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Finally another update...

The 2018 Queen + Adam Lambert tour details are now online. There are also a couple of new ticket stubs online and also info on two of recent "guest appearances" - Roger with SAS Band at Weyfest Music Festical and Brian's and Roger's appearance at the wedding of Roger's son Felix. The only plans of the band (as for now) seem to be their forthcoming gigs in Las Vegas.

Tour programs wanted!!!

Please check the tour programs section and let me know if you can help me obtain any of the programs marked red. I still miss some quite common programs such as:

  • Queen - Australia 2018
  • Queen - Isle Of Wight 2016
  • Queen - Japan 2016
  • Queen - world 2014 (the one that doesn't mention Australia in the credits)
  • Roger - Cowdray Ruins 2002
  • Roger - All Cannings 2013
  • Roger - Wintershall 2016
  • Roger - Wickham 2016

Website redesign - help needed!

It's been like 10 years since I redesigned this website. The times have changed and this website desperately needs a new face. I would handle the programming and jQuery stuff myself but first I need somebody to design a new mobile-friendly interface of this website. Cool, simple and easy to use, modern, clean, SEO-friendly website. Anybody willing to help? Either with the wireframe or with graphics or with converting graphics to HTML+CSS. I need an expert :-) and I can't pay, this is a non-commercial project. But it wouldn't hurt to have credits on one of the biggest Queen websites in the world, would it? :-) Please contact me if you're interested and send me a link to your portfolio. Thank you!

On this day... (24.09.)

Concert info 24.09.1980 - Concert: Queen live at the War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse, New York, USA
Concert info 24.09.1984 - Concert: Queen live at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
Concert info 24.09.1998 - Concert: Brian May live at the Martinihal, Groningen, The Netherlands
Concert info 24.09.1998 - Concert: Roger Taylor live at the Cosford Mill, Surrey, UK
Concert info 24.09.2004 - Guest appearance: Brian May live at the Wembley Arena, London, UK (Fender Stratocaster anniversary)
Concert info 24.09.2008 - Concert: Queen + Paul Rodgers live at the Bercy, Paris, France
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