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Instruments: Brian May - Back To The Light Tour [1992-1993]

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Information > Instruments on tour > Back To The Light
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Only fragmentary (but hopefully accurate) list based on the slightly limited visual material.

Cozy's Yamaha drums

Drum kit [Yamaha 9000]
2 x Yamaha 16" x 20" bass-drums.
Yamaha 16" x 14" snare drum.
Yamaha 13" x 9" tom-tom.
Yamaha 14" x 10" tom-tom.
Yamaha 16" x 6" tom-tom.
Yamaha 16" x 16" tom-tom.
Yamaha 18" x 8" tom-tom.
Yamaha 18" x 18" tom-tom.
Paiste Formula 6" bell cymbal.
Paiste Formula 8" and 10" 3000 splash cymbal.
Paiste Formula 15" 602 Heavy hi-hats.
Paiste Formula 20" 3000 and 3 x 18" 3000 crash cymbals.
Paiste Formula 20" 3000 china cymbal.
Paiste Formula 24" 3000 Heavy ride cymbal.
Premier 250 bass-drum pedal.
Yamaha Hickory drum sticks.
Remo Pinstripe heads.

Bass guitar
Neil's Aria Neil's Aria

Bass guitars
Sei [unknown specs].

Electric guitars
Brian's Red Special Brian's Guild replica Jamie's Levinson Blade R4 Jamie's Fender Telecaster Jamie's Gibons Les Paul Jamie's Guild replica

Electric guitars [Brian]
BHM Bespoke [main]
Guild BHM 80's model [some songs - drop-D tuning]
Guild BHM 90's model [spare]

Electric guitars [Second guitarists]
Ibanez blue [Mike Caswell]
Ibanez sunburst [Mike Caswell]
Fender Stratocaster [Mike Caswell]
Fender Telecaster [Jamie Moses - LYHRYH]
Gibson Les Paul [Jamie Moses - occasionally]
Guild BHM [Jamie Moses - occasionally]
Levinson Blade R-4 [Jamie Moises - main]

Acoustic guitars
Brian's Ovation Jamie's Gibson acoustic

Acoustic guitars
Gibson J-45 1965 model [Jamie]
Ovation Pacemaker 1615 twelve-string [Brian]

Spike's keyboards

Digital piano
Roland EP-77

2 x Korg M-1
Roland JD-800 [educated guess]

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