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About Queen concerts and the webmaster

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The history...
QueenConcerts.com is a project I started in June 2002 (exactly on that day I also got my MSc. degree :-) It was basically a follow-up of my previous Queen websites, the last one of which was called Mr.Scully's Queen Of Rock and had over 220000 unique visits as of March 2002 when it had to be closed above all due to a problem with EMI that included a senseless discussion over things like "illegal use of lyrics on a website" etc.

This new QueenConcerts site has proved to be extremely popular although it doesn't offer any illegal stuff such as MP3's or videos. Information still is a highly sought-after gem and I can proudly say my website has become the best Queen concertography that has ever been. So far it has had 6465486 unique visits since June 2002 and is among the four most visited Queen websites in the world along with QOL, QueenZone and BrianMay.com. I work as a programmer of internet applications which also helps, lol.

Greg Brook's "Queen Live" book was a good start. This is part two - with emphasis on solo concerts of Queen members, their guest appearances with other artists or all instruments they ever used on the stage. Don't miss the unique gallery with hundreds of ticket stubs, tour programs or memorabilia that is often worth hundreds of dollars. I myself am a collector of various tour memorabilia and live recordings (I have 99% of what exists) so the content of this website is as accurate as possible. Certainly more accurate than ANY book or ANY official Queen concertography!

Others said and wrote...
Peter Hince (aka 'Ratty') is the Queen roadie with capital R. He was a member of the crew since the Mott The Hoople days until the final Knebworth concert, he has witnessed over 600 Queen concerts and - unlike other people - still remembers a lot of facts and details. Peter wrote me: "I am very impressed with the amount of work you have put in. You have a quality site - you should be proud of it (I'm sure you are)."
Jim Jenkins is probably the most famous Queen fan. He has been a Queen fan since 1973, has an excellent memory and is the co-writer of the band's official biography ('As It Began'). Jim now lives in Liverpool. He wrote me: "Congratulations on the Queen concert web site - I'm VERY impressed."
Peter Freestone (aka 'Phoebe') was Freddie's personal assistant from late 1979 until Freddie's death. He has witnessed around 380 Queen concerts and is a very kind man with a big heart. He lives in the Czech Republic these days. From his email: "I've had a look at your site. It is very impressive. Just looking at the dates and names of the arenas made me smile and brought back so many memories."
Greg Brooks was the first "pioneer" in doing a proper research in Queen concerts and wrote a book about it (despite a lot of mistakes it still is a great book). He was then hired by Queen Productions to catalogue all existing studio recordings in the Queen archives. Greg wrote me: "A very interesting, well researched and nicely presented site. It is extremely useful and a great research tool for me. Well done Mr Scully... I finally got around to looking in detail. EXCEPTIONAL!" I'm also credited in the latest version of his 'Queen Live' book.
Killer Queen is a deluxe book by the famous photographer Mick Rock. It features scans of part of my collection (I'm listed twice in the credits for the submitted scans and also for correcting some information). Special thanks belong to Genesis Publications for their kindness!
MF Dnes is the Czech biggest newspaper (~1 million readers every day). On 14th January 2005 they quoted my website in an article about the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour. On 30th March 2005 they published my review of the first concert of the tour in Brixton Academy, London, UK.
Q magazine - the special 2005 tour edition features part of my collection (mostly tickets) and they also used QueenConcerts.com and QueenZone.com as the main sources of info about the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour.
A Night At The Opera documentary - the 30th anniversary document about ANATO features one of my ticket stubs (Leeds 1973); they didn't credit me, though :-)
Super Live In Japan - this official Queen DVD includes an interview with me in Czech - it's on the bonus disc (from Budapest) and the DoRo's have incorrectly marked me as "fan from Slovakia"!
Complete Works - the author of this brand new Queen book has used a lot info from my site (with proper credits).
Laura Jackson: Brian May - I have translated this book into Czech. Yes, it's an unauthorized biography and not really of high quality but it still was an interesting experience for me.

Special thanks to...
Many parts would have to be left blank and many mistakes would remain unnoticed without help of literally hundreds of people. However, we have enough space only to list the major (or famous) contributors. And those are (in rough alphabetical order):
  • Stefano Pesenti - and his Facebook page
  • Matteo Badessi
  • Juan Carlos Galbis Campos
  • Dave Dilloway
  • Alex Fedotov
  • Andy Ferguson
  • Jane Palm-Gold
  • Ferdinando Frega
  • 'Guns'n'roses On Tour' website
  • Peter Hince ('Ratty')
  • Robin Jansen
  • Alexander Macinante (website)
  • Laura Manitta from Queen Cuttings - thanks for the banner!
  • James Moran (website)
  • Raven Ozz
  • Antonio Henrique Seligman (website)
  • Kai Sörensen (website)
  • [StArMaN]
  • William Stidham
  • John S. Stuart
  • Marc Weinreder
  • Andy Young (website)
  • YourValentine
  • Thomas Zeidler
  • Ken Langford
  • Miklos Borbely
  • Stefano Pesenti

Thank you guys!
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