Tour itinerary [16 concerts]

01.05.2011  London, UK (1st gig) 12.05.2011  Glasgow, UK
01.05.2011  London, UK (2nd gig) 14.05.2011  Cardiff, UK
03.05.2011  Liverpool, UK 16.05.2011  Manchester, UK
05.05.2011  Gateshead, UK 18.05.2011  Milton Keynes, UK
06.05.2011  Sheffield, UK 19.05.2011  Southend, UK
08.05.2011  Nottingham, UK 21.05.2011  Bath, UK
09.05.2011  Birmingham, UK 11.06.2011  Hampton, UK
11.05.2011  Edinburgh, UK 16.07.2011  Cranwell, UK

Please note this is just a summary of the UK tour and it does not include the various TV appearances and one-off gigs (except for the RAH one).

Typical setlist

1. Overture 10. Save Me
2. Dangerland 11. No-One But You
3. I Am Not That Girl 12. You Have To Be There
4. I Can't Be Your Friend 13. I Love It When You Call
5. Diamonds Are Forever 14. Defying Gravity
6. Somebody To Love 15. We Will Rock You
7. Last Horizon 16. We Are The Champions
8. Love Of My Life 17. Anthem
9. I Loved A Butterfly 18. Tie Your Mother Down

Tracks played only scarcely

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (second half of the tour)
Gimme Some Lovin' (end of the tour)
Land Of Hope And Glory (Cranwell only)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo