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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by 'KenJ_1986'

Freddie Quote - I find this easy to believe, but I want to verify ... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
John Deacon's Masterpieces - It is just me, or is it REALLY hard to dislike any... by KenJ_1986 on 20.02.2005
It's Late - I just want to convey my praise for the song "... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Greatest Video Hits III? - Hi, I'm just beginning to "beef up" my Q... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005

66 posts by user 'KenJ_1986'

What song got you into Queen? - BoRhap, Wayne's World, 1992, Age: 6... by KenJ_1986 on 26.07.2005
live cds - Queen On Fire: Live at the Bowl...... by KenJ_1986 on 26.07.2005
No Subject - *shakes head* And the moron couldn't even curse i... by KenJ_1986 on 25.06.2005
Which Album should i buy next? - GET THEM ALL!... by KenJ_1986 on 16.06.2005
Brian's CBE - One doesn't have to be in denial about Freddie's... by KenJ_1986 on 11.06.2005
First Queen video you ever saw - The first Queen video I ever saw was Bohemian Rhap... by KenJ_1986 on 06.06.2005
Guitar Orchestration of All Dead All Dead - I imagine the sound comes from the custom "... by KenJ_1986 on 05.06.2005
Dementia? - I thought Freddie was exchanging insults with some... by KenJ_1986 on 01.06.2005
Doing All Right - Liar is my FAV song from Queen I I was surprised ... by KenJ_1986 on 15.05.2005
Freddie vs. God - Freddie would win. It's very dangerous to mess wit... by KenJ_1986 on 15.05.2005
worst queen song - I like ALL queen songs... some from Hot Space not ... by KenJ_1986 on 13.05.2005
Calming effect - You're my best friend It's late Play the game Q... by KenJ_1986 on 07.05.2005
Any singers out there? - I can sing that one, but i have to go an octave... by KenJ_1986 on 29.04.2005
Weirdest place you've heard a Queen song? - I live in the USA, so it is a rare and exciting mo... by KenJ_1986 on 22.04.2005
Why did band put "Fried Chicken" lyrics to end "One Vision" - They did it to mess with your mind... just so you'... by KenJ_1986 on 02.04.2005
Why are the name of each band member mentioned in Invisible man? - Yeah, they (the rappers) even said freddie's name ... by KenJ_1986 on 29.03.2005
Freddie actually giving a final statment/not acting in TATDOOL Video/song - Let's have a transcript or somethinG! Or convert... by KenJ_1986 on 15.03.2005
Another One Bites The Dust on GH3 - The CONCEPT of using the bass part for a rap song ... by KenJ_1986 on 13.03.2005
TEST - What's this? I've wandered into an arguement... *p... by KenJ_1986 on 12.03.2005
Your Favorite band member? Dare I say... - BITE YOUR TONGUE! That was treason!... by KenJ_1986 on 12.03.2005
excuse me! - I just thought it was about a young woman and a ma... by KenJ_1986 on 12.03.2005
HOT NEWS: Better Than A Box Set II - I wish I lived in Europe... You guys get all the e... by KenJ_1986 on 11.03.2005
BRIAN'S HAIR - The eternal hair will rule forever atop the greate... by KenJ_1986 on 08.03.2005
Queen in Lesbian Bondage Shocker - I think it's very nice... I mean, it's not excessi... by KenJ_1986 on 06.03.2005
What Is Your Most Treasured Queen Merchandise - I have a Queen T-Shirt. That is my only really &qu... by KenJ_1986 on 05.03.2005
The Weirdest Queen Song - Weirdest Queen Song: March of the Black Queen I... by KenJ_1986 on 05.03.2005
Greatest Hits 3 Dvd? - I started a topic about that a while ago... I was ... by KenJ_1986 on 05.03.2005
If you could only take 2...... - ANATO ADATR... by KenJ_1986 on 04.03.2005
YOUNG QUEEN FANS - I'm 18. I've been a queen fan all my life. My firs... by KenJ_1986 on 04.03.2005
5 favorite queen songs - 1. It's Late 2. Long Away 3. You And I 4. Teo T... by KenJ_1986 on 04.03.2005
Shame on the Queen!!! - Interestingly enough, it is against the Consti... by KenJ_1986 on 02.03.2005
The Cross - Manipulator (Extended Version) - i would like a copy as well, thanks kenj_1986@y... by KenJ_1986 on 28.02.2005
