Note: this list includes only concerts. Brian's bands (1984, Smile) of course recorded studio stuff but that's not listed here (does Brian's garage count as studio when we talk about 1984 demos? :-) Thanks to Dave Dilloway for additional info on '1984'.

1984 (September 1964 - early 1968)

1984 Top Rank Bowl Competition (in order left to right): Tim, Dave, Richard, Jag and Brian


  • Brian May (guitar/vocals)
  • Dave Dilloway (bass)
  • John 'Jag' Garnham (rhythm guitar/vocals)
  • Richard Thompson (drums) - later joined Freddie's 'Wreckage'
  • Tim Staffell (lead vocals/harmonica, later lead guitar)
  • John Sanger (piano/vocals)

Bill Richards (rhythm guitar) and Malcolm Childs (rhythm guitar) also were around the group and played at rehearsals but never played with '1984' live. John Sanger left for university after the first two gigs.

Brian later played with his mate Dave Dilloway in Left Handed Marriage but we're talking only about three recording sessions here (04.04.1967, 28.06.1967, 28.07.1967), he didn't play with them in any gig.

28.10.1964 St. Mary's Church Hall, Twickenham, UK
04.11.1964 Girls School, Richmond, UK
January 1965 Imperial College, London, UK
15.01.1966 Thames Rowing Club, Putney, UK
29.01.1966 Thames Rowing Club, Putney, UK
05.02.1966 Rowing Club, Shepperton, UK
spring 1966 Imperial College, London, UK
summer 1966 Boat Club, Molesey, UK
summer 1966 R&B Club, Putney, UK
01. or 02.07.1966 Boat Club, Henley On Thames, UK
09.07.1966 All Saints Church Hall, London, UK
autumn 1966 White Hart, Southhall, UK
28.04.1967 Park Hotel, Hanwell, London, UK
13.05.1967 Imperial College, London, UK
September 1967 School Of Medicine, London, UK
September 1967 Top Rank Club, Croydon, UK
23.12.1967 Olympia Theatre, London, UK

Known setlists

15.01.1966 Thames Rowing Club, Putney
(audio recording owned by Queen Productions)
01. I'm A Loser (Beatles)
02. Help (Beatles)
03. Jack Of Diamonds (Lonnie Donegan)
04. I Wish You Would
05. I Feel Fine (Beatles)
06. Little Egypt
07. Lucille (Little Richard/Everly Brothers)
08. Monkey Business
09. Mojo Working
10. Walking The Dog (Dennisons)
11. Heart Full Of Soul (Yardbirds)
29.01.1966 Thames Rowing Club, Putney
(audio recording owned by Queen Productions)
01. Bright Lights Big City
02. Chains (Beatles)
03. Walking The Dog (Dennisons)
04. Lucille (Little Richard/Everly Brothers)
05. Little Rendezvous
06. Jack Of Diamonds (Lonnie Donegan)
07. Mojo Working
08. Little Egypt
09. I'm A Man
10. Bye Bye Bird
05.02.1966 Rowing Club, Shepperton
(feat. Brian May on bass guitar)
01. Dancing In The Street (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)
02. Eight Days A Week (Beatles)
03. I'm Taking Her Home (Others)
04. My Generation (Who)
spring 1966 Imperial College, London
A four-minute colour silent footage of Imperial College Fancy Dress party exists
summer 1966 Boat Club, Molesey
01. Happy Hendrix Polka
13.05.1967 Imperial College, London
(supporting Jimi Hendrix)
(audio recording owned by Queen Productions)
01. Cool Jerk
02. Respect
03. My Girl
04. Shake
05. Stepping Stone
06. Keep Me Hanging On
07. Whatcha Going To Do About It
08. Substitute
09. How Can It Be
10. Dancing In The Street
11. Dream
12. Sha La La La Lee
23.12.1967 Olympia Theatre, London
01. So Sad (Everly Brothers)
02. Stone Free
03. She's Gone (Buddy Knox)
04. Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd)

Smile (summer 1968 - 1970)



  • Brian May (guitar/vocals)
  • Tim Staffell (bass/lead vocals)
  • Roger Taylor (drums/vocals)
  • Chris Smith (keyboards until February 1969)
  • Phil Taylor (occasional keyboards)
  • John Harris (keyboards until 26.02.1969)
  • Mike Grose (bass)
26.10.1968 Imperial College, London, UK
31.01.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
12.02.1969 King's College Medical School, London, UK
27.02.1969 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
28.02.1969 Athletic Club, Richmond, UK
15.03.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
22.03.1969 Flamingo Club, Redruth, UK
28.03.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
29.03.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
05.04.1969 Winter Gardens, Penzance, UK
18.04.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
19.04.1969 Revolution Club, London, UK
31.05.1969 Whisky A Go Go, London, UK
28.06.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
29.06.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
19.07.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
25.07.1969 Percival Institute, St. Minver, UK
13.09.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
14.09.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
18.10.1969 College Union, Watford, UK
01.11.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
06.12.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
13.12.1969 The Marquee Club, London, UK
26.12.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
17.01.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
21.01.1970 The New Penny, Derby, UK
31.01.1970 Imperial College, London, UK
07.03.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
08.03.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
17.04.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
18.04.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
22.04.1970 The New Penny, Derby, UK
24.04.1970 Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, UK
09.05.1970 Imperial College, London, UK

Known setlists

26.10.1968 Imperial College, London
01. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (Bach)
02. Can't Be So Sad
27.02.1969 Royal Albert Hall, London
(short silent video recording owned by Queen Productions, part is shown in the Champions Of The World video)
1. If I Were A Carpenter
2. Earth
3. Mony Mony
4. See What A Fool I've Been

An interesting fact: 'Johnny Quale And The Reaction' were founded by Johnny Grose (aka Johnny Quale). Johnnie's younger brother Mike Grose later played occasionally with 'The Reaction', 'Smile' and even became Queen's first bass player.