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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'sahm'

Funny Funny Funny - This did it for me. https://youtu.be/bcH-skuHxM... by sahm on 07.03.2019

120 posts by user 'sahm'

Does John post here? - I'm John Deacon (in Spartacus voice)... by sahm on 13.10.2020
QAL - I Was Born to Love You - Really good,enjoyed... by sahm on 25.09.2020
bohemian quacksody - Ha ha ha funny... by sahm on 23.09.2020
bohemian quacksody - Ha ha ha funny... by sahm on 23.09.2020
Which Queen song did the band overlook as a potential single? - The Millionaire Waltz and Was It All Worth It are ... by sahm on 19.09.2020
Amazing tribute to John Deacon ! - cracking cover,really good.thanks... by sahm on 22.08.2020
Announcement coming! - To retire and live another 20 years in wealth and ... by sahm on 19.08.2020
JOHN DEACON TURNS 69, DUDES! - Having a few ciggies and a few pints,listening to ... by sahm on 19.08.2020
Queen's guests on stage - any recording or videos? - All very interesting... by sahm on 07.08.2020
ANNOUNCE: Rock In Rio 1985 (Radio Broadcast) - thanks... by sahm on 07.08.2020
"Under Pressure (2017 Remaster)" from Bowie's "A New Career in a New Town" - Can't hear anything different .... by sahm on 20.07.2020
Announce: Live in Uniondale (06-02-77) restoration in FLAC - thank you... by sahm on 03.07.2020
A new place, a new start - Joined,Thanks... by sahm on 12.04.2020
Roger s beard , finally dismissed Santa Claus - Eric Pollard from Emmerdale... by sahm on 24.03.2020
Queen's The Video Anthology Vol.1 1964 - 1974 - Many thanks for your time and effort.... by sahm on 13.03.2020
Press cutting - Thank you for sharing... by sahm on 09.03.2020
Robbie Williams now asserts he was asked to become new Queen lead singer - This fame leech will say and do anything to be in ... by sahm on 05.03.2020
Adam Lambert’s house - Yes,its white floors,white walls and white ceiling... by sahm on 05.03.2020
Queen win International artist of the year for second consecutive year - Champions... by sahm on 27.02.2020
Marc Almond and Freddie - Say Hello,wave goodbye is an awesome vocal.Good si... by sahm on 18.02.2020
QAL - Fire Fight 2020 - 1080p - thank you... by sahm on 17.02.2020
ANNOUNCE: Dutch Majestic Wintertime (Vinyl Rip) - The Hague, Dec 8th 1974 - ta... by sahm on 15.02.2020
Queen’s Album and song sales - What a great read,thanks .Thats a career... by sahm on 27.01.2020
Some awesome Freddie posters - some really nice ones there.class... by sahm on 27.01.2020
Queen Crack Part #10 Try Not To Laugh - made me smile,thanks... by sahm on 21.01.2020
Love of My Life - As played as the true God - great playing,thanks looks like Marc Martels hands... by sahm on 19.01.2020
1973 Danny Sugarman review of Queen debut album - great review of a special album .thank you... by sahm on 19.01.2020
No-moustache Freddie Wembley 1986 - And a free Frodo ear.thanks... by sahm on 06.01.2020
Mr Blue Sky Tribute to Queen - Good to see none of the band were at all conscious... by sahm on 06.01.2020
2019 Baker's Dozen - Thanks and great work Real Wizard... by sahm on 26.12.2019
Merry xmas to you all - All the best... by sahm on 26.12.2019
Don't Stop Me Now - 2019 CM Film Restoration! - Awesome work... by sahm on 24.12.2019
Queen on TV - "???? REALLY?? Nothinh we haven't seen before a... by sahm on 20.12.2019
Queen on TV - Thats some great viewing,a right old xmas treat... by sahm on 20.12.2019
Hawkins on Queen - ta moog enjoyed that... by sahm on 28.11.2019
Queen in the UK Charts Document - Thanks very informative... by sahm on 20.11.2019
Live Aid Freddie - deffo captures the stance but really expensive.... by sahm on 20.11.2019
