This is a list of various download links collected over the years. Most of them are to QueenZone, some are directly to Youtube, some are to filesharing servers. Please bear in mind that many of those links are inactive now. It's impossible for me to keep checking the links on regular basis and even a one-off check is currently beyond my abilities. If you are willing to help with checking the links, deleting inactive ones and perhaps even updating this section with new links please get in touch.

10 most recently added download links

10.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Vancouver, Canada
Audio: lexilane MP3

16.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Phoenix, AZ, United States
Audio: DancyGeorgia MP3

10.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Vancouver, Canada
Audio: Youtube audio mix!PlggmKyD!pbQvp5vU1nmXKRIJwKuSHoFBGnUNrYU0Qw5Tdyfozkc

14.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert San Jose, CA, United States
Audio: Markum7 - H2 Zoom!BGwTEI5a!AC6DbvEdoreeNGK7Sc1uXw

28.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Toronto, Canada
Audio: Poignant Pros - CA14s - Tascam DR-08

Audio: Youtube audio mix!2lR30YBK!jJUrCH34a30zXIkgF6AbzTa1UT93AjrrqppCmz6umzc

30.07.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Washington, DC, United States
Audio: seohcE - BMC-2 - Edirol R-09!P1NFmYCL!vt37SQ5PNs6lZkfUfMibEA

04.08.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Boston, MA, United States
Audio: massu2 - OKMIIr - Sony PCM-M10!rjJ3BaIT!ArNraVtipQZKcXw2RgFHTA

13.08.2019 Queen + Adam Lambert Columbus, OH, United States
Audio: live2cd - AT853U - Sony PCM-A10!fpNBgCYa!DQ7FoGlwuQLMxzHo0Thuzg

06.10.1977 Queen London, UK
Audio: Wardour remaster!oJBFnK7A!Y_vOjiMKYCwh7soHTrP3QaR862efEIxBmIqwz3g0SsQ