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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'loicborap'

Roger's Drum Kit - Hello everybody,i hope it hasn't been posted befor... by loicborap on 19.06.2007
the only thing i wish is a few songs - hello everybody this is loic from france, it's my ... by loicborap on 02.11.2006

72 posts by user 'loicborap'

Paris review - hello everybody this 3 of my videos & my photos [u... by loicborap on 28.09.2008
Asst Videos - thanks for those videos,look great... by loicborap on 20.05.2008
test poll - i thought i'll never see this kind of topic again... by loicborap on 30.01.2008
Will say it's not true get to no 1!. What do you guys think? - i think it wouldn't be n°1 but i guess it will be... by loicborap on 18.12.2007
Mother Love (compleated Innuendo version) - Nice mix,really interesting... by loicborap on 16.12.2007
What songs should have been singles? - we had the single in france... by loicborap on 05.12.2007
Best Drummer Roger Taylor VS Phil Collins - To be honest i really like roger's style,phil coll... by loicborap on 24.11.2007
Some demos - Thanks for these great demos... by loicborap on 01.11.2007
gr8kingrat.com update - great site,the listening room is really nice,congr... by loicborap on 30.10.2007
Driven by you - rare TV Commercial (Ford ad version) - many thanks to you raf840 for these 2 videos... by loicborap on 30.10.2007
Jim Hutton - nice !!... by loicborap on 20.10.2007
A new interview with Freddie? - Many thanks to you... by loicborap on 13.10.2007
Old friends (video) (Roger Taylor live Paris 94) - Really nice from to share this video with us,thank... by loicborap on 23.09.2007
Face It Alone - Studio or audience? - i really think you're right cd... by loicborap on 27.08.2007
ANNOUNCE: Queen receiving award in Leiden 1982 - thanks for this ... by loicborap on 22.08.2007
Greatest Show Ever...Today - no he's not,but it'd be great... by loicborap on 16.08.2007
Most Prized Possesion - Thanks for replying gr8 king rat you're very kind... by loicborap on 16.08.2007
Greatest Show Ever...Today - i think it would be nice !!! you can add jimmy pa... by loicborap on 16.08.2007
Most Prized Possesion - Hi gr8 king rat i'd like to know something : ... by loicborap on 15.08.2007
Most Prized Possesion - Golden collections vol 1 & 2 One year of love... by loicborap on 14.08.2007
New "Behind the Scenes I'm Going Slightly Mad" (amateur footage part 4) - Many thanks for sharing this... by loicborap on 13.08.2007
eBay strikes again - oh yes me too !!!!... by loicborap on 12.08.2007
Announce: Budapest Unplugged Set Complete (Soundboard) - Many thanks to you face-it-alone,i didn't expect t... by loicborap on 09.08.2007
Announce: Duet Freddie-Brian(?)! - i think it's a very nice mix,it's like an original... by loicborap on 09.08.2007
IS ENYONE WHATS TO SHARE THE REAL ASSASSIN? - héhé nice !!! ass-ass-in... by loicborap on 08.08.2007
Some demos - Many thanks for these two demos that i never h... by loicborap on 07.08.2007
announce queen live at the nederlands 2002 - yes it's official... by loicborap on 07.08.2007
Tavasziszél (different) - Many thanks for this face-it-alone do you have an... by loicborap on 04.08.2007
Happy Birthday, Roger! - Bon anniversaire,happy birthday,french kisses from... by loicborap on 25.07.2007
Hi. - I'm fine thanks raf840... by loicborap on 25.07.2007
Hi. - Does everybody feel good today ?... by loicborap on 25.07.2007
Looking some demos - CLLrP i sent you an e-mail... by loicborap on 23.07.2007
Top 3 Piano based Queen Songs..... - Spread Your Wings My Melancholy Blues You Take M... by loicborap on 23.07.2007
A little post for the "wot iz dat da" community on queenzone! - me too... by loicborap on 20.07.2007
Happy birthday Brian! - Happy birthday Brian, i hope you'll rock the world... by loicborap on 19.07.2007
