This is the period covered from the foundation of the band until their record contract with Neptune Productions was made effective. It's very hard to document as they were still a band of rags and there are very few surviving photos to which the public has access via internet, magazines or books. Out of those few, even fewer have their instruments in enough detail to realise their brand, model or amplification.


Drum kit [educated guess]
  • Ludwig 26" x 14" bass-drum.
  • Ludwig 14" x 7.5" snare drum.
  • Ludwig 16" x 16" and 20" x 20" floor toms.
  • Ludwig 12" x 12" rack tom.
  • Zildjian 15" hi-hats.
  • Zildjian 16" and 20" crash cymbals.
  • Cowbells (?).
Roger's mics
  • AKG D19 for the toms

Bass guitars

John's Rickenbacker
Bass guitars
  • Fender Pre-CBS Precision [Mike Grose]
  • Gibson EB0 [Barry Mitchell]
  • Rickenbacker 4001 [John Deacon]


Guitar + rig
  • BHM six-string electric guitar.
  • 1 x Vox AC30 amplifier.