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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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3 discussions started by 'BrianHMay'

Copenhagen (Falkoner Theater) - 13.4.1978 Covers - could anyone send me the covers of this bootleg to... by BrianHMay on 15.11.2004
mp3 sourced cd analysis - Hi I got two shows from a trade but I'm almost ... by BrianHMay on 02.11.2004
RESEED REQ: Knebworth 86 - could anyone reseed the knebworth show and the fix... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004

68 posts by user 'BrianHMay'

professionally filmed concerts - its buenos aires 81 :), its professional filmed bu... by BrianHMay on 19.01.2005
Freddies voice.. - Freddie's voice changed due to smoking, drinking a... by BrianHMay on 29.11.2004
Worst tour? - magic tour had a boring setlist but the sound and ... by BrianHMay on 29.11.2004
All Bootlegs - www.queenconcerts.com... by BrianHMay on 26.11.2004
Queen's plans of comeback - they should come back with john or without, I thin... by BrianHMay on 25.11.2004
AFTER 1991... - fuckin' great music, they were and are the best ba... by BrianHMay on 24.11.2004
Copenhagen (Falkoner Theater) - 13.4.1978 Covers - thanks a lot!... by BrianHMay on 16.11.2004
Copenhagen (Falkoner Theater) - 13.4.1978 Covers - could anyone send me the covers of this bootleg to... by BrianHMay on 15.11.2004
live in rio - the last performance of the works tour was in osak... by BrianHMay on 03.11.2004
mp3 sourced cd analysis - Hi I got two shows from a trade but I'm almost ... by BrianHMay on 02.11.2004
For those who have the patience - or you can burn it directly from flac to cd... by BrianHMay on 28.10.2004
Well, This may just piss a few of you off - i'm afraid you won't succeed, since the hub shares... by BrianHMay on 21.10.2004
led zeppelin bootlegs trade - it's a queen hub... by BrianHMay on 21.10.2004
REQUEST: 1981.02.12-Budokan Tokyo (night 1 )-flac. ex.Q.!!! - something else?... by BrianHMay on 19.10.2004
The best bootlegs - but its not the osaka show... by BrianHMay on 18.10.2004
ANNOUNCE: Queen Osaka 1985 - yeah, thats true. And it misses the my fairy king ... by BrianHMay on 08.10.2004
MSN messenger users? - talvisuru@hotmail.com... by BrianHMay on 05.10.2004
the star of a queen video.... - brian in any queen video :D... by BrianHMay on 01.10.2004
KnebWorth 86? - someone is here to sell stuff :D... by BrianHMay on 30.09.2004
Freddie's signature - it look like a good fake to me, u should mail it t... by BrianHMay on 29.09.2004
1981 LatinAmerica - two shows in mexico are available in audio, one of... by BrianHMay on 28.09.2004
Garden Lodge - try the hub... by BrianHMay on 27.09.2004
Queen Tattoos - i'm thinking of getting the crest and brian's sign... by BrianHMay on 27.09.2004
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany April 28th 1982 - could someone re seed this please?, i'm stucka t 9... by BrianHMay on 26.09.2004
Joey Tempest From EUROPE to replace Freddie? - its easy to replace the voice but not the man that... by BrianHMay on 23.09.2004
Why not use MP3 instead of Flac ? - you can convert your flac files to shitty mp3... by BrianHMay on 21.09.2004
Top 5 Brian Solos - Days of our lives Who wants to live forever I wa... by BrianHMay on 19.09.2004
Queen not in "The 10 best rock bands ever" list? WTF! - bob marley??? wtf? queen is beyond number 1, that... by BrianHMay on 17.09.2004
Help! - I'm looking for Freddie's shower sessions.... by BrianHMay on 17.09.2004
What is queen's biggest selling album worldwide? - yeah, i said mih because he was tired of greatest ... by BrianHMay on 16.09.2004
What is queen's biggest selling album worldwide? - made in heaven... by BrianHMay on 16.09.2004
ANNOUNCE: Queen Osaka 1985 - its strange, on the osaka show brian thanks the cr... by BrianHMay on 12.09.2004