Queen PD Greatest Hits how to recognize rare or fake? - Thanks for this information... by loicborap on 13.07.2007
Roger Taylor Fourm - Hello,i'm not registered,could you tell me what i ... by loicborap on 10.07.2007
Hi. - Hello raf840... by loicborap on 10.07.2007
Roger Taylor - A Kind Of Magic - Many thanks for this link... by loicborap on 09.07.2007
aide aide aide aide en français svp!!!! - Salut jéjé pour le hub,rien de compliqu&... by loicborap on 05.07.2007
ANNOUNCE: Sandbox - Thank you so much david you're the best,it's reall... by loicborap on 05.07.2007
Nomination for worst cover version ever - What's the name of the persons who have dared to d... by loicborap on 05.07.2007
New Collectors forum - Thank you so much richard,i hope it will bring som... by loicborap on 01.07.2007
Queen PD Greatest Hits how to recognize rare or fake? - Glad to help you,on this page you can compare the ... by loicborap on 01.07.2007
Queen PD Greatest Hits how to recognize rare or fake? - Hello Richarde On the official picture disc you c... by loicborap on 30.06.2007
aide aide aide aide en français svp!!!! - Elizabeth Knightson Posted: 6/28/2007 1:16:46... by loicborap on 28.06.2007
wwtlf - I never heard this version before,Rosedewitt how c... by loicborap on 26.06.2007
Is this a pirate? - i think it's official (in china) get down make lov... by loicborap on 25.06.2007
Offer - $1,000 for Face It Alone - I'll never pay $1000 for a demo,unreleased tracks ... by loicborap on 25.06.2007
the most beautiful queen song - In Only Seven Days A Winter's Tale Too Much Love... by loicborap on 22.06.2007
Your top 5 songs - 1.The Show Must Go On 2.I Want It All 3.Innuendo... by loicborap on 20.06.2007
Roger's Drum Kit - And the version of radio ga ga from '84/85 ?... by loicborap on 20.06.2007
Roger's Drum Kit - So you don't like how it sounds in the miltton key... by loicborap on 20.06.2007
Roger's Drum Kit - Hello everybody,i hope it hasn't been posted befor... by loicborap on 19.06.2007
Favorite Cross Song? - Breakdown Passion For Trash Bad Attitude Closer... by loicborap on 12.06.2007
Hell yeah xD - i didn't know this one,very funny... by loicborap on 23.05.2007
The "beep" in Drowse...? - Me too i love roger's songs, specially the guitar ... by loicborap on 22.05.2007
Who likes hot space? - I love life is real... by loicborap on 19.05.2007
Innuendo - instrumental - thank you guitarmay... by loicborap on 07.05.2007
NEW QUEEN PICTURES!!! - Thank you so much for all these pictures,they're a... by loicborap on 02.05.2007
Announce (as torrent): Hammersmith 24 December 1975 Westwood One source - Thanks for sharing it and making it available as a... by loicborap on 11.04.2007
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Thank You All (09-08-86) flac torrent - Many thanks to you yourvalentine,the sound is incr... by loicborap on 10.04.2007
Cover Artwork by DeeJay B. - Thank you so much,these ones are really great... by loicborap on 09.04.2007
Greatest Video Hits 3 - Thank you so much for the torrent,i was looking fo... by loicborap on 09.04.2007
ANNOUNCE: Brian May-Hollywood-April 6th, 1993 - !thank you so much guy !!!!,i was looking for this... by loicborap on 29.03.2007
ANNOUNCE: It's Late video - Thanks for sharing,it's a nice video.... by loicborap on 26.03.2007
The Call - Many thanks serry... by loicborap on 23.02.2007
Contact me on MSN for trade... - Me too... by loicborap on 13.02.2007
Download youtube vids - thanks a lot... by loicborap on 13.02.2007
ANNOUNCE: Thank God It's Christmas (Peace in the Middle East mix) - thank you so much... by loicborap on 23.12.2006
SONG REQUESTS - I would be very interested by the queen and freddi... by loicborap on 03.11.2006
the only thing i wish is a few songs - hello everybody this is loic from france, it's my ... by loicborap on 02.11.2006