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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'bobbyo'

ANOTHER BOMB BLAST - 31 DEAD - Oh wait nevermind, it was in Iraq. Anyway, I'm... by bobbyo on 21.04.2013
John Deacon's Voice - There's plenty of footage of John Deacon seemingly... by bobbyo on 14.02.2013

52 posts by user 'bobbyo'

Tracks that fans hate - I grew up on my parents' GHI & GHII records but so... by bobbyo on 06.01.2015
I want it all - I enjoyed it. ... by bobbyo on 06.01.2015
‘I don’t think those guys want to’: Adam Lambert nixes idea of a world tour - Queen + AL really doesn't work for me. I can see w... by bobbyo on 24.09.2013
Freddie Mercury's HIV Diagnosis – Some Insight – 1985 to 1987 - Jesus Christ. Do you really need pictures, s... by bobbyo on 21.09.2013
RIP Mel Smith - Wank.... by bobbyo on 23.07.2013
PRESS RELEASE: QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT TO PLAY THE 2013 iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FEST - Lambert reminds me of the lead singer for No Vacan... by bobbyo on 22.07.2013
Aids Drug AZT killed Freddie - Martyn, that's the best user name I've seen so far... by bobbyo on 20.07.2013
Deacon And Me - Creepy stuff. - Jesus.... by bobbyo on 20.07.2013
Yo guys, just choppin some heads off - Superb. The English Defence League were in ... by bobbyo on 09.06.2013
Discovering Queen on Sky Arts Channel - It had 3 highly annoying music journalists either ... by bobbyo on 18.05.2013
ANOTHER BOMB BLAST - 31 DEAD - Oh wait nevermind, it was in Iraq. Anyway, I'm... by bobbyo on 21.04.2013
Any recent pics and news of Mary Austin's grown sons? - I have attended every Queen gig ever therefore nob... by bobbyo on 16.04.2013
Any recent pics and news of Mary Austin's grown sons? - I'm not quite sure how you can be a "HUGE fan" of ... by bobbyo on 15.04.2013
Did anyone heard that Roger Taylor ... - What the fuck is this thread actually about?... by bobbyo on 10.04.2013
DRAGON ATTACK CHALLENGE - The fact that singers like Adam Lambert have made ... by bobbyo on 24.03.2013
DRAGON ATTACK CHALLENGE - This is better, if only for the jeans... http:/... by bobbyo on 19.03.2013
I think 'Action This Day' is quite a good track..anyone else agree? - I like it too. Cack Chat? Is that a freudian s... by bobbyo on 18.03.2013
Digital Master series 1993-1994 . Who did remaster? - Alan Wagstaff... by bobbyo on 13.03.2013
Had Freddie not died do you think Queen would still be putting out albums? - I doubt that they'd still be writing or performing... by bobbyo on 13.03.2013
Poll - I can't argue with that. ... by bobbyo on 13.03.2013
Poll - Is there anything more annoying than the word, "pe... by bobbyo on 12.03.2013
Have you ever wrote on Mary's walls? - If you replace "wrote" with "jizzed" and "walls" w... by bobbyo on 07.03.2013
Best Queen cover ever? - Fredde Gredde's version of Killer Queen is pretty ... by bobbyo on 25.02.2013
Do You remember when... - I was 8 and vaguely remember it being on the TV an... by bobbyo on 22.02.2013
A POLL ABOUT ADAM ON QUEENZONE *GASP* - You sound like a member of The Hitler Youth, only ... by bobbyo on 22.02.2013
Queen on Glee - They must be oozing talent then. Glee is y... by bobbyo on 19.02.2013
Queen on Glee - What the hell's wrong with Glee? It exists. ... by bobbyo on 18.02.2013
John Deacon's Voice - I don't hear any obvious Deacon vocals on Somebody... by bobbyo on 16.02.2013
John Deacon's Voice - There only seems to be the Radio Ga Ga clip on You... by bobbyo on 14.02.2013
John Deacon's Voice - There's plenty of footage of John Deacon seemingly... by bobbyo on 14.02.2013
Hot Space Survivor Poll - Body Language. What were they thinking?!... by bobbyo on 12.02.2013
AKoM Survivor Poll (Round 4) - Wow, you are one bombastic individual. You ooz... by bobbyo on 06.02.2013
John Deacon swearing - Like I said, life's too short. ... by bobbyo on 02.02.2013
John Deacon swearing - You've gone on this tirade a few times when th... by bobbyo on 01.02.2013
Under Pressure, cool cover - A Quasi-Flight of the Conchords style Queen/Bowie ... by bobbyo on 11.01.2013
Queen:The Complete Chord Songbook 2013 - This is great. Thanks!... by bobbyo on 08.01.2013
Bowie - Firstly, I doubt they needed the money. Secondly, ... by bobbyo on 08.01.2013
Bowie - I like the new single but it's much easier to rele... by bobbyo on 08.01.2013
Your top 10 Queen songs/The ultimate Queen top 100 - Couldn't resist. At the moment... 1. The March ... by bobbyo on 07.01.2013
Freddie Mercury -- Syrian? - I think the word you're looking for is, "prick".... by bobbyo on 04.01.2013
Freddie Mercury -- Syrian? - Also, he presumably didn't note any other thoughts... by bobbyo on 01.01.2013
Freddie Mercury -- Syrian? - I bet he didn't comment on Syrian politics because... by bobbyo on 01.01.2013
"These Are The Days Of Our Lives" video shooting date - It must've been a tough experience for all. Surrea... by bobbyo on 01.01.2013
Freddie Mercury -- Syrian? - No, the only comment he made on Queenzone was ... by bobbyo on 01.01.2013
This is why "Queen Live At The Rainbow" should NOT be released! - Lick My Love Pump did fairly well in the States so... by bobbyo on 01.01.2013
Freddie Mercury's HIV Diagnosis – Some Insight – 1985 to 1987 - I think he'd be repulsed. ... by bobbyo on 22.12.2012
who said fried chicken? - Personally, I think they were just dicking about a... by bobbyo on 18.12.2012
Most Overplayed QUEEN SONG? - True. It was played to death, seemingly everyw... by bobbyo on 18.12.2012
Queen - Flash (PiotreQ Remix) [w/ Video] - Another good one!... by bobbyo on 17.12.2012
Play The Game (PiotreQ Orchestral Remix) [w/ Video] - I enjoyed that. Thank you! Is this an original pro... by bobbyo on 17.12.2012
Most Overplayed QUEEN SONG? - Don't Stop Me Now has been totally ruined.... by bobbyo on 17.12.2012
Why did Freddie give up the piano? - Good shout brEnski. When the band were restric... by bobbyo on 17.12.2012