ANNOUNCE: Queen Osaka 1985 - this show is not osaka since that night they playe... by BrianHMay on 11.09.2004
Live downloads - try the hub... by BrianHMay on 11.09.2004
HMV, you think it could get it's facts straight! - the biggest mistake is the date when Freddie told ... by BrianHMay on 08.09.2004
Some Bootlegs with a torrent file - I paid 5 dollars for the hectics live at india wit... by BrianHMay on 08.09.2004
ANNOUNCE : 1980-09-19 - I'm In Love With Freddie - Chicago - thank you so much!... by BrianHMay on 07.09.2004
How to get answer from Brian's soapbox - well, I wrote Brian about the musical and I didn't... by BrianHMay on 06.09.2004
ANNOUNCE: Queen: A Night at The Dundee opera - Dundee 1975 - thanks a lot for the concert!... by BrianHMay on 06.09.2004
SET LIST FOR QUEEN'S FUTURE TOUR. LET'S DISCUSS IT! - yeah, Gary Cherone from Extreme recorded an album ... by BrianHMay on 05.09.2004
bootleg cdr's - mail me: talvisuru@hotmail.com... by BrianHMay on 05.09.2004
Happy Birthday Freddie - Happy Birthday Freddie, we miss you... by BrianHMay on 05.09.2004
Being a Fan of Queen - 1994, gh2 and then mih... by BrianHMay on 04.09.2004
jokes about Freddie - thats not a joke... by BrianHMay on 03.09.2004
Queen in Yugoslavia - I've never seen any picture or recording from that... by BrianHMay on 02.09.2004
Anyone interested in me torrenting these shows !! - i go for i'm in love with freddie :)... by BrianHMay on 02.09.2004
Garden Lodge tapes - ask freestone or moran :)... by BrianHMay on 01.09.2004
Who'll get your Queen collection after you die? - burned with me or i will sell it to afford my coff... by BrianHMay on 01.09.2004
Post it please!!!!!! - from any concert? lol... by BrianHMay on 01.09.2004
Who was the LEADER of the band? - they all were leaders, including John. But for me,... by BrianHMay on 30.08.2004
Teenagers on Queenzone - I'm 20 and I've been listening to Queen since I wa... by BrianHMay on 30.08.2004
New Bootleg Tree? - hehe, no problem :)... by BrianHMay on 30.08.2004
RESEED REQ: Queen Osaka 82 - I will seed for the whole day and delete it when I... by BrianHMay on 30.08.2004
Adopt a Queenzoner! - I can adopt a Queenzoner, my mail is talvisuru@hot... by BrianHMay on 30.08.2004
New Bootleg Tree? - I'd like to join the tree :)... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
5 septermber - I will listen to his music like I do every day... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
what is the saddest song???? - too much love will kill you these are the days of... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
How, Who & Which ...???.....Queen... - I think it was a kind of magic or i want to break ... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
5 years! - we must remember our full of life Freddie Mercury,... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
Which song cheers you up? - heaven for everyone one vision... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
Freddie's Voice - its not easy to decide, but I love is voice during... by BrianHMay on 29.08.2004
If Freddie was still alive would Queen still be able to fill stadiums ? - of course!!, they would have to stop playing in st... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004
RESEED REQ: Knebworth 86 - thanks! :)... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004
Queen II - it's a great album, it's on my top 5.... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004
NEWBIES vs DEITIES - I'm a newbie :D... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004
RESEED REQ: Knebworth 86 - could anyone reseed the knebworth show and the fix... by BrianHMay on 27.08.2004
Favorite Guitarists - Brian May Slash Zakk Wylde... by BrianHMay on 24.08.2004
Best sounding concert bootlegs? - rainbow 74 and hammersmith 75 are great, I love th... by BrianHMay on 24.08.2004