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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Luke 1982'

1980-12-06 Birmingham, NEC Arena (FLAC, megauploud) - Queen Venue: Birmingham, National Exhibition Cen... by Luke 1982 on 01.10.2009

30 posts by user 'Luke 1982'

"Complete" Queen music video list (attempt 1) HELP NEEDED! - Not exactly... Roger with glasses... and Freddie's... by Luke 1982 on 07.04.2019
"Complete" Queen music video list (attempt 1) HELP NEEDED! - I know, old topic but I found on hdd mentioned pic... by Luke 1982 on 06.04.2019
Low sales on current tour - From the same above site they also add article abo... by Luke 1982 on 30.05.2016
"Night At The Odeon" deluxe boxset prices.....? - Here in Poland we have for about £70 plus deliver... by Luke 1982 on 21.01.2016
Top Of The Pops Videos - And what about with Las Palabras The Amor with pub... by Luke 1982 on 03.11.2015
Early Queen-recordings - Sorry for that site but it wasn't updated for abou... by Luke 1982 on 18.10.2014
Very Longest Brian May solo - Don't remember exactly but jamming with Roger was ... by Luke 1982 on 09.03.2012
What`s next DVD - yees..... and and I suppose all video releases in ... by Luke 1982 on 13.09.2011
holy grail - This thinks are quite realistic. Full video from ... by Luke 1982 on 14.08.2011
Intresting Info About Earls Court 1977 - KevoM wrote: I think it's more interesting to kno... by Luke 1982 on 05.08.2011
40 Years of Queen Book - i'm wonder also about this new title "Queen: The C... by Luke 1982 on 22.05.2011
40 Years of Queen Book - inside.... :) http://queen1991.blog.pl/komentarze... by Luke 1982 on 22.05.2011
BoRhap Live Glasgow 1979 - MASTER COPY - Is there a chance to uploud this copy on QZ ?  Ma... by Luke 1982 on 18.05.2011
NIH - TOTP - so this short clip not come from 45 program (Grana... by Luke 1982 on 27.02.2011
Providence 27th April 1974 now on Dime - Thanks to remind! :D What a nice treasure ...... by Luke 1982 on 13.02.2011
Press Release: QUEEN: FIRST FIVE ALBUMS RE-ISSUED ON ISLAND RECORDS - about "deluxe edition" ... new release of Bowie's ... by Luke 1982 on 08.02.2011
Footage of Wembley 1986 from another angles - Nothink new but thanks to remind ;)... by Luke 1982 on 26.12.2010
More unidentified footage from 1979 - some rumours says that it could be from Alexandra ... by Luke 1982 on 24.11.2010
Leeds AFC, May 29th 1982 - does footage exist? - zephead2112 wrote:Oddly, in one of the photographs... by Luke 1982 on 08.11.2010
NEW 'Queen Live: A Concert Documentary' book - New Edition. - even better will be include some unreleased live r... by Luke 1982 on 30.07.2010
ANNOUNCE: Queen Audio Interviews - Release 1.0 - on my hdd I found somethinks like this from old sh... by Luke 1982 on 25.07.2010
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1998-09-30; Warsaw - PM do Daga - she have for sure contack with Zbysze... by Luke 1982 on 02.07.2010
ANNOUNCE: Cuesheet Toppop 1974 - Dutch television - This theory about blue screen is quite interestink... by Luke 1982 on 07.06.2010
In Your Shoes - Taylor Hawkins & Roger & Rufus Taylor - Live - Long Away on YT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqx... by Luke 1982 on 18.05.2010
Queen at Granada - Interestink pics... another ones  from some tv sh... by Luke 1982 on 03.05.2010
ANNOUNCE : QUEEN BUDOKAN 75 DVD - link to pittrek remaster' : http://www.queenzone.c... by Luke 1982 on 15.04.2010
A couple of (hopefully) interesting facts about Knebworth 1986 - >edit< ... by Luke 1982 on 09.04.2010
Announce: Queen Boston Garden Boston Feb 9th 1977 Flac - Another interestink recording.. Great news, thanks... by Luke 1982 on 22.02.2010
1978.04.12 Stockholm - merge - why i've got as a hiden files "queen on fire" cove... by Luke 1982 on 09.10.2009
1980-12-06 Birmingham, NEC Arena (FLAC, megauploud) - Queen Venue: Birmingham, National Exhibition Cen... by Luke 1982 on 01.10.2009