Tour itinerary [32 concerts]

28.07.1994  Gosport, UK 01.12.1994  Milan, Italy
15.09.1994  London, UK 02.12.1994  Truro, UK
26.09.1994  Tokyo, Japan 03.12.1994  Manchester, UK
28.09.1994  Kawasaki, Japan 04.12.1994  Wolverhampton, UK
30.09.1994  Nagoya, Japan 08.12.1994  Paris, France (1st gig)
14.10.1994  Cologne, Germany 08.12.1994  Paris, France (2nd gig)
24.10.1994  Milan, Italy 16.01.1995  Monfalcone, Italy
19.11.1994  London, UK 17.01.1995  Schio, Italy
20.11.1994  Cambridge, UK 18.01.1995  Genova, Italy
22.11.1994  Nottingham, UK 20.01.1995  Cesena, Italy
23.11.1994  Newcastle, UK 21.01.1995  Firenze, Italy
24.11.1994  Leeds, UK 22.01.1995  Rome, Italy
26.11.1994  Liverpool, UK 24.01.1995  Valletta, Malta
27.11.1994  Sheffield, UK 25.01.1995  Palermo, Italy
29.11.1994  Glasgow, UK 26.01.1995  Catania, Italy
30.11.1994  Bristol, UK 29.01.1995  Napoli, Italy

The setlist includes ALL tracks from the new album (except for Freedom Train) but also some Queen classics and a couple of covers (Twist & Shout, Voodoo Chile). Man On Fire is powerful as always and Foreign Sand is a superb ballad (I love the piano outro!). Jason Falloon takes over the lead vocals for his own track - Soul (See You In Hell). Roger drums on a couple of tracks but most of the time he stands at the microphone. Nazis 1994 begins with some 'radio' voices and it's really frightening. Twist & Shout as encore? Nice!

Josh Macrae drummed on most of the tracks but Roger also had his own drumkit at which he was standing during some tracks (usually when he wasn't singing). He drummed in Ride The Wild Wind, Tenement Funster, You Had To Be There, Revelations, We Will Rock You and of course in Nazis 1994 (as seen in the videoclip). He also played guitar in I'm In Love With My Car and Happiness, tambourine in I Want To Break Free and besides that he also used about three other small instruments that I was unable to recognize :-) Maracas maybe? :-)

The early concerts of the tour had a slightly different setlist than the later ones. Man On Fire, Voodoo Chile and Twist & Shout weren't played but the setlist did include Dear Mr. Murdoch and Dylan's A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall. Also the song order was slightly different to the later concerts. The gigs in Milan and Paris were significantly shorter because they were special radio concerts.

Typical setlist

01. A Kind Of Magic 12. I'm In Love With My Car
02. Touch The Sky 13. Happiness
03. Everybody Hurts Sometimes 14. The Key
04. Ride The Wild Wind 15. Revelations
05. Tenement Funster 16. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
06. Man On Fire 17. We Will Rock You
07. 'You Had To Be There' 18. Radio Ga Ga
08. I Want To Break Free 19. Nazis 1994
09. Foreign Sand 20. Old Friends
10. Voodoo Chile 21. The Show Must Go On
11. Soul (See You In Hell) 22. Twist & Shout

Tracks played only scarcely

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (a couple of early gigs only)
Dear Mr. Murdoch (a couple of early gigs only)
Loneliness (instead of Man On Fire)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo