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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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0 discussions started by 'Black-Rose'

33 posts by user 'Black-Rose'

MANCHESTER queenzone meeting - I think I am going to wear my Too Drunk To FCUK t... by Black-Rose on 04.05.2005
MANCHESTER queenzone meeting - I'll be in Hard Rock Cafe about 4.30 i've reserved... by Black-Rose on 03.05.2005
Concert times. - I'm not missing the encores. Plus I have my 9 year... by Black-Rose on 17.02.2005
£29.50 Manchester - If you've booked at 29.50 in Manchester I can only... by Black-Rose on 20.01.2005
Sharing The Queenonline Presale Code - I have a spare code. Doesn't say which venue thoug... by Black-Rose on 20.01.2005
So then.. anyone got through and got a ticket??? - I also got through at 10am but then was in the que... by Black-Rose on 18.01.2005
the concerts you attend - At these price can only afford the one at Manchest... by Black-Rose on 18.01.2005
Rock On Cardiff!!! - Front Row!!! - I have just booked 3 rather good seats for the Man... by Black-Rose on 18.01.2005
Rescheduled UK Convention......... - I think it stinks. They should have organised the ... by Black-Rose on 12.01.2005
Who's seen the musical WWRY? - I saw it twice on video at the convention - and it... by Black-Rose on 28.08.2004
Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner Of Azkaban - I don't think the film explains who Moony, Wormtai... by Black-Rose on 08.06.2004
Harry Potter 3: The Prisoner Of Azkaban - This is the best of the Harry Potter movies, we to... by Black-Rose on 08.06.2004
Did Anyone Video the JSS Gig? - Didn't she just rock and indeed, roll :-) I kn... by Black-Rose on 12.05.2004
Killer Queen book - I bought it at the convention but have to wait for... by Black-Rose on 10.05.2004
mercury - Is this the same Mercury that are appearing at thi... by Black-Rose on 03.05.2004
Karaoke!!! - My little Samantha is planning on doing 39, so bri... by Black-Rose on 27.04.2004
Freddie Planned the Funeral - Speaking seriously ... to fatty ? are you new he... by Black-Rose on 20.04.2004
Should I rejoin the Fan Club?? - But you can't go to the convention if you are not ... by Black-Rose on 20.04.2004
Not Long to the Convention - Well it may have been me, i do say hi to Freddie a... by Black-Rose on 12.04.2004
Not Long to the Convention - Hey Rachel Where are you ? We have space for t... by Black-Rose on 12.04.2004
Conversations with Kiddies - Here's a classic conversation I had one day with m... by Black-Rose on 20.03.2004
Picture of my baby - Rachel, Samantha is just great thanx for asking... by Black-Rose on 20.03.2004
Picture of my baby - She is a darling Rachel, such a sweetie. Glad you... by Black-Rose on 19.03.2004
Forthcoming SAS show. - I might go, will Brian and/or Roger turn up to thi... by Black-Rose on 19.03.2004
How do I register for the UK convention? - Yes you do have to be a member of the fan club to ... by Black-Rose on 15.03.2004
Miracle are playing round here soon - So Johnnie, Are you playing in London soon ? ... by Black-Rose on 13.03.2004
Miracle are playing round here soon - When and where are Miracle playing in London, I ca... by Black-Rose on 12.03.2004
does any1 like my pic?? - I was at the Cavern last year to see Jeff Scott So... by Black-Rose on 23.02.2004
I managed to delete two days worth of posts... - My boyfriend puked all over me at a party when we ... by Black-Rose on 22.02.2004
My assignment results - They are good results well done :-)) ... by Black-Rose on 21.02.2004
Live Aid footage of ITTWWC? - ITTWWC wasn't part of the main Queen set. Brian an... by Black-Rose on 18.02.2004
We Will Rock You-The Musical - I don't think we will ever see the box sets, now n... by Black-Rose on 08.12.2003
We Will Rock You-The Musical - I saw the we will rock you musical on video at thi... by Black-Rose on 08.12.2003