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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Craft'

Osaka '82 - May someone reseed Osaka '82, please? I've got alr... by Craft on 24.10.2004

43 posts by user 'Craft'

ANNOUNCE: Queen Houston '77 complete - Very nice, thank you Rien!... by Craft on 18.12.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Die Show (Kabel1 GermanTV - May,15th 2006) TORRENT - I've seen the show yesterday. Nice that Jim Hutton... by Craft on 16.05.2006
ANNOUNCE Edinburgh 1 June 1982 - Très bien, merci pour cet concert!... by Craft on 05.03.2006
ANNOUNCE Cologne 19 July 1986 - Thanks for this, I didn't have this yet.... by Craft on 02.03.2006
Announce: Queen In Leeds 29.05.82 MP3 - Thanks, like the 82's concerts... by Craft on 12.02.2006
ANNOUNCE: 1982 10 19 Fukuoka Complete Ex- 192 kps mp3 - Thank you!... by Craft on 22.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in London 1984 - Thanks Rog37. Always nice concerts, where happened... by Craft on 25.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Essen 1980 - Thank you for sharing the concert!... by Craft on 22.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: 16 Queen related mpg's - Many thanks to colin and of course to rien for mak... by Craft on 14.09.2005
Let Me Live (Original Version) - FLAC - Thank you! Promo songs are always great stuff.... by Craft on 12.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Sao Paulo 1981 - great!grandioso.thanks.... by Craft on 03.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Brussels 1980 - Thanks a lot, after Bruxelles '84 now '80!... by Craft on 29.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Montreal 1980 - Mille grazie!... by Craft on 27.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live Brussels 1984 - Thank you for sharing!... by Craft on 24.08.2005
Announce: Freddie's death News Report - Thank you!Pretty fast download speed!... by Craft on 15.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: The making of TIME - Bedankt!... by Craft on 12.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: Chicago 1980 mp3 torrent. - Thank you, I'm excited to listen to that concert a... by Craft on 31.07.2005
2005 Nissan Altima 2.5S Commerical with Body Language - Interesting! Thank you!... by Craft on 15.07.2005
Announce Queen+PR in Cologne- Video Snippets - Thank you Frank, wished to be there,too. Was alrea... by Craft on 08.07.2005
ANNOUNCE - Freddie Mercury - The Man and His Music - Many thanks!Always great again to get this intervi... by Craft on 29.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen,Tokyo 3th November 1982 COMPLETE MP3 - Thanks, great Queen-year and location!... by Craft on 28.06.2005
ANNOUNCE - Freddie Mercury BBC Radio One Interview - Thank you!Rare stuff.... by Craft on 22.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: The Great Pretender, Freddie's appearance on German TV show - Thank you, was already a long time interested in t... by Craft on 20.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live Boston - 1982.07.23 - Maybe they were there too exhausted? European le... by Craft on 06.06.2005
HOLAAAA - Ik ben echt blij iets nederlands te begrijpen vanw... by Craft on 06.06.2005
brian may - autographs - I agree with you,dimcyril. I think it's disappoint... by Craft on 06.06.2005
finally.. an update! - Sounds great your mix!... by Craft on 04.06.2005
Announce: 1985-05-15, Osaka - Jo Hall? Was this not castle hall?... by Craft on 04.06.2005
QUIERO EL CONCIERTO DE QUEEN EN ARGENTINA - yo no comprendo. Must I understand this?... by Craft on 03.06.2005
QUIERO EL CONCIERTO DE QUEEN EN ARGENTINA - Oh great, this site is so international;-)!... by Craft on 03.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live Boston - 1982.07.23 - Thanks Ivanonymous, I love the Hot Space tour conc... by Craft on 03.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: 28-08-1984 RDS Simmons Hall, Dublin - Thanks Rev, seems to be a nice concert.... by Craft on 26.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Kassel 18.05.1982 - FLAC - Thank you! Interesting venue, not a really big cit... by Craft on 25.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live in Caracas '81 - Sorry was longer away, but it works not yet.... by Craft on 24.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live in Caracas '81 - muchas gracias!... by Craft on 24.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: The Cross Dortmund 23-04-88 mp3 - Nice, thank you!... by Craft on 16.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: 14-12-1980 Festhalle, Frankfurt - Thanks a lot! Hartelijk dank voor dit concert! En... by Craft on 10.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Cheers Barcelona; 1st august 1986 Barcelona - Works really fast. Thanks a lot for this show!... by Craft on 04.05.2005
ANNOUNCE - Music Box Munich 1979 - Thank you. Sounds good!... by Craft on 25.01.2005
WORST QUEEN SONGS - I don't understand why there some people who don't... by Craft on 29.10.2004
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Life is Real - New Jersey 1982 - LOSSLESS - FLAC - Thank you for this concert release. Hot Space conc... by Craft on 25.10.2004
Osaka '82 - Thank you bokkepoot, but it still doesn't go on wi... by Craft on 25.10.2004
Osaka '82 - May someone reseed Osaka '82, please? I've got alr... by Craft on 24.10.2004