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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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0 discussions started by 'GivenToFly'

39 posts by user 'GivenToFly'

ANNOUNCE - Freddie Mercury - The Man and His Music - thanx!... by GivenToFly on 29.06.2005
Chelsea Vs Barcelona at the Champions League - When you look at both matches I think Barca deserv... by GivenToFly on 09.03.2005
SOUND LIKE FREDDIE... - Jasper Steverlink (belgian singer) can really soun... by GivenToFly on 04.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - @ jeroen Vlamingen en Walen is ook niet altijd al... by GivenToFly on 02.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - : ) It goes both ways apparently...... by GivenToFly on 02.02.2005
Mercury and Me. if u have read this book read this. - I read it when I was about your age. Don't see a p... by GivenToFly on 02.02.2005
what would freddie be doin today? - With M.J.? I don't think that would be a great car... by GivenToFly on 02.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - Ooowwwkeeee... And how old are you exactly? Anyw... by GivenToFly on 01.02.2005
The Darkness - Saw them live @ Werchter and they rocked the stage... by GivenToFly on 31.01.2005
Rotterdam - K hoop dat iedereen hier zijn kaarten heeft. K ben... by GivenToFly on 30.01.2005
Rotterdam - nog steeds kaarten te koop voor antwerpen op www.t... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
Woo Hoo!!!!!! - ²... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
Rotterdam - Apparently the www.teleticketservice.com site also... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
Rotterdam - Ik denk dat de site gewoon plat ligt door een over... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
favorite movie - A clockwork Orange, The Deer Hunter, Alien, The Sh... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
Rotterdam - Je moet mss eens proberen op www.teleticketservice... by GivenToFly on 29.01.2005
First Impressions on Queen. - When I was 9 years old, my dad got this cd-box con... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Queen Tour 2005 - : )... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Somebody to love - Nah that can't be it. Actually when you listen to ... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Somebody to love - Maybe they speeded up the the recording when he wa... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Queen Tour 2005 - If you're gonna compare the 2 versions then you're... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Obscure Queen shirts for sale... - I think they look good. I've been looking for ages... by GivenToFly on 27.01.2005
Ticket Scans? - Not if you only scan the fronts. Beside that, the ... by GivenToFly on 26.01.2005
Ticket Scans? - That's when you scan a ticket with a scanner so it... by GivenToFly on 26.01.2005
if you could erase something - I totally agree with you. I love the fact that he ... by GivenToFly on 25.01.2005
Put Out The Fire - pretty sure of that... by GivenToFly on 24.01.2005
What is your favorite song written by John Deacon? - You and I and Spread Your Wings!! I really love t... by GivenToFly on 24.01.2005
The Queen - I just really look forward seeing the guys in acti... by GivenToFly on 22.01.2005
Official Tour Press Release - Got my ticket realy fast thanks to you. Thumbs up... by GivenToFly on 21.01.2005
Dutch stupidity ;-) - Damn Wegotit, you stole my joke!! : ) Anyway, J... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Dutch stupidity ;-) - And the guy who played "The nutty Proffesor&q... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Dutch stupidity ;-) - That just makes my day! Rare mensen die Nederland... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Queen in België - Yep, I'm going... Can heardly wait to see Brian an... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
ANNOUNCE: RESEED: Glasgow Apollo 1977 - LOSSLESS - FLAC - I have 22%, keep them open pleaze!!! I don't have... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Dumb question (dutch) - das e feit! In Nederland zou ik ook zorgen er snel... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Belgium date! - Got my tickets 2 days ago. Also first floor. I can... by GivenToFly on 20.01.2005
Fave album cover? - Definitly News of the World. Great layout and the... by GivenToFly on 19.01.2005
Announce: Freddie's millions - thanx : )... by GivenToFly on 19.01.2005
Announce: Freddie's millions - Hey, are there still any windows open? I seems to... by GivenToFly on 18.01.2005