Which song from another artist you wish Freddie had sung ? - the kill,30 seconds to mars... by sahm on 12.11.2019
New podcast with Peter Hince - enjoyed,thank you... by sahm on 07.10.2019
Chart Failure - "Killer Queef: female aromatic pads" Ha ha ha h... by sahm on 07.10.2019
ANNOUNCE: Complete Kobe 1975 Uncirculated Master (Wardour) - Good share thanks vrty much... by sahm on 26.09.2019
Song For Lamebird - thought it was noel fielding... by sahm on 13.09.2019
ANNOUNCE Barcelona EP - ta marra... by sahm on 07.08.2019
Fred Mandel Interview - interesting fella.thanks... by sahm on 06.08.2019
Sheer Piano Attack - Wow talent all over this ... by sahm on 19.07.2019
'You're My Best Friend' commentary - Thank you very good piece... by sahm on 16.07.2019
Queen has sold more than 500,000 albums this year already (in NA) - 'That word is copyright Jim Beach and you now owe ... by sahm on 08.07.2019
Some "buddy" to love cover by a dog - Ha ha ha great... by sahm on 08.07.2019
Underrated Queen Songs - Ogre battle,Jesus,Millionaire Waltz... by sahm on 05.06.2019
Rob Halford says that Judas Priest is like a heavy metal version of Queen - "Weren’t Queen, at times, a heavy metal version ... by sahm on 05.06.2019
Rob Halford says that Judas Priest is like a heavy metal version of Queen - Saw Priest seven times at newcastle,always on poin... by sahm on 04.06.2019
Roger Taylor shooting animals - Oh dear dear dear... by sahm on 01.06.2019
Our "Queen" Covers - Class mate well done... by sahm on 30.05.2019
Freddie Mercury Banner - Great Banner thanks for the share... by sahm on 26.05.2019
Excellent Fairy Feller cover - Good job,thanks... by sahm on 08.05.2019
New Flash Gordon 4K coming - Do You Mean "Gordons Alive"... by sahm on 08.05.2019
Brian featured in Guitar World this month - Great cover... by sahm on 03.05.2019
Richard Young's interview about Freddie and Queen - Good Interview thanks... by sahm on 01.05.2019
Bohemian Rhapsody on the Floppotron - Reminds me of the soundtrack to the Mega Drive gam... by sahm on 24.04.2019
ANNOUNCE : Snow producciones DVD BOXSETS - Thank you Faroukqch... by sahm on 23.04.2019
... - not my fault that the site runs wank.... by sahm on 18.04.2019
ANNOUNCE: 1979/04/25 - Queen Definitive Budokan 1979 5th Night (Wardour) - Thanks,,,,,again... by sahm on 18.04.2019
... - My god it is expensive too... by sahm on 17.04.2019
... - My god it is expensive too ... by sahm on 17.04.2019
... - My god it is expensive too ... by sahm on 17.04.2019
Last Will and Testament - good information there ,thanks... by sahm on 15.04.2019
ANNOUNCE: 1976/03/31 - Tokyo Definitive Budokan Wardour 2019 - thanks... by sahm on 13.04.2019
Kash sells up - Thanks for that... by sahm on 02.04.2019
Fanbase Mixed Feelings - I would go 70s all the way,Just my opinion though... by sahm on 01.04.2019
Best Live Guitar Work by Brian May - https://youtu.be/W_lyXfQgIV0 ... by sahm on 26.03.2019
Messing around with Google Deep Dream Generator - cool... by sahm on 25.03.2019
Sweet Lady (Hyde Park 1976) 16:9 version - Cleaned Up - thank you for the work.... by sahm on 18.03.2019
New Valensia Queen covers album - thank you... by sahm on 13.03.2019
ANNOUNCE - DVD Princes Trust Gala 2010 (ft. Queen +) - Thank you very much... by sahm on 12.03.2019
Funny Funny Funny - This did it for me. https://youtu.be/bcH-skuHxM... by sahm on 07.03.2019
Saturdayevening fun - thats great that is ha ha ha ha... by sahm on 03.03.2019
2 of Queen's most underrated songs - millionaire waltz and flick of the wrist ,awsome s... by sahm on 03.03.2019
Brian May popquest - thanks matey... by sahm on 03.03.2019
The Prophet's Song (Instrumental Mix: No Lead Vocals) - Thank you again,great tune... by sahm on 01.03.2019
Dead On Time (Instrumental Mix) - Thanks for the work... by sahm on 01.03.2019
