Tour itinerary [14 concerts]

02.10.2021  Newcastle, UK 12.10.2021  Bournemouth, UK
03.10.2021  Manchester, UK 14.10.2021  Plymouth, UK
05.10.2021  York, UK 15.10.2021  Nottingham, UK
06.10.2021  Cardiff, UK 17.10.2021  Bexhill, UK
08.10.2021  Liverpool, UK 19.10.2021  Guildford, UK
09.10.2021  Norwich, UK 20.10.2021  Coventry, UK
11.10.2021  Bath, UK 22.10.2021  London, UK

Roger surprised all fans by announcing the first solo tour since 1999. The setlist basically remained the same throughout the whole tour, just the order of songs changed a couple times. For the last three gigs he added Tutti Frutti and for the last two gigs he moved A Kind Of Magic after Tutti Frutti (probably because of Brian's appearance at the final gig) and Radio Ga Ga became the closing number.

Fun fact: at some point the fans started responding to the "Just say hello" line in Foreign Sand and shouted "Hello!" in response... which became viral for the last few gigs and it always made Roger laugh.

Typical setlist

01. Hoppípolla (taped intro) 13. Rock It (Prime Jive)
02. Strange Frontier 14. Under Pressure
03. Tenement Funster 15. Say It's Not True
04. We're All Just Trying To Get By 16. I'm In Love With My Car
05. A Nation Of Haircuts 17. Outsider
06. These Are The Days Of Our Lives 18. More Kicks
07. Up 19. Drum Battle
08. Gangsters Are Running This World 20. Foreign Sand (English Mix)
09. A Kind Of Magic 21. Radio Ga Ga
10. Absolutely Anything 22. Rock And Roll
11. Surrender 23. Heroes
12. Man On Fire  

Tracks played only scarcely

Tutti Frutti (last three concerts)