 05.03.1975  La Crosse, USA
13.11.1974  Bournemouth, UK 06.03.1975  Madison, USA
14.11.1974  Southampton, UK 07.03.1975  Milwaukee, USA
15.11.1974  Swansea, UK 08.03.1975  Chicago, USA
16.11.1974  Birmingham, UK 09.03.1975  St. Louis, USA
18.11.1974  Oxford, UK 10.03.1975  Fort Wayne, USA
19.11.1974  London, UK 12.03.1975  Atlanta, USA
20.11.1974  London, UK 13.03.1975  Charleston, USA
23.11.1974  Gothenburg, Sweden 17.03.1975  Miami, USA
25.11.1974  Helsinki, Finland 18.03.1975  New Orleans, USA
27.11.1974  Lund, Sweden 20.03.1975  San Antonio, USA
02.12.1974  Munich, Germany 22.03.1975  Dallas, USA
04.12.1974  Frankfurt, Germany 25.03.1975  Tulsa, USA
05.12.1974  Hamburg, Germany 29.03.1975  Santa Monica, USA (1st gig)
06.12.1974  Cologne, Germany 29.03.1975  Santa Monica, USA (2nd gig)
08.12.1974  Hague, The Netherlands 30.03.1975  San Francisco, USA
10.12.1974  Brussels, Belgium 02.04.1975  Edmonton, Canada
13.12.1974  Barcelona, Spain 03.04.1975  Calgary, Canada
05.02.1975  Columbus, USA 06.04.1975  Seattle, USA
07.02.1975  Dayton, USA 19.04.1975  Tokyo, Japan
08.02.1975  Cleveland, USA (1st gig) 22.04.1975  Nagoya, Japan
08.02.1975  Cleveland, USA (2nd gig) 23.04.1975  Kobe, Japan
09.02.1975  South Bend, USA 25.04.1975  Fukuoka, Japan
10.02.1975  Detroit, USA 28.04.1975  Okayama, Japan
11.02.1975  Toledo, USA 29.04.1975  Shizuoka, Japan
12.02.1975  Cincinnati, USA 30.04.1975  Yokohama, Japan
14.02.1975  Waterbury, USA 01.05.1975  Tokyo, Japan

There were slight differences between the UK, US and Japanese tour. The Japanese shows were a bit longer (Queen even played Hangman and See What A Fool I've Been a couple of times), perhaps it's due to the warm welcome they received from the Japanese fans.

Some sources say the concert in Lund (Sweden) was cancelled too. There has been a research by several guys living in Scandinavia and it seems that although the famous traffic accident happened BEFORE the Lund concert (a newspaper article states it was approx. 120 kilometers south of Stockholm in the night between 26th and 27th), in the end the Lund concert WAS held (it was probably too late to cancel the show) and only the gigs in Denmark and Norway had to be cancelled.

Some North American gigs in February and March were cancelled too. For example the show on March 14th 1975 in St. Petersburg, FL at Sunshine Speedway never took place. The reason for the cancellation of this show wasn't due to any band members illness. The facility wasn't large enough or safely able to handle Queen in concert. The promoters and band management decided to cancel because the seating was deemed to be unsafe for the number of people expected to attend. The stage was built in the infield and the small wooden bleachers around the track were just too old to rely on for a rock n roll show. Also the Vancouver gig scheduled for April 5, 1975 was cancelled because Freddie had a sore throat.

As far as we know, there's no evidence that God Save The Queen was already played during the UK tour... probably it was just sung by the audience from time to time and Queen decided to record it as outro for the US tour.

Typical setlist

01. Procession 11. Son & Daughter
02. Now I'm Here 12. Keep Yourself Alive
03. Ogre Battle 13. Seven Seas Of Rhye
04. Father To Son 14. Stone Cold Crazy
05. White Queen 15. Liar
06. Flick Of The Wrist 16. In The Lap Of The Gods... revisited
07. In The Lap Of The Gods 17. Big Spender
08. Killer Queen 18. Modern Times Rock'n'roll
09. March Of The Black Queen 19. Jailhouse Rock
10. Bring Back That Leroy Brown 20. God Save The Queen

Tracks played only scarcely

Hangman (Japan)
Great King Rat (Japan)
Doin' All Right (Japan)
See What A Fool I've Been (some Japanese gigs)
Stupid Cupid
Be Bop A Lula

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo

Additional info

Here is a newspaper ad promoting the tour:
Newspaper ad promoting the Sheer Heart Attack tour
The June/July 1975 fan club newsletter reveals there was an American tour planned for August! Of course, that never happened...
1975 official fan club newsletter
1975 official fan club newsletter
1975 official fan club newsletter