Tour itinerary [41 concerts]

28.03.2005  London, UK 04.05.2005  Manchester, UK
30.03.2005  Paris, France 06.05.2005  Birmingham, UK
01.04.2005  Madrid, Spain 07.05.2005  Cardiff, UK
02.04.2005  Barcelona, Spain 09.05.2005  Sheffield, UK
04.04.2005  Rome, Italy 11.05.2005  London, UK
05.04.2005  Milan, Italy 13.05.2005  Belfast, UK
07.04.2005  Firenze, Italy 14.05.2005  Dublin, Ireland
08.04.2005  Pesaro, Italy 02.07.2005  Lisbon, Portugal
10.04.2005  Basel, Switzerland 06.07.2005  Cologne, Germany
13.04.2005  Vienna, Austria 10.07.2005  Arnhem, The Netherlands
14.04.2005  Munich, Germany 15.07.2005  London, UK
16.04.2005  Prague, Czech Republic 08.10.2005  Oranjestad, Aruba
17.04.2005  Leipzig, Germany 16.10.2005  East Rutherford, USA
19.04.2005  Frankfurt, Germany 22.10.2005  Los Angeles, USA
20.04.2005  Antwerp, Belgium 26.10.2005  Saitama, Japan
23.04.2005  Budapest, Hungary 27.10.2005  Saitama, Japan
25.04.2005  Dortmund, Germany 29.10.2005  Yokohama, Japan
26.04.2005  Rotterdam, The Netherlands 30.10.2005  Yokohama, Japan
28.04.2005  Hamburg, Germany 01.11.2005  Nagoya, Japan
30.04.2005  Stockholm, Sweden 03.11.2005  Fukuoka, Japan
03.05.2005  Newcastle, UK  

The tour was full of small changes in the setlist - which depended mostly on the condition of Paul's voice. So this is an approximate setlist that was typical for most gigs in the middle of the tour.

The first song of the concert was Eminem's Lose Yourself from the tape although most recordings also include It's A Beautiful Day [remix] or Track 13 - these were the last songs played from tape before the actual concerts. Fat Bottomed Girls included a short riff from White Man, Brian's guitar solo included a VERY loud and painful part of Chinese Torture. After Paul's throat problems occurred for the first time, A Little Bit Of Love and Feel Like Makin' Love were dropped off the setlist (the latter one returned back after some time) and Seagull was replaced by Say It's Not True. Depending on Paul's voice condition, vocals in two songs were shared by different people: Hammer To Fall was either sung by (1.) Brian (slow) and Paul (fast) or (2.) Brian (slow) and Roger (fast) or (3.) Brian (1st verse) and Paul (2nd verse and fast) and I Want It All was sung by Brian or Paul. Some more interesting facts: part of I Want To Break Free was mostly sung by the audience, Say It's Not True and I'm In Love With My Car were sung by Roger, Brian of course sang '39 (one or two verses) and Love Of My Life. Radio Ga Ga was sung by Roger (first part) and Paul (finale), in one chorus they shared the vocals together. Bohemian Rhapsody was a virtual duet of Freddie (the balladic part and the very end) and Paul (the rock part).

The Sheffield gig was filmed and released on a DVD in October 2005. The Hyde Park gig was originally scheduled for July 8 but due to terrorist attacks in London (July 7) rescheduled to July 15.

The Japanese dates finally brought a "rolling" setlist with a couple of surprises - an acoustic version of I Was Born To Love You or the return of Brian's Long Away were certainly welcomed very well!

Typical setlist

01. Lose Yourself [tape] 15. Guitar solo
02. Reachin' Out 16. Last Horizon
03. Tie Your Mother Down 17. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
04. I Want To Break Free 18. Radio Ga Ga
05. Fat Bottomed Girls 19. Can't Get Enough
06. Wishing Well 20. A Kind Of Magic
07. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 21. I Want It All
08. Say It's Not True 22. Bohemian Rhapsody
09. '39 23. The Show Must Go On
10. Love Of My Life 24. All Right Now
11. Hammer To Fall slow/fast 25. We Will Rock You
12. Feel Like Makin' Love 26. We Are The Champions
13. Let There Be Drums 27. God Save The Queen
14. I'm In Love With My Car  

Tracks played only scarcely

A Little Bit Of Love (first 6 concerts only)
Seagull (first 6 concerts only)
Another One Bites The Dust (from Birmingham on)
Under Pressure (6 of the UK/Irish gigs)
Fire And Water (Belfast, Dublin and Tokyo only)
Long Away (one verse only - Pesaro, Budapest, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka)
Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt (part only - Budapest)
'39 - two verses (first time in Leipzig, then in several more gigs)
Danube Waltz (in guitar solo - Vienna)
Molly Malone (in guitar solo - Dublin)
Sakura (in guitar solo - Tokyo)
Sunshine Of Your Love (part - Newcastle)
Imagine (Hyde Park only)
Bad Company (Aruba, both US dates + 2 Japanese dates)
Rock'n'roll Fantasy (Aruba, both US dates)
Teo Torriatte (Japanese dates only)
I Was Born To Love You (Japanese dates only)

A concert photo from this tour

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