So what's actually new?

I've spent the last two months redesigning the website, polishing sections, fixing bugs, uploading new scans and making this site mobile-friendly. I hope my effort has paid off - here are some of the major changes.

On this day [February 20]

New book - Queen Touring America

Gary Taylor - a longtime Queen fan and a fellow Queen expert - has written a book about Queen touring America (1974-1982). He has focused just on his favorite continent but still the book is a must-have for every Queen fan! Tons of photos, ticket stubs (many of which are mine :-), stories, setlists, posters, newspaper reviews - this is reading for long winter nights :-) I'm proud to have contributed to such a nice book. Order your copy via this Facebook page - it's worth it!

Tour programs wanted!

Here is a list of concert programs that I need for my collection together with the price I'm willing to pay. There are a couple more that aren't listed here because I don't have any scan (All Cannings 2012, Wintershall 1998 + 2011). Please get in touch if you are willing to sell (or donate :-)) some of these items to me. Thank you!

Queen + Adam Lambert - North America 2017 Queen + Adam Lambert
North America 2017
I will pay EUR 50
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2016 Roger Taylor
Wintershall 2016
I will pay EUR 60
SAS Band with Roger - All Cannings 25.05.2013 SAS Band with Roger
All Cannings, 25.05.2013
I will pay EUR 30
Cowdray Ruins program (UK) Roger
Cowdray Ruins 2002
I will pay EUR 100
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2001 Roger - Wintershall 2001
I will pay EUR 60
News Of The World tour program (Denmark only) Queen
Copenhagen 13.04.1978
I will pay EUR 150