Tour itinerary [14 concerts]

22.05.1993  Tel Aviv, Israel 30.06.1993  Modena, Italy
24.05.1993  Athens, Greece 05.07.1993  Barcelona, Spain
26.05.1993  Istanbul, Turkey 06.07.1993  Madrid, Spain
22.06.1993  Karlsruhe, Germany 08.07.1993  Nancy, France
25.06.1993  Frankfurt, Germany 09.07.1993  Lyon, France
26.06.1993  Munich, Germany 11.07.1993  Werchter, Belgium
29.06.1993  Modena, Italy 13.07.1993  Paris, France

I had to divide Brian's (mostly) European tour into several categories. This one describes Brian's concerts as a support of Guns'n'roses. Note: after the Istanbul show Brian set on his own short solo tour and after the Munich gig he played a solo concert in Budapest. That's why the dates in the menu are a bit confusing.

Again, there are only very few recordings available so I'm not sure if the setlist is correct! Most of the setlists were similar to each other but for example in Karlsruhe Brian started singing Mustapha right after the Dark intro!

The gig on Stadio Lamberti in Cava De' Tirreni (which was scheduled for July 2) was cancelled because apparently the structure of the stadium was dangerous (which is strange because four years before it held 30000 people for a Pink Floyd concert).

Typical setlist

01. The Dark 09. Too Much Love Will Kill You
02. Back To The Light 10. Since You've Been Gone
03. Driven By You 11. Now I'm Here
04. Tie Your Mother Down 12. Guitar solo
05. Love Token 13. Resurrection
06. Headlong 14. Bohemian Rhapsody
07. Love Of My Life 15. Last Horizon
08. '39 (intro) 16. We Will Rock You

Tracks played only scarcely

Hammer To Fall

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo