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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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50 posts by user 'Queen_Bee_16'

Beta Test of New Board - i like it...great job... by Queen_Bee_16 on 24.10.2004
brian and roger,please stop!!!! - oooooooo...confused cause i love Brian and roger..... by Queen_Bee_16 on 24.10.2004
CALLING ALL TEENAGE QUEEN FANS - 16...don't have msn.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 24.10.2004
What do you prefer... or ...? (Third Round) - Good old Fashioned lover boy The Show must go on ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 15.08.2004
What do you guys think?? - i accept.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 14.08.2004
What do you guys think?? - And you must be from Canada...home of the assh... by Queen_Bee_16 on 14.08.2004
What do you prefer....? - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Hammer to Fall Some... by Queen_Bee_16 on 12.08.2004
The Song Game - dream weaver... by Queen_Bee_16 on 09.08.2004
Teenagers on Queenzone - im 16. Queen's music is part of my life and i love... by Queen_Bee_16 on 09.08.2004
Your personal queen music video - well i meant to put my comment at the bottom...(wo... by Queen_Bee_16 on 09.08.2004
I wonder...... i bet its brian - im sure its Brian... by Queen_Bee_16 on 05.08.2004
Did Freddie and Barbara Valentin ever made sex? - get ur own sex life and leave freddie's alone!... by Queen_Bee_16 on 05.08.2004
Whats Your Fav Freddie Stage Costume - i must agree fully.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 05.08.2004
Brian is bald! - yeah i saw that idiot Edwards flashin a smile ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 03.08.2004
Live vs. Studio - I agree... by Queen_Bee_16 on 02.08.2004
crap - *rolls eyes...then smiles*... by Queen_Bee_16 on 02.08.2004
Young Fans - im 16 but i have been listening to Queen since i w... by Queen_Bee_16 on 02.08.2004
UK only another Queen night on VH1 (a repeat) - ME TOOOOO!!!! *stomps,kicks,and screams*... by Queen_Bee_16 on 02.08.2004
I first found out about Queen... - I first found out about Queen......from my crazy c... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
Witch band member do you think is the best? - A,C,B,D... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
Kansas singer calls Freddie an asshole - so he thinks Freddie is an asshole and the other g... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
When you hear Bohemian Rhaspody do you........ - B,C, and D. i must say that the head bangin part i... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
Who would you switch with? - i'd definitely want to switch with Roger...dru... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
idiots - crazy ppl!... by Queen_Bee_16 on 31.07.2004
Freddie and Children ? - LOL...true.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 29.07.2004
Over the last month.............. - if the ppl in parts of the US haven't noticed alre... by Queen_Bee_16 on 29.07.2004
Roger and Girl ? - wow thats a perfect name cause i don't know ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 29.07.2004
Queen's Best Epic Song - i think the prophet's song should take this cake.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 26.07.2004
Best Queen Album - AMEN BABY!!!... by Queen_Bee_16 on 26.07.2004
Where is the new Queen commercial? - yes that is completely hilarious!... by Queen_Bee_16 on 15.07.2004
Global thoughts about Queen being considered a "Gay Band"... - I live in the US and i am pretty much the only per... by Queen_Bee_16 on 15.07.2004
What would the world be like without Queen? - boring definitely. Queen is all i listen to right ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 14.07.2004
Which country has more Queen fans? - i think the UK probably...i would really love to s... by Queen_Bee_16 on 11.07.2004
Freddie's shoes - gotta have me some of those. ;)... by Queen_Bee_16 on 11.07.2004
when did freddie look his best.? - 24/7 baby... by Queen_Bee_16 on 08.07.2004
I have another random Freddie question - HAHAHA, u could be right........ by Queen_Bee_16 on 08.07.2004
Queen Tour Soon!!!!! - WONDERFUL!!!... by Queen_Bee_16 on 08.07.2004
Other bands - Led Zepplin, Aerosmith, ACDC, Guns-n-roses...... by Queen_Bee_16 on 08.07.2004
Your favourite Queen album cover? - news of the world...and the works.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 08.07.2004
First Queen song you heard - bicycle race- it was quite an interesting experien... by Queen_Bee_16 on 01.07.2004
is Freddie sexy? - i think he had a very noticable sex appeal about h... by Queen_Bee_16 on 24.06.2004
Do my eyes look right? - duh "lazing on Sunday AFTERNOON"... by Queen_Bee_16 on 22.06.2004
That elusive Jaguar commercial... - NBC... by Queen_Bee_16 on 21.06.2004
So... tell me about yourself - can't spell sposed to be bicycle RACE!;)... by Queen_Bee_16 on 20.04.2004
So... tell me about yourself - First name in real life: Katrina Age:15(16 in jun... by Queen_Bee_16 on 20.04.2004
A Question About Freddie To Get You Thinking - i would probably read them just because i am so ve... by Queen_Bee_16 on 18.04.2004
The most difficult song to sing - well (not to brag) but i can do "the show must go ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 18.04.2004
The most difficult song to sing - i love the show must go on where freddie says "on ... by Queen_Bee_16 on 17.04.2004
List your favorite intros on Queen songs. - 1. I want to break free 2. love of my life 3. al... by Queen_Bee_16 on 17.04.2004
OTHER FAVE BANDS? - led zepplin, aerosmith, live, lots more.... by Queen_Bee_16 on 28.03.2004