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Queen on tour

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The names of the tours may not be exact, perhaps there was no "Queen I tour" or "Queen II tour" but I did my best to find an appropriate name if any was available. Should you find any mistake, please let me know. For a great list of cancelled and rescheduled concerts visit this site.

Original band line-up [1970-1986]
  • Freddie Mercury - lead vocals, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, tambourine, synths
  • Brian May - electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals, banjo, piano, keyboards
  • Roger Taylor - drums, backing vocals, tambourine, timpani
  • John Deacon - bass guitar, triangle, guitar, backing vocals (?)
Bass players in the Queen history
  • Mike Grose (April - August 1970)
  • Barry Mitchell (August 1970 - January 1971)
  • Doug Bogie (January - February 1971) - some sources say his surname was Ewood but that's probably a different musician
  • John Deacon (February 1971 onwards)
Auxiliary musicians
  • Morgan Fisher - keyboards/piano on European Hot Space tour (09.04.1982 - 05.06.1982)
  • Fred Mandel - keyboards/piano on the rest of Hot Space tour (21.07.1982 - 03.11.1982)
  • Spike Edney - keyboards/piano, guitar and backing vocals on the Works and Magic tours

Morgan Fisher left the band because he was into Eastern spirituality and meditation - he didn't feel comfortable in the band nor they with him. Queen simply sent him a telegram after the European tour, saying they no longer needed a keyboard player - which was not true because they soon got Fred Mandel in. Fred Mandel left because Queen stopped touring and he was hired by Supertramp (1983) and later by Elton John (1984) but he still worked with Queen members throughout this period (Starfleet Project, Mr. Bad Guy). Spike was obviously the right man - wherever you saw Brian and Roger in concert in the past years, you can be sure Spike was there too.

Guests on Queen concerts
  • Billy Squier - 15.09.1982 Los Angeles, USA (vocals in Jailhouse Rock)
  • Fish - 21.06.1986 Mannheim, Germany (vocals in Tutti Frutti)
  • John Reid + crew - 22.12.1977 Los Angeles, USA (vocals in White Christmas)
  • Maradona - 08.03.1981 Buenos Aires, Argentina (only said a couple words before AOBTD)
  • Rick Parfitt - 07.09.1984 London, UK (guitar in Jailhouse Rock)
  • Tony Hadley - 13.04.1985 Auckland, New Zealand (vocals in Jailhouse Rock)
Queen + Paul Rodgers: band line-up [2005-2008]
  • Paul Rodgers (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano)
  • Brian May (lead guitar, acoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals)
  • Roger Taylor (drums, lead/backing vocals)
  • Jamie Moses (rhytm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
  • Danny Miranda (bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
  • Spike Edney (keyboards, backing vocals)
Queen + Adam Lambert: band line-up [2012-2015]
  • Adam Lambert (lead vocals)
  • Brian May (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals)
  • Roger Taylor (drums, lead/backing vocals)
  • Neil Fairclough (bass guitar, backing vocals)
  • Spike Edney (keyboards, backing vocals)
  • Rufus Taylor (drums, percussions)
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