Tour itinerary [42 concerts]

15.09.1998  Gijon, Spain 22.10.1998  Prague, Czech Republic
17.09.1998  Barcelona, Spain 24.10.1998  Nottingham, UK
18.09.1998  Madrid, Spain 25.10.1998  London, UK
20.09.1998  Brussels, Belgium 27.10.1998  Bristol, UK
22.09.1998  Paris, France 28.10.1998  Birmingham, UK
23.09.1998  Utrecht, The Netherlands 30.10.1998  Newcastle, UK
24.09.1998  Groningen, The Netherlands 31.10.1998  Manchester, UK
27.09.1998  Oslo, Norway 02.11.1998  Sheffield, UK
28.09.1998  Stockholm, Sweden 03.11.1998  Glasgow, UK
30.09.1998  Warsaw, Poland 06.11.1998  St. Petersburg, Russia
02.10.1998  Berlin, Germany 07.11.1998  Moscow, Russia
03.10.1998  Hamburg, Germany 10.11.1998  Tokyo, Japan
05.10.1998  Cologne, Germany 11.11.1998  Tokyo, Japan
07.10.1998  Stuttgart, Germany 13.11.1998  Nagoya, Japan
08.10.1998  Munich, Germany 14.11.1998  Osaka, Japan
10.10.1998  Vienna, Austria 20.11.1998  Perth, Australia
12.10.1998  Budapest, Hungary 22.11.1998  Adelaide, Australia
13.10.1998  Linz, Austria 23.11.1998  Melbourne, Australia
18.10.1998  Milan, Italy 25.11.1998  Sydney, Australia
19.10.1998  Zurich, Switzerland 26.11.1998  Newcastle, Australia
21.10.1998  Offenbach, Germany 28.11.1998  Brisbane, Australia

The concert begins with an intro tape (Dance With The Devil - in memory of Cozy Powell) and a voice announces that Brian will be late; instead of that his cousin T.E.Conway will perform a couple of songs. Of course it's Brian in a pretty good disguise - but believe or not, a major part of the audience don't recognize him :-) He performs Only Make Believe and C'mon Babe (just the 'Slow Down' guitar riffs plus a couple of words). During C'mon Babe he quickly changes his place with his double so his lookalike - Jimmy May in fact! - can shortly after that announce: "Ladies and gentlemen, from London, England, Mr. Brian May!" During the 'Space' intro Brian slowly unbends (his initial position is same with the album cover) and shouts something like "Good evening ...! Do you wanna rock?" and the band perform Since You've Been Gone as a tribute to Cozy Powell. After one or two tracks from the new album he plays a medley of heavy Queen songs which is always very much appreciated by the audience :-) Then comes the acoustic part which unfortunately includes Driven By You (I loved the electric version!). After the new slow/fast version of Hammer To Fall it's time for guitar & drum solos. During the guitar solo Eric juggles with burning drumsticks which is really cool (unlike his quite a poor solo). The encores include two new tracks - the balladic Another World (Brian without his guitar, only with a microphone) and a rockin' version of All The Way From Memphis. No-One But You is usually the very last song of the concert and Brian introduces it as "almost a Queen song except that it was never played by Queen".

The Warsaw gig was very unusual: Brian's guitar fucked up quite early so the whole setlist had to be changed. See my collection for details.

Typical setlist

01. Dance With The Devil 17. Love Of My Life
02. Only Make Believe 18. Driven By You
03. C'mon Babe 19. Band introduction
04. Space 20. On My Way Up
05. Since You've Been Gone 21. Hammer To Fall slow
06. Business 22. Hammer To Fall fast
07. Spike Edney keyboards solo 23. Brian May guitar solo
08. China Belle 24. Resurrection
09. White Man intro 25. Eric Singer drums solo
10. Fat Bottomed Girls 26. Resurrection reprise
11. I Want It All 27. We Will Rock You
12. Headlong 28. Tie Your Mother Down
13. Tear It Up 29. Another World
14. Show Must Go On 30. All The Way From Memphis
15. Neil Murray bass solo 31. No-One But You
16. Last Horizon  

Tracks played only scarcely

Why Don't We Try Again? (Gijon)
Another World - Spanish or French version
Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Groningen, Newcastle)
Dancing Queen (Stockholm)
Hoochie Koochie Man (Warsaw)
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (Hamburg, Offenbach, Tokyo)
Sail Away Sweet Sister (Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Tokyo)
Slow Down (Hamburg, Birmingham)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Sheffield)
Teo Torriatte (Japanese shows)
Mustapha intro (Madrid)
Driven By You - "electric" version (Stuttgart)
Kalinka (part in guitar solo, Moscow)
Waltzing Matilda (part in guitar solo, Australian concerts)

A concert photo from this tour

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