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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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My Top 10 Favorite Lesser Known Queen Songs (No Hits) - 1. Dragon attack 2. Flick of the wrist 3. Dead o... by whynot on 24.03.2018
Is the European Tour completely sold out? - At least it was Queen, this band ain't. ... by whynot on 05.12.2017
Would you folks consider Adam Lambert a "rock star"? - No way!!! ... by whynot on 22.11.2017
All dead, all dead by freddie mercury on the radio - Superb version. Pity this was not released as the ... by whynot on 26.10.2017
If you could just have 3 Queen albums in your CD collection - Jazz A night at the Odeon Live Killers... by whynot on 24.09.2017
Which intro of Queen songs do you like most? - For me: - Hammer to fall - Dragon attack - Deat... by whynot on 30.08.2017
Innuendo - One of my least favourite albums. 1. Innuendo 2... by whynot on 20.05.2017
25 years ago today: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert - What I remember most was the sound of "Enter Sandm... by whynot on 20.04.2017
Body language, sweet lady and white man, the 3 worst queen songs - Don't loose your head, More of that Jazz & Party. ... by whynot on 24.01.2017
Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert Memories - The soundcheck of Somebody to love, a few hours be... by whynot on 15.05.2016
For those that actually saw Queen live back in the day - Saw Queen in 1982, 1984 and 1986. Queen were a gre... by whynot on 17.01.2015
Works tour revelation - Saw them in 1982, 1984 and 1986). I have to say th... by whynot on 10.12.2014
ticketsales - I'm a Queen fan since 1979. The current line up ha... by whynot on 01.11.2014
Who is the best singer in the world right now? - Music is not about being the best, but about being... by whynot on 28.10.2014
What is the one Queen song you would like to have re-worked? - None, they're all good as they are. ... by whynot on 08.09.2014
BRIAN MAY CONFIRMS SEVERAL TRACKS ON "QUEEN FOREVER" - Oh no, not again Freddie solo songs on a Queen alb... by whynot on 09.08.2014
Top and Bottom 10 Queen Songs - Top: 1. Fat bottomed girls 2. March of the black... by whynot on 16.07.2014
If You Could Just Have Three Queen Albums In Your Collection. - 1. Jazz 2. Live Killers 3. Queen 1... by whynot on 18.07.2013
What is your favourite Queen album? - Jazz... by whynot on 18.03.2013
Capturing the Queen sound at home - Don't forget the Pete Cornish treble booster. He w... by whynot on 23.08.2012
VOTE FOR QUEEN PERFORMANCE AT OLYMPICS - No way. ... by whynot on 16.08.2012
We will rock you! Freddie Mercury back to get stadium rocking at Olympic cl - Please stop using the name Queen for a 2 man band.... by whynot on 13.08.2012
what the hell is happening with john deacon? - That's what Brian and Roger also should have done,... by whynot on 24.06.2012
Favourite B-side - I go crazy,... by whynot on 15.03.2012
Question(s) for all those that hate Hot Space - I liked it when the album came out, and still like... by whynot on 13.02.2012
Random pic of a guy - I had that poster when i was a kid.... by whynot on 22.08.2011
Queen - Leiden 1986 Topic - Was there on the 1 and 3 concert. Amazing show. Re... by whynot on 27.05.2011
Similarities Between Roger Solo Work and Pink Floyd? - Not realy a comparisison between Roger Taylor and ... by whynot on 29.03.2011
Top songs from each album - from Queen I: Great King Rat  from Queen II: T... by whynot on 24.03.2011
Party...Queen's worst song - 1. Delilah 2. More of that Jazz 3. Don't loose y... by whynot on 21.03.2011
Two Live Albums In Top 40 - Thin lizzy's "Live and Dangerous" is the indeed th... by whynot on 02.03.2010
Songs That Didn't Work Out Live - 1.    Another one bites the dust 2.    ... by whynot on 24.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - 1. More of that Jazz 2. Ride the wild wind 3. Do... by whynot on 01.02.2010
Best Guitar Work by Brian May - Doesn't make sense to compare guitarists. You can'... by whynot on 01.01.2010
What is your most played Queen song(s)? - 1. Save Me - Rock Montreal 2. Play the Game -... by whynot on 14.07.2009
Worst song - By far: "A human body" ... by whynot on 19.04.2009
Uneven albums? - I partly agree. The consequence of democracy in th... by whynot on 02.04.2009
Klaus Meine of Scorpions - He is one of the greatest singers ever...??? He... by whynot on 04.05.2008
Queen big mistakes. - Opening show USA '82 with Rock It, Brian opened in... by whynot on 28.12.2007
Why Montreal!!!!!! - Because QP doens't care about the fans needs. The ... by whynot on 20.08.2007
US Singles - Normaly it's the record company who decides what s... by whynot on 09.06.2007
Leiden 84 ITtWWC singalong for The Hero - I was there 22 years ago. Superb concert !!... by whynot on 18.07.2006
Which Queen sogns do you dislike - Coming Soon More of that Jazz Cool Cat ... by whynot on 28.06.2006
Most Talented - Freddie Mercury of course both in songwriting and ... by whynot on 22.04.2006
Over or under 30? - 38: Jazz and A day at the races ... by whynot on 14.02.2006
PAUL RODGERS HAS RUINED OUR BELOVED QUEEN - Queen are: Freddie Mercury; John Deacon; Roger ... by whynot on 26.01.2006
Whats your favourite song? - John Deacon isn't the best bass player that's John... by whynot on 11.10.2005
Worst and Best Freddie look - Best look: Jazz tour Worst Look: Play the game vi... by whynot on 04.10.2005
hangman new question - See what a fool I've been is another track that wa... by whynot on 12.06.2005