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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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0 discussions started by 'Hoopsie'

52 posts by user 'Hoopsie'

Were Freddie and Roger lovers? - ^^This. ... by Hoopsie on 02.02.2015
Last Horizon - Drums - I see what you did there. ... by Hoopsie on 31.01.2015
do you think the younger generation only cares about freddie's aids status? - You simply cannot generalize so broadly as to say ... by Hoopsie on 30.01.2015
Exchanging the Freddie moustache among the other 3 members (photo request) - Aww.... somebody give Bri one that suits his face ... by Hoopsie on 29.01.2015
Story that sticks out in your mind - Peaches and The Dungeon and New Orleans i.e. Brian... by Hoopsie on 24.01.2015
This is the real truth... about Queen. - fofum- You need to remember: every pill every day.... by Hoopsie on 18.01.2015
Relationship between John Deacon and Brian May - All fanwankers need to understand the simple conce... by Hoopsie on 17.01.2015
No ofence! How many gays here? - Probably the same as anywhere else- I believe th... by Hoopsie on 17.01.2015
Relationship between John Deacon and Brian May - Thinking that the relationship between Brian and J... by Hoopsie on 14.01.2015
The state of Queen today - For me it boils down to simple facts. Would I p... by Hoopsie on 12.01.2015
About Jim Beach - Yes, and that is important. We are all born n... by Hoopsie on 07.01.2015
About Jim Beach - Have you even searched? Use the search field at t... by Hoopsie on 06.01.2015
John Deacon in 2014/2015 - Another "I know things but won't tell you" post.... by Hoopsie on 06.01.2015
John Deacon in 2014/2015 - To continue: Fan entitlement is a big bugaboo o... by Hoopsie on 03.01.2015
John Deacon in 2014/2015 - This topic has been beat to death IMO, but I wil... by Hoopsie on 03.01.2015
John Deacon in 2014/2015 - Good grief, the man retired and wants to be 100% d... by Hoopsie on 03.01.2015
. - If only there was a way to disagree without name c... by Hoopsie on 30.12.2014
. - Why do they feel the need to lie about [i]anythi... by Hoopsie on 29.12.2014
. - I browsed every page of every topic on this en... by Hoopsie on 29.12.2014
Will we ever see another band such as Queen in our lifetime? I think I have - It sounds as if you believe music wasn't invented ... by Hoopsie on 29.12.2014
What is going on on Brian's face in this photo? - I always liked it- he looks like an old Italian wi... by Hoopsie on 15.12.2014
Queen bass drum heads - Well it's not exactly the Queen Crest but it's clo... by Hoopsie on 12.12.2014
what's this? - Sounded real to me.... by Hoopsie on 07.12.2014
Is The Show Must Go On particularly well liked? - It's definitely one of my Top 5 Queen songs. Numb... by Hoopsie on 06.12.2014
Brian May is the most fantastically emotive guitar player in the world - Brian played the single most emotive, heartbreakin... by Hoopsie on 30.11.2014
Question about Magic tour shows - Still merely a subjective opinion. ... by Hoopsie on 28.11.2014
Those seats at the side of the stage.... - I'd do it in a hot minute. Anyone want to buy a k... by Hoopsie on 19.11.2014
Freddie Mercury's HIV Diagnosis – Some Insight – 1985 to 1987 - double post... by Hoopsie on 16.11.2014
Freddie Mercury's HIV Diagnosis – Some Insight – 1985 to 1987 - People just want to understand... A man who was... by Hoopsie on 16.11.2014
Pointless fact about '39 - So far! Give technology a chance. ... by Hoopsie on 14.11.2014
Queen: Rarely More Than A Four Piece Band - Thank God for small favors. ... by Hoopsie on 13.11.2014
Freddie Mercury -Way too young - I find this far more offensive than any comment ... by Hoopsie on 12.11.2014
HOW TO SING LIKE FREDDIE MERCURY - QUEEN by Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Thoughts? He's selling something and dropping big... by Hoopsie on 11.11.2014
The llama's turned into a chimp - THANK YOU. ... by Hoopsie on 11.11.2014
Q+AL ON X FACTOR - Either it is a few weeks, 2 weeks, or next week, d... by Hoopsie on 09.11.2014
What are Brian's best "high-pitched descents" from guitar solos? - Blasphemer. ... by Hoopsie on 30.10.2014
Do u think I Am Going Slightly Mad is related to AIDS Dementia? - Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. So, no. I a... by Hoopsie on 30.10.2014
Best Queen song as a first dance in a wedding - Weddings are 100% personal affairs and can be st... by Hoopsie on 14.10.2014
Somebody to Love lyrics - Meaning - Heh, there are a lot of Queen songs whose lyrics n... by Hoopsie on 13.10.2014
Freddie's lack of interview during 1989-1991 - Is that interview available anywhere now? Is it t... by Hoopsie on 11.10.2014
Brian interview - Wonderful interview!! Stick it out.... by Hoopsie on 06.10.2014
NEW QUEEN-FASHION VIDEO with Brian and Zandra Rhodes - Well, I enjoyed it!... by Hoopsie on 06.10.2014
No Tickets ! - Email Brian- there are always extra VIP seats held... by Hoopsie on 04.10.2014
Was Freddie really a good person? - [quote]Kahle33 wrote: I You meet Freddie right n... by Hoopsie on 30.09.2014
YouTube clips being removed - He said that, yes, but also remember that they s... by Hoopsie on 29.09.2014
Hot gas - I think the whole point of their body of work bein... by Hoopsie on 27.09.2014
Queen announcement - With Brian May? He's the only reason I would ... by Hoopsie on 27.09.2014
Was Freddie really a good person? - Such a black and white question... shades of gray.... by Hoopsie on 27.09.2014
The Spree Of Brian May! - This little ditty is priceless and illustrates for... by Hoopsie on 23.09.2014
Queen New Name - I think you have clearly run out of interesting ... by Hoopsie on 14.09.2014
Rainbow release today in the US? - My pre-order from Amazon USA is on the truck for d... by Hoopsie on 09.09.2014
Thoughts about the tour - Not [i]quite[/i] over as I am listening to a str... by Hoopsie on 03.09.2014