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Not much happening at the moment so I just uploaded some new ticket scans and also added Brian's performance with Kerry Ellis in Verona.

Btw. if any of you have a spare 2014 North American program for sale?, please let me know. I need the one that does NOT mention Australia on the 'credits' page.

On this day... (29.08.)

Concert info 29.08.1980 - Concert: Queen live at the Forum, Montreal, Canada
Concert info 29.08.1984 - Concert: Queen live at the RDS Simmons Hall, Dublin, Ireland
Concert info 29.08.1987 - Guest appearance: Brian May live at the Richfield Avenue, Reading, UK (with Bad News)
Concert info 29.08.2014 - Concert: Queen + Adam Lambert live at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

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