Fun fact of the day - Queen and Rocky III - ha ha ha spinal tap is right matt ha ha ha... by sahm on 28.02.2019
queen #1 us billboard charts - great to see... by sahm on 28.02.2019
My covers of Queen songs - ha ha ha ha ... by sahm on 07.02.2019
'39 Collaborative Cover - Well done to you.Jamie Oliver on tambourine i see.... by sahm on 19.12.2018
Queen Days Of Our Lives Japanese release - Very kind,thank you.... by sahm on 04.12.2018
DVD Artwork - Wow be proud,great work and thanks for the share... by sahm on 27.11.2018
Scuplting Freddie Mercury - Real talent,looks hellish.... by sahm on 16.11.2018
A Night At The Opera surround sound v Greatest Video Hits - I've seen hundreds of bands over the years,but no ... by sahm on 13.11.2018
BBC Advert - Thanks... by sahm on 13.11.2018
A bit of early xmas Queen nonsense - Ha Ha funny. thanks... by sahm on 05.11.2018
X marks on the floor in Rainbow - could be for when they do now im here... by sahm on 04.11.2018
Queen + Genesis - Thank you for this indeed very interesting.... by sahm on 02.11.2018
Contemporary(and some oldies) artists inspired by Queen - class... by sahm on 30.10.2018
Excellent Article from the screen writter - thank you... by sahm on 23.10.2018
QUEEN REVISITED - FriedChicken It's a great song, but not as good... by sahm on 22.10.2018
Sweet Home Alabama / FBG mash up - funny... by sahm on 22.10.2018
"The real Freddie Mercury" - excellent Lesley Ann Jones article on BR - thank you to k-m for taking the time to post this.... by sahm on 22.10.2018
Classic Rock - thanks for the info mate ... by sahm on 20.10.2018
Kansas 1978 Super8 [CM processed] - wow thats great matey,thank you for your time and ... by sahm on 20.10.2018
Interview - Rami Malek, Joseph Mazzello, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym L - thanks matey... by sahm on 10.10.2018
Red Special meet up - looks great... by sahm on 09.10.2018
FLASH GORDON Screened at BEYONDFEST 2018 w New FLASH DOC - lucky devil...... by sahm on 04.10.2018
Smile - Step On Me cover - awesome matey... by sahm on 02.10.2018
Peter Hince on The One Show - great mate thank you... by sahm on 02.10.2018
QPL Financial Statements - interesting,thanks... by sahm on 02.10.2018
What would happen if.... - yeah its all just talk,some of it is quite cutting... by sahm on 26.09.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody by Leeds fans :) - haway the lads... by sahm on 25.09.2018
Bicycle Race / Girls Search - what happened to the bike seats..... by sahm on 20.09.2018
Queen - Houston 1977 (Bob Harris Film Footage) - thanks for this just gets better .. ... by sahm on 20.09.2018
Live Aid Offical Audio Release - i would hope not too... by sahm on 11.09.2018
Pretty funny "piano-thing" of Bohemian Rhapsody - very clever.ha ha... by sahm on 24.08.2018
Noddy Holder’s mirrored hat and Freddie - a good read thanks matey... by sahm on 22.08.2018
Happy Birthday John Deacon - happy birthday John keep holding your head high ma... by sahm on 20.08.2018
Queen song to listen to on repeat while getting drunk after a breakup? - one year of love... by sahm on 19.08.2018
Peter Freestone on"BoRhap" - the movie - thanks for that mate... by sahm on 16.08.2018
Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody Unwrapped with Gary Langan - be a good watch and listen.thanks matey.... by sahm on 14.08.2018
Queen Artwork Reloaded 2018 - thanks man,great... by sahm on 04.07.2018
Golden Salmon's Unusual Collection vol. 1: The Unusual Performances - Thanks very much for all your work and effort.... by sahm on 01.05.2018
Cover song - Class,and in tune.... by sahm on 28.03.2018
Favourite Queen promo video? - must be save me ,great vid... by sahm on 09.03.2018