Teo Torriatte HD Mix 2005: Your Opinions - It makes the song better... I really like the new ... by KenJ_1986 on 27.02.2005
WHAT QUEEN ALBUM SOUNDS DATED TO YOU - Yeah, I forgot about that one... A Kind of Magic... by KenJ_1986 on 23.02.2005
Sheer Heart Attack - I say abbreviations are fine so long as a previous... by KenJ_1986 on 23.02.2005
WHAT QUEEN ALBUM SOUNDS DATED TO YOU - only hot space... everything else is old, but stil... by KenJ_1986 on 23.02.2005
Queen Poor Without John - Poor John... He's always blamed for something... F... by KenJ_1986 on 23.02.2005
how old is everyone on here?? - born 25 May 1986 approx. 18 yo... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
Freddie Quote - I find this easy to believe, but I want to verify ... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
On Hold in the USA - That is a surprise! A very pleasant one indeed! He... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
Can some one explain? - I used to think it was "gunpowder, jellybean... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
Petals around the Rose - I couldn't get it, so i cheated and looked up the ... by KenJ_1986 on 22.02.2005
hello queen lovers - I think this "snakebite" guy's a dumbass... by KenJ_1986 on 21.02.2005
what is the saddest song???? - Even more if you see the video... Freddie was no... by KenJ_1986 on 21.02.2005
Top 5 Queen Videos - They are all great, but if I must choose... 1. ... by KenJ_1986 on 21.02.2005
Can some one explain? - It says: "Perfume came naturally from Pari... by KenJ_1986 on 21.02.2005
John Deacon's Masterpieces - It is just me, or is it REALLY hard to dislike any... by KenJ_1986 on 20.02.2005
Synthesisers - No synths until The Game. That's the official stor... by KenJ_1986 on 20.02.2005
some good depressing queen songs - All Dead, All Dead a good depressing song, but no... by KenJ_1986 on 20.02.2005
Best and Worst moments of Queen - Hey, Freddie's moustache was awesome. It was his... by KenJ_1986 on 19.02.2005
Please your favorite to least favorite Queen albums. - Yeah, I prefer Freddie's to Brian's... Freddie... by KenJ_1986 on 19.02.2005
if your friend never heard queen... - My friends already had a stereotype of Queen in th... by KenJ_1986 on 19.02.2005
Greatest Video Hits III? - YES! Thank you! I will be eagerly (impatiently a... by KenJ_1986 on 19.02.2005
AIDS - Does it matter? Freddie died, and we should work t... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
It's Late - I just want to convey my praise for the song "... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Overly Obsessed Queen Fans - There IS a fine line between "fan" and s... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Freddie Driving - I certainly can't blame him! I would never drive i... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
What made John Deacon decide to retire? - It's not a wig! It's the "ETERNAL HAIR"!... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Greatest Video Hits III? - Hi, I'm just beginning to "beef up" my Q... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
SOUND LIKE FREDDIE... - No one can EVER come close to the amazing voice of... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
--- - If you don't mind, darling, I'd like a copy as wel... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Best and Worst moments of Queen - Best: 1. Queen - The Game 2. The Miracle - Made ... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
Song "Jesus" - It's just a darn good song! Freddie was all about ... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
What Queen period is your favorite?? - 1973-1991, 1997 I love all Queen except about hal... by KenJ_1986 on 18.02.2005
MOST INSPIRING SONG - My favourites for inspiration right now are listed... by KenJ_1986 on 17.02.2005
It's fun to smoke Marijuana - I agree; simply rubbish. It is a good song, and if... by KenJ_1986 on 16.02.2005