Tour itinerary [17 concerts]

19.01.2016  London, UK 05.03.2016  Zlin, Czech Republic
21.02.2016  Ancona, Italy 06.03.2016  Brno, Czech Republic
22.02.2016  Padova, Italy 08.03.2016  Prague, Czech Republic
24.02.2016  Firenze, Italy 09.03.2016  Bratislava, Slovakia
25.02.2016  Milan, Italy 11.03.2016  Budapest, Hungary
27.02.2016  Mantova, Italy 12.03.2016  Budapest, Hungary
28.02.2016  Rome, Italy 14.03.2016  Bucharest, Romania
02.03.2016  Krakow, Poland 16.03.2016  Sofia, Bulgaria
03.03.2016  Ostrava, Czech Republic  

Possibly for the first time in my life I saw two things: the setlist got changed almost every night (what a difference compared to Queen tours) and Brian was extremely relaxed, obviously enjoying every second of this tour. I can't stress enough how patient and kind he was every time I met him!

As a result the "typical setlist" is based on what I witnessed on four gigs of the tour.

Typical setlist

01. Intro: Badger, Badger, Badger 12. Bye Bye Love
02. I (Who Have Nothing) 13. Life Is Real
03. I Loved A Butterfly 14. I'm Not That Girl
04. Dust in the Wind 15. Last Horizon / Guitar solo
05. Born Free 16. Love Of My Life
06. Somebody To Love 17. Who Wants To Live Forever
07. Can't Help Falling In Love 18. '39
08. Tell Me What You See 19. Roll With You
09. The Way We Were 20. We Will Rock You
10. Something 21. No-One But You
11. One Voice 22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Tracks played only scarcely

The Kissing Me Song
Is This The World We Created...?
So Sad
Take It Easy
Losing My Mind
If I Loved You
Tavaszi Szél Vizet Áraszt (Budapest)
Special tune in the guitar solo: Godfather Theme, O Sole Mio, The New World Symphony, Amazing Grace, Arrivederci Roma etc.

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo