Brian with James Burton

Brian has been invited to jam with James Burton & Friends.

Instagram updates

Remember that earlier this year I've launched my own Instagram account and I'm uploading Queen memorabilia quite often.

Warning - sellers of fake ticket stubs and flyers

Besides Giorgio Bacci aka Marco B. (aka seler newyork-nyc on ebay) from New York/Seattle we've identified another person distributing fake Queen ticket stubs - David Cartars from the UK. He is known in the Queen community for being able to get almost any 1973-1974 ticket. One of the buyers had doubts about them and sent me almost 20 tickets for closer inspection. Having taken macro shots, 1200 dpi scans and consulted the printing on tickets with two experts on printing I can safely say almost all of those tickets are clear fakes. Please be careful! There are currently more fake than genuine 1973-1975 Queen tickets on the market...

On this day [December 06]

Tour programs wanted!

Here is a list of concert programs that I need for my collection together with the price I'm willing to pay. There are a couple more that aren't listed here because I don't have any scan (All Cannings 2012, Wintershall 1998 + 2011). Please get in touch if you are willing to sell (or donate :-)) some of these items to me. Thank you!

SAS Band - 25 Riff Tour programme SAS Band with Roger
UK 2019
I will pay EUR 25
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2016 Roger Taylor
Wintershall 2016
I will pay EUR 80
SAS Band with Roger - All Cannings 25.05.2013 SAS Band with Roger
All Cannings, 25.05.2013
I will pay EUR 50
Cowdray Ruins program (UK) Roger
Cowdray Ruins 2002
I will pay EUR 150
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2001 Roger - Wintershall 2001
I will pay EUR 100
Unofficial Dublin 1984 programme Queen
Dublin 1984
I will pay EUR 100
News Of The World tour program (Denmark only) Queen
Copenhagen 13.04.1978
I will pay EUR 200