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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Justice'

Random thoughts - I don't quite know why I'm posting this, but bare ... by Justice on 03.05.2005

45 posts by user 'Justice'

"Great Paul Rodgers from Free" - > Roger on pop quiz! - Anybody who thinks that it needs to be "prove... by Justice on 22.09.2006
Brian's Soapbox - Holy Jebus you people crack me up sometimes. - ... by Justice on 22.09.2006
Brian's Soapbox - Your inability to comprehend basic english is ... by Justice on 19.09.2006
Nightmare On Elm Street 6 (Brian M Related I think) - It's not.... by Justice on 13.09.2006
Brian's thighs are burning and he's all sweaty. Ah yeah - Brian's new machine is a Macbook Pro, a differ... by Justice on 12.09.2006
yeah Roger Got Pissed off at me - Hhahahaha. Owned. Match point Brian.... by Justice on 16.08.2006
New Album Discussion... - Hhhahahahahaa, jackass. It's a done deal. Chec... by Justice on 16.08.2006
Help needed with chords - Las Palabra De Amor. And learn Bb Major and you'll... by Justice on 16.08.2006
Brian, Rog and Paul to hit the studio in October (confirmed) - Wow. Sucks to be you.... by Justice on 16.08.2006
why did brian use replicas on stage - Correct. FBG is drop D tuning, always has been.... by Justice on 18.06.2006
Do we really know that Brian wrote "The Show Must Go On"? - Brian did not right ALL of the song. Everyone know... by Justice on 14.06.2006
Do we really know that Brian wrote "The Show Must Go On"? - Fat Queen Pig, your presence on this planet of... by Justice on 13.06.2006
This cannot be serious.. - Go down on your knees and thank God you don't ... by Justice on 28.04.2006
On the piano what scale is Bohemian Rhapsody in? - Sack your music teacher dude. It is NOT B Majo... by Justice on 27.04.2006
This cannot be serious.. - Say it's not true Say it today When I unplug my ... by Justice on 27.04.2006
Queen and Paul Rodgers Rock - Yes my opinion is every bit of useless as yours, w... by Justice on 26.04.2006
Queen and Paul Rodgers Rock - Learn to read english jackass. It wasn't what you ... by Justice on 25.04.2006
Queen and Paul Rodgers Rock - Mike - I don't give a flying fuck about your opini... by Justice on 24.04.2006
Queen and Paul Rodgers Rock - And of course, you, oh mighty Mista Hunt, are ... by Justice on 24.04.2006
Random thoughts - If you read the kind of posts I am referring to, y... by Justice on 04.05.2005
Random thoughts - I don't quite know why I'm posting this, but bare ... by Justice on 03.05.2005
letter to Paul Rodgers - thank you! - Include me.... by Justice on 03.05.2005
Roger, Brian Please stop using the name Queen - Richard, for the love of Christ please ban this mo... by Justice on 26.04.2005
I hate them for what they've done - Tell your fucking story walking Leech. No one care... by Justice on 26.04.2005
QOL downloads, why double songs? - Well you tell me chief, you see one of your favour... by Justice on 12.04.2005
SECOND GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!!! - I've never understood the appeal of The Beatles. I... by Justice on 12.04.2005
Freddie is going to cry from heaven.... - Yeah, cause his solo albums were like, so succ... by Justice on 12.04.2005
Simpsons / Queen-related question - As compared to what? American Idol? Survivor? ... by Justice on 12.04.2005
My prayers have been answered - They deliver a solid show. I'm going to see them a... by Justice on 12.04.2005
To what extent does a video influence your feelings about a Queen song? - Videos suck. Give me live, live and yet still more... by Justice on 12.04.2005
Deacon not invited? Who cares....? - Brian said he asked him. So until you come up with... by Justice on 12.04.2005
A Paul Rodgers song from Bad Company.. - Ah, of course! I knew there was a Bad Company song... by Justice on 12.04.2005
Deacon not invited? Who cares....? - Yes. Brian said they asked him, and I'll take his ... by Justice on 12.04.2005
Rolling Stone's newest list snubs Queen - Meh, who cares. Critics don't know the difference ... by Justice on 10.04.2005
I have something to share - Yeah baby! Great shot. Wallpaper time!... by Justice on 10.04.2005
Hello ......... It's not Queen - Wait a minute... Brian and Roger read this for... by Justice on 10.04.2005
Setlist Changes - Wow, that's really impressive. How do you type... by Justice on 07.04.2005
I want it all / Hammer to fall solos - Technically it's the Queen Rocks mix on I Want it ... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Queen Downloads available - 99p each - They're 99p right? Where I live that comes out... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Red Special Replica - I read in Guitar Buyer Brian wasn't completely hap... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Freddie's similarities to the superhero The Crow/Film Version - I'll keep my comments about your sanity (or lack t... by Justice on 07.04.2005
NO SETLIST WITH ONLY GREATEST HITS - Breathru, Innuendo and Miracle are Greatest Hits, ... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Would be great if they change a little the SETLIST... - They don't play concerts for bootleggers bub. They... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Queen Downloads available - 99p each - The only cash register in this equation is the one... by Justice on 07.04.2005
Queen show in Rome after Pope dies. - Interesting how people are leaping to slam Brian a... by Justice on 07.04.2005