Tour itinerary [35 concerts]

19.06.2014  Chicago, USA 20.07.2014  Columbia, USA
21.06.2014  Winnipeg, Canada 22.07.2014  Boston, USA
23.06.2014  Saskatoon, Canada 23.07.2014  East Rutherford, USA
24.06.2014  Edmonton, Canada 25.07.2014  Uncasville, USA
26.06.2014  Calgary, Canada 26.07.2014  Atlantic City, USA
28.06.2014  Vancouver, Canada 28.07.2014  Toronto, Canada
01.07.2014  San Jose, USA 14.08.2014  Seoul, South Korea
03.07.2014  Inglewood, USA 16.08.2014  Osaka, Japan
05.07.2014  Las Vegas, USA 17.08.2014  Chiba, Japan
06.07.2014  Las Vegas, USA 22.08.2014  Perth, Australia
09.07.2014  Houston, USA 26.08.2014  Sydney, Australia
10.07.2014  Dallas, USA 27.08.2014  Sydney, Australia
12.07.2014  Auburn Hills, USA 29.08.2014  Melbourne, Australia
13.07.2014  Toronto, Canada 30.08.2014  Melbourne, Australia
14.07.2014  Montreal, Canada 01.09.2014  Brisbane, Australia
16.07.2014  Philadelphia, USA 03.09.2014  Auckland, New Zealand
17.07.2014  New York, USA 04.09.2014  Auckland, New Zealand
19.07.2014  Uncasville, USA  

The setlist was virtually unchanged during the North American tour). Don't Stop Me Now appeared in the setlist only for five shows. The Show Must Go On disappeared from the setlist (official explanation: due to an early curfew) and a very interesting slow version of Love Kills was replaced by Dragon Attack in Atlantic City.

Last Horizon is now played in two parts during Brian's solo. God Save The Queen is again played one minute after WATC (just like during the previous Q+AL tour).

The Asian festivals obviously brought some changes (due to the length of the gigs) and there were also minor changes for the Australian leg. However, towards the end of the Australian tour the setlist basically reverted to the US version.

A nice page with detailed info on individual gigs:

Typical setlist

01. Intro: Procession [tape] 15. Under Pressure
02. Now I'm Here 16. Love Kills
03. Stone Cold Crazy 17. Who Wants To Live Forever
04. Another One Bites The Dust 18. Guitar Solo
05. Fat Bottomed Girls 19. Last Horizon
06. In the Lap Of The Gods... Revisited 20. Tie Your Mother Down
07. Seven Seas Of Rhye 21. Radio Ga Ga
08. Killer Queen 22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
09. Somebody To Love 23. The Show Must Go On
10. I Want It All 24. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. Love Of My Life 25. We Will Rock You
12. '39 26. We Are The Champions
13. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 27. God Save The Queen
14. Drum Battle  

Tracks played only scarcely

Don't Stop Me Now (five concerts during the first part of the North American leg)
Dragon Attack (Atlantic City, Toronto, Australia)
I Was Born To Love You (Asian leg)
Teo Torriatte (Japan)
I Want To Break Free (Australia)
A Kind Of Magic (Australia)
Waltzing Matilda (Brisbane 01.09.)
Don't Dream It's Over (Auckland 04.09.)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo