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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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41 posts by user 'anillusion'

Queensryche - I see from their website that they'll be playing i... by anillusion on 12.02.2004
Woman Marries Dead Boyfriend - "She'd be guaranteed a 'stiffy' that night though,... by anillusion on 12.02.2004
Pictures of my signed Queen poster (finally)!!! - Very nice indeed. (grumble grumble) Wish I'd... by anillusion on 07.02.2004
High Court Rules For Same Sex Marriage - I want a constitutional ammendment, like GDumbya w... by anillusion on 07.02.2004
Impossible wishes 4 QUEEN....! - I'd love to see those pics from the RRHOF ceremony... by anillusion on 25.01.2004
bad Queen songs - All of 'Man In The Shadows'. Can't stand it. z... by anillusion on 24.01.2004
So, What's everyone think of Queen getting their first grammy? - All the one-hit wonders who won an award that most... by anillusion on 24.01.2004
Interviews mentioning John Lennon - Paul was caught with weed, not blow.... by anillusion on 24.01.2004
Greatest Hits II on The Platinum Collection - All the GHs were available on vinyl when released.... by anillusion on 24.01.2004
Radio airplay of Queen songs around the world - Post Hot Space still played in the USA that I've h... by anillusion on 20.01.2004
American Idol Auditions - "Well I'm sure this is not going to boost my popul... by anillusion on 20.01.2004
Freddie's vocal range... AGAIN!!! - If Roger's range isn't the highest, how come all t... by anillusion on 17.01.2004
Any chance we can ban this fuckwit Baer again? - A word of thanks (I think) for finally providing u... by anillusion on 17.01.2004
A reminder... - Just the internet.....but it's life for mrbaer, mr... by anillusion on 14.01.2004
Freddie's vocal range... AGAIN!!! - Does Roger's high parts in '39 and ITLOTG to his l... by anillusion on 14.01.2004
recording advice? anyone? - Switch instruments... by anillusion on 14.01.2004
Has anyone ever dressed up as Freddie? - Kasha Bradford... time for yet another prawn story... by anillusion on 14.01.2004
Not Very Big and Not Very Clever.... - Hey, Flashman....that note you found... I meant i... by anillusion on 13.01.2004
Reasons to hate Queen - "For the record, I've been an Adidas fan since the... by anillusion on 13.01.2004
the true 'miracle' - Guess Kurt Russell has the part of Coach Brooks. ... by anillusion on 04.01.2004
bicycle race poster - I'm waiting for the 'oh, I've got the UK, USA, and... by anillusion on 04.01.2004
"Crown Jewels" selling for $35 new - The 'long lost retake' on the 'Queen' Hollywood C... by anillusion on 29.12.2003
Is this Freddie? - I think Ringo is in the upper left, third from the... by anillusion on 29.12.2003
Christmas competition - It was Freddie's nickname for his shlong?... by anillusion on 24.12.2003
keith - Truly amazing. He's looked 100 years old for deca... by anillusion on 18.12.2003
Re-record Queen songs - Where have you been? This has been going on for a... by anillusion on 14.12.2003
Trivia Question - Adam and Eve. Surviving son Cain. In order 'to be... by anillusion on 13.12.2003
Trivia Question - Right wing radicals blame Bill Clinton... by anillusion on 12.12.2003
Brian is FURIOUS! - Brian posts on his soapbox today that he's terribl... by anillusion on 10.12.2003
23 years ago the world lost John Lennon - whispers 'no longer riding on the merry go round ... by anillusion on 10.12.2003
Memo: No Basis for Jackson Allegations - Go to cbsnews.com and read the rest of the story. ... by anillusion on 10.12.2003
Thriller, Beat it - Talk to one of the little boys that MJ slept with ... by anillusion on 08.12.2003
The Naive Fan... - I was naive and respected most of Brian's opinions... by anillusion on 07.12.2003
Pre ordained(?) - Everyone rolls their eyes yet again Most FAQ. ... by anillusion on 07.12.2003
Queen radio station - Uhm, Fatty, care to list the daily schedule of the... by anillusion on 07.12.2003
The finest 40 seconds ever? - Who is black queen? I would like to hear the scre... by anillusion on 06.12.2003
"ah yeah" petition - I guess it just gets grating to see someone's name... by anillusion on 06.12.2003
I will be positve about anything - Electrons... by anillusion on 04.12.2003
I will be negative about anything - Protons... by anillusion on 04.12.2003
The Naive Fan... - I thought the follow up LP to 'The Game' would be ... by anillusion on 02.12.2003
Your Queen faux pas - I thought 'The Naive Fan' thread was where people ... by anillusion on 02.12.2003