Tour itinerary [5 concerts]

01.11.1992  Buenos Aires, Argentina 06.11.1992  Buenos Aires, Argentina
03.11.1992  Santiago De Chile, Chile 09.11.1992  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
05.11.1992  Montevideo, Uruguay  

It was basically a rehearsal for the forthcoming tour of USA, Europe and Japan. Recordings of all five South American concerts are available on bootlegs (some of them even on video). The order of the songs was different on each of the concerts. A rarity is Rollin' Over (which also used to be in the 'Smile' setlists). Brian played it only during his first two concerts of this tour... and never again.

During the concert in Chile Brian is extremely upset by some strange disturbing noises during his guitar solo. He tries to go on but in the end he gives up: "This is impossible to play with, I ain't gonna do the solo!" He also says a couple of vulgar words which are most likely aimed at the local technicians :-)

Typical setlist

01. The Dark 08. Too Much Love Will Kill You
02. Tie Your Mother Down 09. Now I'm Here
03. Driven By You 10. Guitar solo
04. Back To The Light 11. Resurrection
05. Love Token 12. Last Horizon
06. Love Of My Life 13. Hammer To Fall
07. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head  

Tracks played only scarcely

Since You've Been Gone
Rollin' Over
'39 (intro)
Let Me Out

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo